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How to decide on the choice of food for aquarium and pond fish?

feeding pond fish The right food for your fish is the basis of their health. On the shelves of pet stores, there is a huge assortment of feeds that differ in appearance, composition and cost. You can even choose a special diet for certain types of aquarium or pond fish. At an early stage in the development of aquaristics, the owners had to prepare food on their own – the fish were fed boiled eggs, meat offal, insects and worms. Now it is enough to contact a consultant in the store, and he will advise food for fish, which will be suitable in terms of quality and price..

How to feed aquarium fish?

The fish in the aquarium do not move much, and this fact must be taken into account when drawing up a diet. Any food must be dosed so that the fish completely eat it within 1-2 minutes. For some species, it is useful to periodically arrange fasting days..

Dry food

dry food for different types of fish Dry fish food is the most convenient to use. It can be stored for a long time (up to 3 months) at room temperature and not deteriorate. The fish eat it completely, and it does not stay rotting in the water..

Manufacturers can pack the dry mix in different forms:

  • granules;
  • pills;
  • flakes.

All types of dry food for aquarium fish contain a small percentage of moisture (up to 4%), which allows it to be stored for a long time and does not become a breeding ground for fungi or bacteria.

Large tablets or granules are more convenient to give to large fish, and flakes are suitable for all types.

When choosing a specific food, it is worth considering only the preferences of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Thus, Tetra fish food is a wide range of granules, tablets and flakes for fry and adults of various sizes. Before buying, you should familiarize yourself with the composition – it should be a high-quality product with a high content of protein and vitamins, and not a surrogate.

pelleted food for aquarium fishIt is also necessary to take into account the feeding characteristics of specific species. Some fish feed on the surface of the water, and food should be selected for them that will not sink. Catfish and loach species forage at the bottom, and there are both carnivorous and herbivorous among them. There is also food for colorful fish. They contain natural pigments (carotenoids) that make their color brighter.

Dry pellets are safer for the health of fish – eggs of worms, viruses, fungi or protozoa cannot be caught in it, as in live food.

Frozen feed

frozen fish feed briquettesIn stores, you can find frozen food, which consists of living organisms. In the process of its manufacture, gamma rays can be used, which destroy pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, it is convenient to store it in the freezer and not be afraid that it will deteriorate..

It is undesirable to feed them with frozen food for fish without preparation. Particles of ice can injure the internal organs of small individuals. Briquettes must be prepared for use:

  • take the tablet out of the package and place it under running cold water;
  • remove excess liquid that forms during defrosting (fish will not be able to eat it, and it will pollute the water in the aquarium);
  • give the fish a pill and make sure they handle it completely.

Frozen food can be fed as a supplement to the main diet. In addition, it is worth buying vitamin supplements – they not only strengthen the fish, but also contribute to the growth of aquarium algae.

There are special auto-feeders that emit a small amount of feed after a certain period of time. This device is convenient not only for home use (for example, while on vacation), but also for office aquariums.

Live and fresh food

live fish foodLive food for fish is the most natural food. In nature, many predatory fish can catch larvae and crustaceans at the bottom of a reservoir, and on the surface of the water they can collect insects that have fallen into it. You can buy several types of live food in the store:

  1. Bloodworms are well absorbed by most fish species. It can be called a universal food for carnivores..
  2. Coretra is suitable for those varieties that do not pick up food from the bottom, but look for it on the surface.
  3. Cyclops contains a large amount of vitamins. It contains especially a lot of vitamin A, which gives colorful individuals a bright color..
  4. The tubifex is the most nutritious live food for aquarium fish and can cause obesity. It should not be used as the basis of the diet..
  5. Daphnia is beneficial for normal digestion. There is little protein in it, so it is better to give it together with a tubifex or bloodworm.

The most dangerous thing that can be in live food is helminth eggs, viruses, fungi and bacteria. To sanitize food, it can be kept in the freezer for several days. This will make it possible to get rid of the causative agents of some infectious diseases that can completely destroy the fish in the aquarium..

Do not give fish meat from mammals or poultry. These foods contain heavy fats that accumulate in the liver and cause dangerous diseases..

Feeding pond fish

feeding fish in a home pondIn ornamental ponds, the food supply for fish cannot form naturally. Conclusion – pond fish need to be fed regularly. In some cases, mosquito larvae and other treats may appear in artificial reservoirs, but this is not enough to feed the fish.

Specialty feed for pond fish is available at pet stores. These types are larger, so dry granules contain more protein and nutrients. It will be useful for breeders to purchase feed varieties for different age categories, as well as those that improve productivity..

Feeding aquarium and pond fish is a challenging task for a beginner. It is important to decide on a suitable company, composition and form of feed release, otherwise the fish will be lethargic and unviable. In addition, you need to check the quality and freshness of food, to exclude the possibility of contamination of the inhabitants of the aquarium with food. For advice, you should contact a consultant in a pet store, and you can only check whether the selected food is suitable by experience..

A wide range of food for aquarium fish – video

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