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Do-it-yourself beautiful and comfortable house for a cat

DIY cat house

Pets live in almost every family. Some have dogs, chinchillas, hamsters or guinea pigs, and some have cats. To make the animal feel comfortable, you need to buy or make a do-it-yourself cat house. A small cozy personal space is necessary for a pet for relaxation and entertainment. The cat will appreciate your care for her and will respond with unique devotion, affection and love..

Features of the personal space of the animal

features of the personal space of animals

What are the functions of a house for a cat? This is undoubtedly:

  1. A soft warm bed where your pet can sleep or lie quietly, away from noisy kids.
  2. Shelter from other family members and their intrusive attention.
  3. A house in a complex with ribbons, scratching posts and tunnels is perceived by the cat as a playground for entertainment and gymnastic exercises.
  4. The point of view and observation allows the furry to follow what is happening in the room without disturbing anyone.

In order for the animal to feel comfortable and love its house, it must be:

  1. Made from natural materials – felt, cardboard, woolen coverings, wood. From synthetic materials, pet hair is electrified. The animal will feel uncomfortable on a mat made of artificial fabrics and in a plastic house.
  2. Suitable for the size of the cat. In a space that is too spacious, the pet will feel uncomfortable. In this case, the animal should easily enter the house and be able to turn around in it..
  3. Located at a distance of more than 2 m from household appliances emitting loud sounds, TV, music center.
  4. Installed in a cozy place where there are no drafts and always warm.

Place your pet’s resting place in the far corner, where it will not interfere with anyone and no one will interfere with it..

House and only?

not just a house for a cat with your own handsCats, like people, are completely different not only in coat color or its fluffiness, but also in habits and character.play area for catsA playful pet definitely needs an entertainment area so that it can occupy itself when the owners have other concerns. Often a four-legged friend begins to sharpen his claws intensively for some reason on the furniture. Homemade scratching posts located in the pet’s recreation and games area will help save expensive sleeping sets, armchairs and sofas from damage. It will also help maintain a good human-animal relationship..recreation and games area

So your pet needs not just a sleeping house, but a whole complex consisting of:

  1. Special devices for physical exercise of an energetic cat. Next to the house, it is necessary to mark the structure of posts and countertops. The pillars entwined with thick twine will replace the chairs and sofas that the pet uses to sharpen its claws.
  2. The cat’s house must have at least two moves. The second move is useful for the animal in case of danger and for playing with a friend.
  3. The size of the house is in accordance with the size of the four-legged friend. For a medium-sized pet, the entrance diameter should be up to 20 cm.The sleeping (in the form of a cube) place should be at least 40 cm on a side.The larger the cat, the larger the house for him.
  4. The scratching post is made of durable material to withstand the vigorous onslaught of the animal. The location of the structure should be such that the pet can freely find and use it at any time..
  5. The design of the house will differ depending on the breed of the cat. After all, each breed has its own characteristics of behavior, habits. Bengal or Siamese cats are placed in a tall wigwam house. For playful and loving animals, the sleeve house is best suited.

For a mother cat, a two-tier design would be an excellent choice. Mom sometimes needs to take a break from kittens and vigilantly monitor their safety.

How to make a wooden cat house

do-it-yourself wooden house for a catA wooden structure is mainly installed outdoors in the warm season, and in winter, if possible, it is transferred to the house. Only a person who is fond of carpentry can make a house for a cat with his own hands from wood. In this case, you will get an excellent design made of natural environmentally friendly material..

house on 2 floorsFor work, boards, slats or plywood are used. First of all, a drawing of the future structure is drawn up. In order for the house to retain its attractive appearance for a long time, the outside is treated with varnish, drying oil or high-quality paint. Water-repellent quality materials are used to decorate the interior of the building. A litter made from natural fabrics is laid on the floor.wooden house and mesh aviary

When creating an entertainment complex, scratching posts, swings are installed for the pet next to the house, hammocks are suspended for outdoor recreation.

DIY cardboard house for cats

DIY cardboard house for a cat

For work, you need to prepare:

  • large box – 2 pcs.;
  • litter;
  • twine;
  • stationery knife and scissors;
  • yellow and white paint;
  • marker;
  • adhesive tape;
  • glue gun;
  • paper with a pattern;
  • tassel.

house making process

The process of making a simple house:

  1. Tape the seam of the bottom of one of the boxes inside and outside.
  2. Cut off the two top flaps. Cut the remaining flaps so that you get the same triangles.
  3. Draw a rectangular double-leaf door on the side of one triangle on the wall of the box. Cut along the lines and open the flaps.
  4. Draw a window on the side and also cut along the contour.
  5. Cut a small round window in the triangle above the door.
  6. Cut off 2 sides of the second box and glue them together with a self-adhesive tape.
  7. Use a tape to connect the roof elements into a single structure.completion of the house making process
  8. Using white paint, paint the walls of the house. Use yellow paint for painting windows and doors.
  9. Cut not too small rectangles from colored paper. On the one hand, they need to be rounded off. Cover the roof of the house with details using a glue gun. Place the tiles of the house in rows.
  10. Decorate the cat’s house using patterned paper.
  11. Put a soft warm rug inside.

A house made of cardboard boxes is the most budgetary option for creating an individual area for a cat.

