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Viking lawn mower – a worthy choice of reliable equipment

viking lawn mower Among the renowned brands of gardening equipment, the Viking lawnmower is not lost. Its streamlined shape, young green body and elegant grass-catcher are eye-catching. Later you will find out that this is a German company assembling the model in Austria, confirming the German quality. Eight series, 40 models of lawn mowers – a wide choice, from manual assistants to robots.

Why Viking lawn mowers are attracted to

easy to operate The user brought the new equipment to the place of work, read the clear instructions, set up the mechanism and started the device. And it doesn’t matter if it is a manual rotary neat mower, electric or gasoline model – it will immediately show itself:

  • simple, straightforward control;
  • beautiful design and comfortable folding handle;
  • low noise;
  • large grooved wheels, minimally damaging the lawn;
  • large collector.

Even manual rotary mowers are more convenient and efficient than a scythe or sickle. The range of models includes electric Viking lawn mowers, self-propelled and non-self-propelled gasoline models with a reliable American Briggs engine. All cultivators have a sturdy body, an excellent knife made of special steel. The last series is represented by a robot that is included in the work remotely.

For long-term trouble-free operation of the lawn mower, it is necessary to comply with the operating conditions, especially the requirement to clean the components at the end of the work. This will prevent corrosive wear on the deck. The engine is air-cooled, with clogged fins, it will overheat and fail.

The company’s policy is based on the postulate that high-quality equipment cannot be cheap. The prices for Viking lawn mowers are not overwhelming, but they make you take a respectful look at the tool. The absence of negative reviews confirms that the manufacturer has done his job in good faith.

electric viking modelIn the Viking range of lawn mowers, clear markings will help to understand. The first letter M stands for brushcutter, E or B drive, electric or gasoline. The first number is the product series, which means the characteristic positions for this type of tool. The number of 2 digits means the width of the mow, only you need to subtract 2. There are eight series in total, the last 7.8 are for professional use only.

So, the Viking MV 248 lawn mower means that we have a non-self-propelled lawn mower with a gasoline drive for rotating the knife and a cutting diameter of 46 cm, and 48 means the section of the deck body that covers the knife. The numbers can be followed by letters:

  • K – Kawasaki motor;
  • T – wheels with one drive stage, one speed;
  • V-variator, smooth speed control;
  • M – mulching function;
  • E – started with the ignition key, without a starter;
  • S – the knife can be turned on and off independently, regardless of the engine.

petrol vikingKnowing these designations, you can independently understand by the brand what functions the manufacturer has provided for the tool. The most purchased series is considered the fourth, Viking self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers.

Series 4-6 have a lot in common. The cutting height adjustment has 7 positions, set by a lever with a spring stop. The handle is comfortable, you can accompany self-propelled vehicles from the side, holding the handle. At the same time, the soft rubber is pleasant to the touch and dampens vibration.

The grass collectors are equipped with a full indicator, the grass fits tightly into the container, while the air vents are directed downward and the clothes are not dirty with dust.

Electric starter allows you to start the engine by turning the key, runs on battery.

Technical documentation and service of lawn mowers

quality knivesRecently, a merger took place, the Viking company ceased to exist, it entered the more powerful Stihl association, and now the Stihl service centers also serve Viking equipment. It is not difficult to buy spare parts for the Viking lawn mower. The company’s own website offers spare parts for all modifications of equipment. Regardless of the fact that the product has been discontinued, parts for it are in stock or will be delivered within 3-5 days. But it is important, when ordering a unit, to know its model number, one series is available in several trim levels. The same goes for the engine.

Viking lawn mowers are produced under their own name. Each product unit has a passport and service manual in Russian. In it, in detail, with drawings of individual elements, a specification is given. A large section is devoted to safety rules when working with equipment. The Viking lawn mower manual prescribes maintenance of the working units according to the schedule. Petrol models are supplied with a four-stroke engine maintenance manual. It is important to use consumables recommended by the instructions..

Particular attention should be paid to the use of Viking engine oil.

viking maintenanceSome typical malfunctions can be eliminated by hand:

  1. If an uncharacteristic rumble appears in a Viking gasoline lawnmower, the fastening bolts have been loosened. It is necessary to check and tighten all fasteners, eliminate the backlash.
  2. The tool began to vibrate and jump during operation, check the condition of the knives and the tightness of their attachment.
  3. The lawn mower whistles – free the roller in the aerator from the flying object.
  4. If the wheels stop during operation, it’s time to change the belt..

If the engine does not start or stalls, there is fuel and lubricant, then you will need the help of a specialist.

Before storing a Viking petrol lawnmower for the winter, all fuel from the tank must be used up. The air filter should also be replaced or cleaned. Then the engine will start easily in the spring..

Examples of Viking lawn mowers

viking 248Among the many models of lawn mowers, consider a self-propelled and non-self-propelled machine. They differ in that in a non-self-propelled model, the power of the engine is aimed at ensuring cutting. In a self-propelled model, up to 30% of the energy is spent on the movement of the wheels. In the second case, the operator simply holds onto the handle, directing the device in the desired direction..

The Viking 248 lawnmower handles dense grass with ease. A special handle on the body allows you to adjust the cutting height of the grass in 7 options while driving. The grass is collected in a plastic container with a directed air stream. Large grooved wheels with double bearings are stable and have good ground grip. The body of the device is made of sheet steel. The volume of the plastic grass catcher is 55 liters. Engine power 2.2 liters. with., tool weight 27 kg. The price of the model is on average 26 thousand rubles.

viking 448The Viking 448 lawnmower is equipped with a more powerful motor B&S series 500 E, as part of the energy is spent on propulsion. The front wheels are driven, well controlled. Cutting width 46 cm, this model has the function of mulching the soil with chopped grass. Seven positions allow you to adjust the cut 25-75 mm. The body is made of polymer. It is possible to adjust the speed of movement. One-stage wheel drive. Engine power 4 HP with., the lawn mower weighs 26 kg. The cost of the instrument is 34-38 thousand rubles.

Acquaintance with the Viking MV 248 lawn mower – video

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