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Balanced dog food “Brit”

shaving food for small and large dogs The Czech family company Brit Pet FOOD is the world leader in the production of nutritious food for cats and dogs. The company supplies food to dog lovers in 52 countries, supplying them with over 50,000 tons of products per year. Compared to other brands of dog food, Brit stands out for:

  • the correct proportions of the content of each ingredient, the absence of GMOs, food additives;
  • a full set of essential vitamins, minerals;
  • pleasant taste (chicken, rice, lamb, apples, salmon), excellent digestibility;
  • affordable cost.

The composition of each type of product is designed for the individual characteristics of your pet (breed, physiological state, age, size, activity).

Types of dog food “Brit”

dog food brit premium Production and pre-sale preparation of products in the company are built according to a system convenient for consumers. Each package of dry food “Brit” has a designation of the individual characteristics of the categories of dogs for which it is intended:

  • by age – Puppy, Junior, Adult, Senior (respectively, puppy, teenager, adult, aging);
  • by size, breed – S, M, L, XL (small, medium, large, very large).

The basis of the diet, which determines its taste, can be:

  • poultry (duck and pheasant), fish (salmon), meat (deer), dried apples;
  • mixed recipes (turkey with salmon, lamb with pork, venison with potatoes, duck or rabbit with rice).

The micronutrients contained in the diet ensure the full development of growing puppies, pregnant lactating bitches, adult dogs:

  • vitamins of groups A, B1, B3, B6, B12, C, E;
  • zinc, manganese, organic copper, folic acid;
  • iron, organic selenium, iodine;
  • chondroitin sulfate to strengthen the musculoskeletal system;
  • biotin, calcium pantothenate.

The beet pulp present in the feed normalizes the dog’s digestion, relieves constipation, and Yucca Shidigera extract eliminates unpleasant odors.

Hypoallergenic ingredients prevent allergic reactions in feeding dogs.

The main series of Brit Premium products, which are based on chicken, dried fruits, vegetables.Brit premium for dogs

Care line – a guarantee of the health of your pets.feed brit caret

For small dogs, the Brit Petit line is offered with the addition of dry cranberries, brewer’s yeast, chicken liver, and for their small puppies, Petit PuppiesBrit petite feed

Dry dog ​​food “Brit” is available in convenient packages of 1, 3, 12 or 15 kg.

Additional treats for your pets come in the form of canned food containing salmon, fish oil, chicken or duck pate. They are excellent for maintaining perfect condition of the dog’s skin and coat, strengthen the immune system.wet feed brit

Feeding recommendations

dog feeding tableIn special tables, the daily intake of dry food is indicated, taking into account the weight and age of the dog. Usually, the daily dose is divided into two or three meals. Sprinkle dry or slightly moisten. There must be constant access to drinking water for the dog..

Read carefully and adhere to the instructions on the packaging..

Customer Reviews

The overwhelming majority of dog breeders are satisfied with the Brit dry food, note its good digestibility, affordable cost, beneficial health effects, improved coat condition, and increased overall activity of their wards. Dogs eat it with great appetite, without unpleasant consequences in the form of diarrhea or allergies. Puppies quickly gain strength and mass. The basis of this feed is natural meat, fish, and not their substitutes (soybeans, bran) in a beautiful package.

Brit dog food video

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