We make a cat’s house out of newspaper tubes with our own hands

DIY cat house from newspapersTo make such an unusual home for your pet, you need to have perseverance and patience. First you need to collect a decent stack of newspapers. For work, prepare a long knitting needle, scissors, PVA glue and varnish or glue.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The first step will, of course, be the preparation of tubules from newspapers..newspaper tubes
  2. First you need to weave the round base of the house.
  3. To attach the main frame to the edges of the circle, attach the tubes and raise a small side around the bottom.
  4. Gradually removing the tubes, weave a cocoon, as if lifting the back of the dome basket.basket weaving process
  5. Leave the tubes freed from work. They will be useful for decorating a house at the final stage of work..
  6. When the cat’s housing takes on the shape you need, it must be painted with paint harmless to the animal’s body..
  7. After the coating dries, put a warm pet mat in the house.

The shape of a house made of newspaper tubes can be completely different..

DIY multifunctional cat house

DIY multifunctional cat house

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Preparation of materials. The base of the house is a hardboard wood fiber board measuring 122 by 40 cm.Roof and walls – wood chipboards measuring 44 by 61 cm and 55 by 44 cm.For spacers, use slats (7 pcs.) Measuring 3x4x37 cm. You will also need two beams, plates for a couch , foam rubber cloth. You need a rope or rope for a scratching post. The house is decorated with leatherette, carpet, fabric and faux fur.preparation of materials for the house
  2. Cut out individual parts of the future structure from the slabs, having previously laid out the prepared blanks. Make one wall deaf, and cut out the windows on the second, an entrance for the cat.cut out the details for the house
  3. Preparation of parts for connection. Evenly outline the places for fastening the rails and drill holes. Sand the reiki thoroughly. Thicker parts are chosen for the base. Use self-tapping screws to fasten the rails..preparation of parts for connection
  4. Upholstery of the cat’s home. For the walls of the house, a soft carpet is best suited. Line the bottom of the house with faux fur. Use a glue gun to attach the fabric. Places around the entrance and windows are fixed more carefully.cat upholstery
  5. Bed for a cat. To do this, glue a piece of foam rubber on the plate, and fix the fabric on top with a stapler. To prevent the material from crumbling, it is necessary to carefully fasten along the edges..making a bed
  6. The roof of the house is also sheathed with fabric, but you do not need to use foam rubber.
  7. Sheathe the inside of the house with strips of fabric. Using self-tapping screws, attach the house to the base.lining the house with fabric
  8. The scratching post is made from a plastic pipe and a wooden block. Insert the block into the pipe and secure. Cut out sun loungers from the pieces of the slab. Fasten the lounger with the blank for a scratching post. Fasten the pipe with the bar firmly to the base. Upholster the lounger with foam rubber and fabric.making scratching postsWrap the pipe with a rope. When installing an inclined scratching post, use a board upholstered with cloth.

The cat’s house built into the furniture

cat house built into furnitureYou can save your family budget and create a cozy corner for your friend by using old samples of home furniture..

Design options:

  1. A bedside table or a small cabinet from the hallway will become an excellent seating area if you cut a hole in the door and put a soft rug or ottoman at the bottom.
  2. When restoring an old sofa, instead of a backrest, make and install tunnels from cardboard or thick fabric.
  3. On the side back, attach shelves at different levels or a convenient slanting ladder so that the animal can hide from the annoying attention of others.
  4. Fasten a soft fabric hammock under the table or chair. On it, the animal will take the position of an observer and will be able to sleep.
  5. Redesign the coffee table by making an extra shelf under the countertop.
  6. Find a place on open shelves and place some cute small boxes or baskets with a couple of cute toys.
  7. To prevent the pet from encroaching on indoor plants, they can be raised on stands by organizing a cozy corner below.

Cozy corner for a kitten

corner for a kittenThe appearance of a small kitten in the house is always pleasant, but still troublesome. The kid also needs his favorite corner and he must be taught to this from the first days of his stay in the new territory. The more good habits are instilled in a pet, the less problems the owners will have later. Kids need not just a house, but a whole game complex, because they will grow and develop.

At first, the kitten will be as comfortable as possible in a soft house-sleeve. It must be attached not too high from the floor so that the pet can easily climb into it.

You cannot make large wooden structures. They will be uncomfortable.

A small house made of durable materials is too expensive to make. In addition, in a few months you will have to build a new house, and this is an additional cost..

A house for growth is also unacceptable. What an adult cat may like, a small one will be uncomfortable..

Usually, the first home for a kitten is a large box, in which the cat-mother brought him into the world:

  1. A microwave or vacuum cleaner box is suitable as a base. The main requirement is that it must be high.
  2. Place a water-repellent material or an absorbent diaper on the bottom.
  3. For the mother living with the kitten, make an entrance at the top of the box. A small kitten should not jump to her.
  4. You can use cardboard or thick fabric as a roof..

For the first time, the baby separated from the mother will feel comfortable in a shoe box covered with fabric. Next, the box should be replaced with a pillow or soft bed..

Children’s house for a pet differs not only in size, but also in terms of operation.

What can be a do-it-yourself cat house

homemade cat housesbraided wigwam for catssoft play complexesdo-it-yourself cat house made of corrugated cardboardsimple fabric houseeco-friendly play areaDIY cat housemulti-tiered constructiondo-it-yourself two-story house for a catindividual playgroundplay cornercloser to naturesimple design of a house for a cat with your own handspipe constructionhouse out of the box

Self-construction of an aviary for a cat in the country – video

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