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Which automatic feeder to choose for aquarium fish

automatic fish feeder Even experienced aquarists have situations when they forget or, due to certain circumstances, cannot feed their silent pets in a timely manner. In such cases, an automatic fish feeder can be a great solution. This is a unique device that allows you to fully automate the process of feeding the inhabitants of the aquarium..

Such devices carry out a metered feed supply, thereby preventing excessive accumulation of the feed mixture in the water. Thus, normal and healthy nutrition of the fish is ensured in the absence of the owner..

Functional features of auto feeders

automatic drum feeder Almost all modern models have the same principle of operation, based on portioned feed at a certain time interval. They can differ among themselves by additional functions, for example, the presence of a digital display or a fan.

Automatic drum-type fish feeders are in high demand. In this case, food is fed using a special drum dispenser, through the opening of which one portion of feed is discharged into the water. After that, the drum turns, returning to its original position, and refills from the common chamber. You can adjust the capacity of the feed compartment using a special latch, which can be shifted to one side or the other, until a characteristic click is formed..

automatic feeder with auger distributionIn addition, the market offers automatic feeders with auger feeding, in which a spiral acts as a dosing mechanism, as well as disc devices, where fish food is fed sequentially from compartments on the disc..

Without exception, all models of auto feeders are equipped with an electronic control unit, which ensures continuous and proper operation of the device. Devices of this kind can work both from the mains and using the energy of AA batteries..

Self-made auto feeder

homemade automatic clock feederAs an alternative to purchased devices, a homemade automatic feeder for fish in an aquarium can become. The manufacture of such a device does not take much time and does not require special skills..

In order to make an auto feeder yourself, you need the following tools:

  • table clock with alarm;
  • lightweight plastic container;
  • plastic tube with a diameter of 7-8mm.

plastic container and tubeDo-it-yourself automatic fish feeder is done as follows:

  1. A hole is made in the plastic container, the diameter of which should be slightly smaller than the size of the tube. This eliminates the need for glue. Then a tube is inserted into the resulting hole.
  2. Dry food is poured into the drum. To prevent the granules from falling out all at once under their own weight, it will be enough to fill the container by two thirds.
  3. A homemade drum is put on the hour axis of the alarm clock, and then attached with tape to the hour hand. The position of the container should be selected in such a way that the opening of the tube is at the bottom twice a day at a certain time.
  4. The feed will be fed until the watch hand has traveled a certain path on the dial..

homemade feeder at workFor owners of artificial reservoirs, a do-it-yourself fish feeder in a pond can be an excellent helper. Today there are a lot of different ideas for homemade manufacturing of such devices, you can also use your imagination and come up with something of your own, more perfect.

To summarize, we can say that an auto-feeder is an irreplaceable device that will help to organize proper nutrition for fish in the absence of the owner..

Automatic fish feeder video

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