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DIY cat hammock

hammock for cat Cats are finicky creatures who value comfort and coziness. Since the daily sleep time of these four-legged animals can be up to 18 hours, a cat hammock will be the ideal device for resting your pet. It is not necessary to buy it, because to create a comfortable hammock you will need materials that can be purchased at any hardware store.

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The process of creating a reliable hammock

reliable hammock for a cat So, if you want to please your pet, and are seriously tuned in to work, you should familiarize yourself with the materials and tools that will be required to create the perfect bed..

The process of creating a hammock will take about 4 hours. It can be accelerated if several people are working..

To work, you need the following things:

  • a wooden bar measuring 1.3 x 2 cm and a length of 90 cm;
  • square wooden beam measuring 1.3 x 1.3 cm and 4 meters long;
  • pencil;
  • joiner’s glue;
  • roulette;
  • sandpaper;
  • wood screws;
  • drill with drills;
  • saw;
  • screwdriver;
  • scissors and thread;
  • two different types of fabric (it is better to choose a softer fabric);
  • 4 handles for furniture;
  • hair bands;
  • sewing machine.

The items listed above can be replaced if they are not available, however, to get the perfect result, you should adhere to this list..

Step # 1

sawing a bar for a hammockFirst of all, use a saw to cut the wooden block into several equal parts. The result of the work should be 8 identical pieces of wood from a square bar, and 4 pieces from a bar of 1.3 x 2 cm.

Step # 2

grinding workpiecesWhen the blocks are ready, carefully sand the surface with sandpaper. It is important that after sanding, there are no sawdust sticking out on the bars..

It is worth doing the work carefully, because if the cat bed turns out to be sloppy, it will not bring actual benefit.

Step # 3

drill holesNow you should prepare the polished bars for assembling the lower and upper frames of the future hammock. When assembling the structure, each corner will be fixed with a screw, therefore, holes should be drilled for fastening the screw in each bar.

Step # 4

connect the barsWhen the base parts are ready, they can be connected into squares. To do this, a small amount of glue is applied to their joints, after which screws are screwed into the holes made earlier.

It will be difficult to screw in the screws alone, so it will be very helpful if someone holds the structure while performing this step..

Step # 5

reliable fastening with self-tapping screwsTo the two frames that were made in the previous step, attach 1.3 x 2 cm bars on each of the 4 sides. Previously, it is worth making holes for the screws in them, and then carefully screw in the screws with a screwdriver.

Before screwing in the screws, you need to apply a small amount of wood glue to the joints of the bars in order to increase the strength of the structure..

Step 6

The base of the pet hammock is ready and now, at the top of the side panels, you need to screw in the furniture handles. They are needed to keep the hammock in place..

Step 7

choice of fabric for the hammockIn this step, you need to use a sewing machine. At the same time, pre-cut two identical pieces of 50 x 50 cm from the fabric.Cotton or sheepskin can be used as fabric.

Step # 8

Lay one piece of fabric on top of another and sew around the perimeter with a sewing machine. Before stitching the corners, place the hair ties into the corners to form the “hooks”. After that, tightly fasten the corners together, several times processing them with a sewing machine..

At this step, you need to leave a hole at one of the corners.

Step 9

cat hammock sew baseTurn the fabric out and sew the hole by hand using a hair elastic. After that, process it on the sewing machine in the same way as for the other 3 corners..

Step 10

Gently attach the resulting hammock to the wooden frame using rubber band hooks on the furniture handles. Make sure the structure is strong enough to support the weight of the cat.

Now a simple cat hammock is ready! It remains only to put it in a cozy corner and invite your four-legged friend.

Briefly about the difficulties that can be encountered in the process of work

hammock making toolsAlthough creating a small bed for an animal may seem simple at first glance, it is fraught with a number of difficulties. The step-by-step instructions above will tell you how to create a quality hammock. Therefore, it requires so many diverse resources..

It follows from this that when working, many people face the following problems:

  • difficulties in sawing wooden blocks;
  • lack of tools such as a drill or sewing machine;
  • problems associated with measuring the dimensions of the bars, as well as markings for future screws;
  • difficulty of comprehension of instructions.

You shouldn’t skimp on materials for construction. Otherwise, it can lead to discomfort for the pet..

The listed problems are poorly spread, but they still have a place to be. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at the simpler instructions for creating a cat hammock..

Cat hammock, suspended under a chair

cat hammock under the chairYou can make a lounger that hangs under the chair without unnecessary comments and time costs, since in this case you will not have to make a frame.

To create it you will need:

  • soft cloth measuring 60 x 60 cm;
  • finishing material;
  • Velcro or tape for fastening;
  • sewing machine / needles and thread.

Cut the base of the fabric out of the hammock. Its size will depend on the distance between the legs of the chair – a kind of frame. If the fabric is dense, one layer will be enough. If the material is thin, you will need to cut out several layers, between which you can place insulation.

The finished pattern is folded outward with the right side, and processed with a finishing fabric.

