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Choosing Akana food for our pets

akana dog food Canada is famous for its unspoiled nature and its inexhaustible wealth. They were used by the creators of the Akana trademark, food for dogs and cats under which is well known to all lovers and connoisseurs of pets..

Starting the work on the formulation of their line of feeds, the technologists of the Canadian Champion Petfoods took the diet as close as possible to the natural one. They imagined what pets could eat if they lived not under a roof, but with free range. Therefore, cereals unusual for the tastes of dogs and cats, as well as low-grade meat products often used by other manufacturers, were completely removed from the composition..

Acana food for dogs and cats is not only made in Canada, all its ingredients are locally sourced and carefully tested for safety and quality.

The composition of dry food Akana

healthy food for dogs and cats Domestic dogs and cats, unlike wild animals or their counterparts living on city streets, are less mobile and should not survive in adverse weather conditions. Therefore, the needs of pets for carbohydrates are much lower, and their place, as a source of quick, readily available energy, should be taken by other, useful components..

Making such a conclusion, the creators of Akana dry food have excluded from the recipe wheat, white refined rice, oats and corn, which are found in most other premium and super-premium food..

The main component of the dog’s diet, as the producers from Canada reasonably believe, is selected meat. In the line of Akana there are feeds based on lamb, wild boar, pork, elk. Of course, the nutritionists of this brand did not ignore chicken, duck, turkey. Even quails can be seen in the feed. Cats, besides lamb and poultry, are offered excellent fish platter of pike perch, pike, sea and river salmon, herring, perch, flounder and whitefish.natural food

Such a rich set of products is not accidental:

  1. Meat is an excellent source of animal protein, amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.
  2. Poultry is suitable for feeding animals of all sizes, ages and health conditions and is considered a dietary food. For example, Akana’s food for puppies and older animals contains chicken meat..
  3. Fish supplies the animal’s body not only with protein, but also with valuable fatty acids, B vitamins.
  4. Eggs included in the diet of dogs and cats are also a valuable source of proteins, they supply the body with some amount of carbohydrates, mineral salts and vitamins.

The high protein content of Akana’s food for dogs and cats is explained by the fact that these animals are predators by nature..

They do not tend to eat plants, but vegetables, fruits and herbs are excellent suppliers of fiber, plant proteins, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, in each product from Canadian manufacturers, at least 20% is given to all kinds of fruits, berries, herbs of the best quality.

Akana food contains fruits and vegetablesTo enrich the composition of dry food, nutritionists used pumpkin and carrots, a pear and the famous Red Delicious apple variety, which have a beneficial effect on digestion with reduced physical activity. These and other ingredients serve as excellent alternatives to cheap, nutritious, but not the healthiest for cats and dogs, grains. Potatoes are used as a source of carbohydrates in the feed of this brand, which also meets the needs of animals for potassium, magnesium and iron..

Medicinal herbs have been added to the Akana grain-free food formulation for cats and dogs. They are designed to:

  • maintain the tone of pets;
  • improve their digestion;
  • strengthen immune defenses;
  • stimulate the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems;
  • to maintain the health of vision, skin and coat, as well as to solve other vital tasks, without resorting to the help of drugs and artificial drugs.

As well as meat for Akana feed, all plant components are absolutely safe, grown in ecologically clean regions, without the use of chemicals. And the herbs are harvested from the wild.

organic foodFor a truly complete diet, pet food is enriched with vitamins and minerals of natural origin. Akana for dogs and cats contains no flavor enhancers, synthetic preservatives, potential allergens and aromatic additives, which are abundant in products of a lower price category..

Features of the assortment, advantages and disadvantages of Akana food for dogs and cats

favorite food for catsThis brand of Canadian food is a grain-free or holistic food. From a number of similar products, Akanu distinguishes:

  • excellent quality of ingredients of animal and plant origin;
  • high content of proteins, allowing to keep the body of the animal in good shape and provide the pet with the necessary strength and energy;
  • low in carbohydrates, provoking obesity and diabetes in pets;
  • inclusion in the composition of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, medicinal plants;
  • enrichment with vitamins and minerals;
  • the use of a culture of prebiotic bacteria, which has a positive effect on digestion and assimilation of feed.

The line of dog food is designed for pets of large, medium and small breeds. The assortment includes products for puppies and dogs over 7 years of age, as well as for active pets and those who, due to excess weight, need a light diet..

However, the Akana cat food series is much narrower and is represented by only three, differing in taste options. Kittens producers have also bypassed their attention..

food for healthy animalsThe assortment of this brand does not contain wet feed and veterinary diets, which are indispensable for animals suffering from one or another acute or chronic disease. If there is an animal in the house that needs a special diet, or a spayed pet, Acana food can cause a negative reaction in the body..

Interesting about food for dogs and cats from Akana – video

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