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Pump Aquarius, device, model range

pumps brand Aquarius They raise water from a well or well using a pump. The Aquarius pump is characterized by users as a reliable and easy-to-use device. Manufactured by the Promelectro plant under the Vodoley brand, the pumps have a European quality certificate and are inexpensive. The equipment is completed with domestic parts, with the exception of the thermal relay. Block supplied from Germany by Thermik.

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Varieties of pumps

varieties of pumps aquarius Depending on the operating conditions, Aquarius pumps can be surface, submersible and deep. All pumps have two compartments – pump and motor. The operating principle of the working body is vibrational or centrifugal. General requirement – the pump works only in an aqueous environment.

Surface pumps Aquarius are installed near the well. The intake hose, also known as the suction pipe, can raise the liquid to a level of up to 9 meters. Operating condition – before starting, the suction pipe must be under the fill, therefore, a check valve must be installed on the line. The pump can pump clean water from open reservoirs and wells, is easy to move, and is inexpensive. The line includes 3 models of the BC series, for pumping water with a temperature of up to 350 C. The unit is not noisy, since the single-phase motor has low power, the design is simple, not waterproof.

submersible aquariusThe submersible pump Aquarius turns on in operation 10 minutes after being lowered into the chamber. You cannot turn on an empty device – breakage is inevitable. The pump consists of a motor, a working body, a cable, a float and a discharge pipe. The submersible pump is installed in the well by means of suspension or stationary fastening. In this case, the kit must include protection against dry suction and a thermal relay. The equipment of the NVP series is used. The equipment has a lower performance, but does not clog when working on turbid water. Products of the BTsPEU series are also used. Submersible pumps are installed to a depth of 7 m with a capacity of up to 3.8 m3 / h. In this case, the cross-section of the casing must be more than 110 mm..

Vibrating pumps NVP can pump turbid liquid, be installed in small casing pipes, but they have a shorter working life. Therefore, users prefer centrifugal apparatus

If the well is deep, it is necessary to use the Aquarius borehole pump. A well is called a product that has high power and can supply water from the well to the sand with the required pressure. These are centrifugal screw installations with an extended working chamber. BTsPE series models are installed on wells with a section of 120 mm.

deep aquariusSubmersible pumps Aquarius are installed in a deep artesian well. Applicable:

  • centrifugal;
  • vibrating membrane plants.

Vibratory pumps can be installed even in narrow pipes, since the casing is made with an outer section of 86 mm. Devices of the BTsPE and NVP series have an AC electric drive with a mains voltage of 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. The devices can supply the agent from a depth of 200 m to a height of 150 m.Depending on the capacity, the weight of a submersible pump Aquarius BTsPE can reach 17.8 kg and have a linear dimension up to 2.5 m. outside the well. During installation, the pump is placed at a level of 1.0 – 0.4 m from the bottom of the well in order to raise the settled water.

The centrifugal pump for the Aquarius well is available in various modifications. They differ:

  • power;
  • pressure;
  • nominal and maximum flow;
  • size and number of steps.

The operation of the centrifugal pump is provided by the engine, from the shaft of which rotation is transmitted to the impeller blades through a sealed partition. Depending on the purpose, several lifting stages are used, providing the required technical parameters.

Aquarius pump deviceThe diaphragm device does not have an impeller. A membrane separates the engine and working compartments. Due to the oscillatory movement from the rod, the necessary lifting force is created.

All pumps for pumping clean water are made by the manufacturer from neutral materials permitted by the standards. Stainless steel, brass, special polymers do not interact with the agent.

Submersible pumps are used more often. They work with constant engine cooling in stable conditions, which increases the service life. On average, submersible devices last 3 years longer than surface ones..

The device, principle of operation and application of the pump Aquarius-3

vodoley-3The equipment operates from a single-phase network, pumps clean water with a temperature of no higher than 350 C, and is used with an immersion depth of 1-40 meters. The pump can work for 2 hours with a break of 15 minutes. The device is produced with protection against electric shock I, II class.

The Aquarius-3 pump belongs to the vibration class. The hydraulic chamber is a closed tube space with a suction valve. Due to the vibration produced by a special unit, the chamber is filled alternately and water is ejected into the discharge pipeline.

The pump in the casing must be secured. It is not permissible to suspend it from the supply cable or take-off hose. At times, it is necessary to carry out an audit of the structure for abrasion of the protective ring.

installation diagramTechnical characteristics of the pump Aquarius (Lepse):

  • type – centrifugal, submersible;
  • productivity – 400 l / h;
  • power 265 V;
  • immersion depth – 1-3 m;
  • weight – 4 kg.

The same device Aquarius-3 is used for pumping clean water. The pump is equipped with an automatic Thermik unit. The starting device is connected to the automation. The outlet connection has a control valve – the flow rate and the pressure change.

Description of the pump BTsPE Aquarius for pipe 110 mm

aquarius 40The Aquarius 40 pump is installed on casing pipes with a cross section of 110 mm, this is reflected in the marking by the presence of the letter U. The household pump is a truncated cone. A submersible device is used to pump out water from tanks and wells. The motor is used single-phase, the working impeller is multistage. The engine is located in the oil compartment, but the ingress of oil products into the water is excluded by the design of the labyrinths.

The water flow is regulated by the discharge valves, but complete shut-off of the supply when the pump is running is unacceptable. A pinched water supply hose to the container can cause the pump to overheat. When the motor is turned off by a protective relay, after the case has cooled down, the unit will turn on automatically.

Technical indicators Aquarius 0.5-40U:

  • head up to 50 m;
  • productivity – 1.8 m3 / hour;
  • engine power – 1 kW;
  • outer section of the case – 104 mm

Power surges, clogged or kinked hose can damage the pump. It is necessary to carry out maintenance of the pump every 2 years with checking the condition of the oil seals, cleaning the casing, inspecting the working part.

Reduced flow pump series.

accumulator pumpThe Aquarius 32 pump is intended for users who do not need a high performance of the installation. This can be caused by a small flow of water into the receiving chamber of the well. On the other hand, high consumption is not needed for household needs. The range of pumps in the 32 series is extensive. Several models have been created due to the pressure options and the use of equipment in deep wells. The traditional good price / quality ratio has been expanded with additional equipment. The standard cable length is equal to the head in meters. The kit includes a nylon cable – a suspension and a capacitor unit connected to the cable. At the same time, the Aquarius pump 0.32-140U can supply water from a depth of 150 m.

The advantages of the 32 series are:

  • the ability to operate equipment with a low flow rate in the nominal mode;
  • the devices are made taking into account the sanitary standards for the contact of the instrument with food materials;
  • there is a thermal relay;
  • sufficient cable length;
  • low cost of the product.

The user can easily pick up a Vodoley pump for pumping water from any reservoirs and wells with a temperature below 350 C. The equipment of this brand has established itself as reliable, resistant to voltage surges. It is allowed to use some models on obviously turbid water. In Russia, Aquarius pumps are the bestsellers.

The equipment is repairable, spare parts are inexpensive, you can disassemble and assemble the tool with your own hands.

Pros and cons of pump Aquarius – video

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