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Composition of Royal Canin for cats and its range

royal canin cat food Royal Canin for cats is a premium product. The manufacturer offers a huge selection of dry granules and canned food, as well as a special veterinary line. These foods are readily available and can be found in almost any pet store or supermarket. They are produced in France, there is also a branch of this company in Russia. With regard to the quality of the feed, many owners are inclined towards French-made feed, but even the Russian version shows a good result..

Composition of Royal Canin products for cats

Royal Canin food in assortment All Royal Canin cat food can be roughly divided into several categories. The first group is the usual diet for adult cats and cats over 1 year old, and older animals are also fed with it. There are distributions according to breed characteristics. The second category is food for kittens under one year old, and the last group is specialized medicinal products..

royal canin food for kittensThe composition largely depends on the needs of the animal, based on its age, health, physical condition and breed:

  1. The Royal Canin feed for kittens under 1 year old contains dehydrated poultry meat as the main source of protein. Also added here is corn starch (carbohydrates), animal fats, vitamins and minerals in large quantities.
  2. For adult cats, the composition is slightly different. Here, in addition to the already familiar ingredients, rice, hydrolysates from animal cartilage and crustacean shells are added. The composition will differ depending on the type of feed and the individual needs of the animal..
  3. The veterinary line is a special food that is not suitable for a healthy cat. They can only be prescribed by a veterinarian based on the examination of the animal and the results of laboratory tests. These feeds are considered to be of high quality and help with kidney failure, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, tartar, food allergies and other pathologies..street cat food

Royal Canin dry food for cats is a complete diet that cannot be supplemented with natural food. When switching to dry granules, the body produces more gastric juice and bile, which may be unsafe when eating natural products.

Feed selection tips

food for cats with diseased intestinesThe entire line of Royal Canin cat food is a huge assortment, among which there is sure to be a suitable option. About the choice of food, you should consult with your veterinarian or at least with a consultant at the pet store. On the manufacturer’s website, you can also go through a test questionnaire, where you need to enter basic data about the pet and get recommendations on the choice of food:

  • for kittens under 1 year old – this is the Royal Canin Kitten option;
  • there is a usual series for domestic short-haired cats that do not experience health problems and are not picky about food – Indoor;
  • Indoor long hair – an option for long-haired breeds, which prevents the accumulation of hair in the stomach and the appearance of stones;
  • Hair & Skin – a series for the care of the skin and hair of an animal with a high content of vitamins and minerals;
  • series for neutered cats and neutered cats;
  • special food that dissolves and removes wool from the digestive tract;
  • line for sensitive animals with allergies;
  • for elderly pets over 7 years old (divided into varieties for active and domestic cats);
  • food Urinari Royal Canin for cats with urolithiasis or for the prevention of this disease;
  • series for the treatment and prevention of intestinal and liver diseases.

In addition, here you can choose an option for those pets who are especially picky about the taste and smell of food. There is also a division by breed. For Siamese, Persian, Maine Coons, Sphynx, British Shorthair and other breeds, there are food categories. In addition, Royal Canin produces dry food and canned food for too fastidious cats, for whom it is difficult to find a balanced diet. These canned foods contain special safe flavorings..food for cats with diabetes

You can find out if the food is suitable for a particular animal by its appearance. If the cat is getting enough nutrients, it is in moderate condition, it is active, its coat is shiny and its mucous membranes are pink in color..

food for neutered catsRoyal Canin for cats is a huge amount of products for every taste. Owners and veterinarians note the high quality of these feeds and also recommend a special treatment series. From this manufacturer, you can choose a diet that will fully provide the animal with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements. There are separate types of food for kittens and adult cats, as well as for representatives of different breeds. Proper nutrition is also the basis for the treatment of diseases of the intestines, liver and kidneys, and the Royal Canin veterinary series has proven itself well in the treatment and prevention of such problems..

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