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The Grundfos pump – a fail-safe device for domestic and industrial systems

pumps brand grundfos The Danish company GRUNDFOS has been developing and manufacturing pumps since 1945, since its foundation. The company produces Grundfos pumps for various purposes in the amount of 20 million per year, their share in the world market is 50%. The Grundfos Group has its own production facilities in many countries. It is noteworthy that for the purpose of financial independence, the concern develops through reinvestment, without credit obligations, and is a private company. Read also about the choice of pumping stations for summer cottages!

Why Grundfos pumps are in demand

quality and reliability Since the creation of the first samples, the priority has been the quality of execution and the new development of models, the inclusion of innovations in control into the devices. The result is trust in Grundfos-branded equipment. Experts believe that the right Grundfos pump can be found for any request. The use of the device for pumping corrosive liquids and mineral oils is excluded. The pumps of the Danish manufacturer are multifunctional, they can be installed in various systems, taking into account the characteristics of the model:

  1. Small weight of the compact device makes it easy to install.
  2. The units operate with low noise and low energy consumption;
  3. Regulation of Grundfos pumps is carried out automatically, the device adjusts to the specified parameters.grundfos pumps of different lines

In the manufacture of equipment, the manufacturer uses the best materials – stainless steel, cast iron, titanium. Polymers are also used that do not deteriorate the quality of products..

The modern line includes directions:

  • circulation pumps single and double with a wet rotor and dry type;
  • submersible and surface pumps Grundfos for wells, wells and pumping water for irrigation with a flow rate of up to 470 cubic meters per hour and a head of up to 670 m;
  • water console, used for pumping technical hot and cold water in boiler rooms, in heating;
  • vertical sectional, multistage, can be used, inter alia, to increase pressure;
  • block surface and submersible pumps for pumping domestic wastewater.

There are more than a hundred developed models in the line, and the company continues to create new devices equipped with software, called “smart”. Pumps are in demand also due to the developed service network.

To exclude the purchase of counterfeit, you need to buy pumps and components at dealerships. The warranty is given not only for the product, for any spare part purchased from the manufacturer.

Varieties of submersible pumps

submersible pumps grundfosEquipment installed in a liquid layer in wells, wells or open reservoirs is a housing in which a protected engine and a working part are mounted. The special design creates a sealed compartment for the Grundfos submersible pump motor. The apparatus is lowered into the depths on a special cable.

There are several types of submersible equipment:

  • vibrating;
  • centrifugal;
  • drainage series KP.

Vibratory pumps are of simple design and relatively low cost. The working range of the tool is limited to a depth of 50 m.Most filter wells are located in the sand layer.

The principle of operation is based on the creation of a magnetic field in the coil, with the passage of electricity. The core vibrates, raises and lowers the diaphragm connected to it. The movement of the membrane creates a vacuum in the chamber, as a result, water fills the chamber. When the membrane space is compressed, the water raises the column located in the discharge pipe, an outflow occurs on the surface. Thanks to a modern control unit, the process is under control. The SP series, includes Grundfos submersible well pumps that can supply turbid water with a moderate amount of abrasive particles. Their productivity reaches 470 m3 / h, head – up to 670 m.

The SQ series is a centrifugal pump for downhole operation. The working body is a centrifugal wheel of one or more lifting stages. When the impeller rotates, water rises along the walls of the chamber into the discharge line hose. The pump is used in narrow well casing. The linear size of the product depends on the depth of the well, for deep pumps it can reach 2.5 meters.

drainage pumpThe Grundfos KP series drainage pump can be used as a submersible borehole pump, lifting water from a depth of not more than 50 m. KP means that the pump is made of stainless steel. The device works in sewer wells, pumps out household waste.

Advantage of the device:

  • can pump water with inclusions up to 10 mm in diameter;
  • there is protection against dry running and overheating;
  • there is an automatic float switch;
  • stainless steel version allows pumping a wide range of liquids.

KP pumps have low energy consumption, make little noise during operation, pump out up to 8 cubic meters of liquid per hour at a head of 5 meters. The product is worth, depending on the characteristics, $ 190-230.

Grundfos pumps designed for domestic use, the performance of which is marked by enhanced corrosion protection, have the letter O in the designations for the series. If the marking contains the letter E, the equipment belongs to the “smart” series, is purchased with a control cabinet, programmed for the required parameters.

An indispensable condition for the long-term operation of equipment is the observance of the operating instructions. The manual is written in good Russian, with color design. Installing a filter in front of the pump is mandatory even when pumping clean water.

troubleshootingProblems that can be resolved on their own, and solutions are described in the instructions. In other cases, expensive equipment is repaired in specialized workshops. Service prices are available to everyone.

The following problems are eliminated on their own:

  • the pump has stopped turning off – check if the voltage is correct;
  • does not turn on, check power supply, switch lock buttons;
  • turns off during operation – check voltage, cool the case;
  • turns on and off often – airing the system;
  • vibration appeared – check the mount.

Subject to the requirements, without remarks, the equipment of the Danish company works for 8-10 years.

Video review of the Grundfos deep well pump

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