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Meet the wonderful insect – the healer beetle

witch beetle Disappointed in traditional medicine, people go to look for something new that will help get rid of their diseases. The healer beetle has earned its recognition due to positive reviews and the ability to cure diseases of various kinds, in particular oncology.

Description of the miracle

adult The healer beetle belongs to the family of coleopteran insects, a subspecies of the darkling beetle. In Argentina, it is also called the Gorgoho beetle. In the Russian Federation, he is known as a beetle-doctor, “healer”.

It is an insect measuring 5 * 1.5 mm (length and width), having an oblong body with three pairs of limbs and covered with a dense black crust. As a rule, they are bought for treatment or bred on their own. Having reached maturity, after mating, the females lay eggs, from which the larvae hatch.

stages of developmentAfter the pupation period, young growth of brown color, unsuitable for treatment, hatch. Effectiveness is achieved only when treated with black individuals. Insects live in a substrate, from oatmeal or bran. They also feed on them. Also, fruits, bread, dried fruits, vegetables are eaten..

Healer beetle, or what a darkling beetle heals

breeding a medicine manEven in ancient times, insects were used as a medicine against various diseases. As for the healer beetles, they were previously raised only for reptiles, wild birds, and various animals. But over time, the fact was noticed that when eating these insects, sick (even cancer) animals and birds were cured. This pushed scientists to clinical research.

According to traditional medicine experts, healer beetles are useful because:

  1. Dissolving in gastric juice, insects die and secrete biological substances that have a beneficial effect on immunity.
  2. Chitosan, contained in the shell of beetles, kills various pathogenic bacteria, starts metabolism, has hemostatic properties and is able to improve blood condition.
  3. Females contain rejuvenating pheromones in their bodies.

Curable diseases

Now let’s figure out what diseases the healer beetle treats. It is believed to help cope with diseases such as:

  1. Osteoporosis, by eliminating pain and normalizing the work of all organs.
  2. Cancer. True, not in the final stages. But lovers of alternative medicine believe that taking insects helps to increase the period of remission and alleviates the patient’s condition..
  3. Depression. They often occur due to a lack of vitamins, trace elements and nutrients in the body. Beetles give a person strength and cheer up.
  4. Bronchial asthma. Treatment helps to reduce nighttime attacks, helps to avoid drugs or to use them extremely rarely, and also improves the condition of the whole body..
  5. Parkinson’s disease, helping to reduce sluggishness and tremors.
  6. Disease of the joints. As a result of the reception of the healer beetle, the restoration of their mobility, elimination of tissue edema and pain relief.

How to be treated

taking beetles for medicinal purposesThe instruction for the treatment with the healer beetle is simple, but at the same time, the effect is obtained only with prolonged therapy..

Only adult black beetles should be swallowed. Instances with a lighter color are young and there will be no use from it. They can only be used after 5 days, when they grow up and change color..

Treatment with a healer beetle includes three stages.

Prophylaxisonly use live beetles

For this, insects are taken daily, increasing the number by one every day. The maximum accepted number of beetles per day depends on the external and age data of the patient..

So, if the patient is over 35 years old and at the same time weighs more than 80 kg, then he needs to reach 30 beetles a day.

At the age of up to 20 years inclusive and weighing 50 kg, the maximum peak of beetles will be limited to 20 pieces.

If your characteristics are average, then the course should consist of 25 beetles.

In all schemes, having reached the peak, further treatment is continued in the reverse order. One less beetle to drink every day.


As a rule, at this stage, patients are treated for diseases that are still in the early stages. This can be asthma, gastritis, renal, heart or pulmonary failure, hypertension, hepatitis, etc. The scheme does not differ from the previous one. But the reception should be started with a course of 40-70 bugs per day, depending on the severity of the disease. As a rule, a course of 50 is recommended. You need to drink the “medicine” in the same way, increasing and then decreasing the number of beetles by one unit.

Heavy artillery

selection of beetles for treatmentThis is how the treatment of serious diseases such as asthma, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, cancer, psoriasis, diabetes, dermatitis can be called. This course consists of 70 beetles at their peak.

Insects are drunk only alive!

Treatment rules

The effectiveness of treatment depends not only on the number of individuals taken. There are a number of rules to follow:

  1. Reception is carried out on an empty stomach, taking 20 minutes before that 100 ml of warm water to “start” the stomach.
  2. You need to drink healer beetles either completely “pure” or with kefir or yogurt. The second option is easier because the beetles freeze and are easier to swallow. They can also be “rolled up” in a bread crumb or placed in a gelatin capsule designed for medicinal powders (it usually holds 10 individuals).
  3. You need to stick to taking insects at the same time.
  4. If the appointment is not possible in the morning, do it in the evening.
  5. In order not to get confused, the number of healers drunk is marked on the calendar every day..
  6. Course cannot be interrupted.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and take alcoholic beverages during therapy, as this will nullify all treatment.

If at the beginning of treatment you have fatigue, fever, then you should not pay attention to this – the body simply began to fight the disease.


contraindications for admissionNow let’s talk about what are the contraindications when using the instructions for the treatment of the healer beetle. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find out whether beetles bring harm or benefit to the human body in the treatment of various diseases. There is also no exact data on the existing contraindications. All information is based on practical factors, among which are:

  1. Allergic manifestations. Reception of bugs can cause all sorts of rashes on the body, numbness of the tongue in case of biting them, itching.
  2. The sensitivity of the organism itself to bugs and the ability to process them. For example, treatment may be accompanied by pain in the abdomen, head, diarrhea, various ailments.
  3. Psychological barrier. The bugs are eaten alive. Not everyone can do this without problems. As a rule, you have to cope with nausea, vomiting, subconscious violence.

Reviews of doctors

With the opinion of patients, everything is clear – they are positive. Either the beetles are really omnipotent, or maybe the Placebo effect is triggered. But what are the doctors’ reviews about the instructions and treatment with the healer beetle?

There is no definite answer.

Some of the doctors did not come across facts confirming the therapeutic effect of beetles on the human body and recovery. In addition, many believe that even if beetles produce useful enzymes, then under the influence of gastric juice, their effect is nullified due to complete decay.

According to reviews of some doctors, swallowing of healers can be harmful and even life-threatening. This is explained by the fact that the chitinous cover is very dense and can scratch the esophagus..

Believe in the medicinal properties of the healer beetle or not – it all depends on the person himself. Even when there is no chance of recovery, there is still hope in the chest. Nevertheless, having decided to engage in alternative therapy, one should not forget that medicine is constantly evolving and it is imperative to consult with doctors..

Video about the results of treatment with a medicine man

We grow a healer beetle – video

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