Velcro or tapes are sewn with a sewing machine, or sewn to the base with a sewing needle.

frameless cat hammockThe frameless cat hammock is ready. All that remains is to hang him under a chair and call his furry pet – he will probably want to lie down in a cozy bed..

Benefits of cat hammocks

hammock for catOften, the owners of animals, when choosing a sleeping place for them, opt for ordinary rugs or a pillow. A hammock has a number of advantages over these things..

The fact is that, unlike humans, it is important for cats that their sleeping place can follow the contours of their body. And if an overly soft bed in a person will lead him to a curvature of the spine, for a fluffy this option will be the most comfortable.

In addition, it is very important for pussies to have a corner in which they will feel comfortable, and from which there is a good view of the surrounding area. Remember: cats are hunters, and therefore even the most expensive and seemingly cozy house for an animal bought in a pet store may not like your pet.

transportation of a pet in a carAnother indisputable advantage of a hammock is the ability to transport a four-legged pet in transport. Cats do not tolerate travel in cars, and this is due to the cramped carrying bags. With the help of a sunbed, which is attached with suction cups to the glass, this problem can be easily solved..

Choosing a place to install a hammock

hammock installation locationChoose a place for installing a hanging bed should be carefully based on the preferences of your pet. In every house with small four-legged residents there are places where they like to spend most of their time and relax. It is in such a place that a hammock should be installed. At the same time, you need to be prepared that it will become a personal item of the pet, and its unexpected movement will upset your pet..

General recommendations

fixing the hammock on the wallThere are several places where you should place your hammock. Firstly, you should take a closer look at the wall benches, which are perfect for pets who like to climb higher. In this case, it will be necessary to ensure unhindered access of the cat to the hammock..

Secondly, you need to remember that frame structures are installed exclusively on the floor or under the table. If you choose the second method, then the cat will always be near the owner..

For four-legged, there is nothing more important than being near a person.

For some cat breeds that have a small amount of fur, a radiator is the best place for a hammock. Think for yourself: this place is the warmest in the house, and radiators are usually hidden under the windowsills, which makes such places seem protected by animals..battery-powered cat hammock

There are also round beds that can be hung from the ceiling. They are perfect for energetic pets who are used to sleeping on cabinets. The main thing is not to forget to attach a ladder or rope to such a hammock..

It should also be noted that many pets enjoy basking in the sun. Their preferences can be taken into account by installing a comfortable hammock in a place where the sun’s rays penetrate. It is important that the animal does not overheat. If the animal avoids the installed hammock, think about it, maybe it is too hot, and it is worth moving the bed to the shade.

This recommendation is especially relevant for apartments in which tetrapods sometimes receive a limited amount of sunlight..

If you look well, you can find a dozen more places in the house where you can install a sunbed. Everything is based only on the expediency of finding him in this place, as well as in the preferences of your four-legged friend.

Recommendations to help ensure the safety of the animal

safe place for the animalWhen creating, or buying a ready-made hammock, it should be remembered that only its safety can stand above the comfort of a pet. Of course, the design should use materials that are combined with the interior of the house, but if this contradicts the safety of the cat, it is better to neglect this factor..

Tip # 1

When choosing a material for a hammock frame, do not forget that in a jump, cats create a high load on the entire structure. For this reason, it is not worth using flimsy materials when creating the frame. The best solution would be to use improvised means: boxes, thick cardboard, wooden boxes and plywood boards, since they have sides that create a sense of safety for the animal..

Council number 2

upholsteryWhen choosing a stuffing material, it is better to give preference to foam rubber or synthetic winterizer. These materials are quite soft, they do not wear out, and you do not need to spend a lot of money on their purchase..

Tip # 3

bed for a kittenIf the bed was created for a kitten not accustomed to the tray, or a sick animal, its bottom should be made waterproof with a film or oilcloth, which can be easily changed..

Tip # 4

Before you start creating a cat bed, you should study the behavior of your pet and his preferences. Observe your cat and find out where it is most often and on what surfaces it likes to sleep. These simple steps will help you choose the ideal materials for the design that will be pleasing to the animal..

Tip # 5

outdoor cat hammockIf the hammock will be installed outdoors or in a cool hallway, its bottom must be insulated with foam. This solution will not allow your four-legged friend to freeze from the cold coming from the ground..

Tip # 6

cat hammock on the windowsillIf you decide to install the hammock on a table or windowsill, make sure that the structure is stable. Cats love to jump and move quickly, and a poorly secured bed will sooner or later fall, frightening the animal or harm it.

By following the tips listed above, when creating or buying a sunbed, you will provide your pet not only with comfort, but also with complete safety..

Summing up, it is worth noting that simple designs can be made absolutely from any available means. For creation, you don’t even need to go to the store: just find old clothes, pick up scissors with a needle and dream up a little. The result will not be long in coming, and as a result, putting diligence, love and attentiveness into the work process, you will get a good hammock for a cat that will be happy with such a gift..

How to make a hammock for a cat yourself – video selection

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