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How to make an aviary for a dog with your own hands – we equip a home for a beloved guard

Need help on how to make a do-it-yourself dog enclosure. The child asked for an alabai for his birthday. In fact, it has been asking for more than a year, but we did not have a place for such a large animal, we lived in an apartment. But his wife has long dreamed of a private house, so they slowly looked for options. And here, quite by accident, was lucky – friends had to urgently leave, and they put their house up for sale. We also quickly found buyers and recently moved into our new home. Now you can think about the dog, but first build an aviary for it. What it should be?

how to make an aviary for a dog with your own hands All owners of large animals immediately or a short time after their establishment have the question of how to make an aviary for a dog with their own hands. A dog walking freely around the site is an excellent defense against thieves. But, on the other hand, what should you do if guests who are not familiar to your guard come? And you don’t want a four-legged friend to make a home in the middle of a flower bed or knock everyone off their feet, rushing around the yard? No, the best option for dogs, especially large breeds, is their own territory in the form of an aviary. There he can live permanently, reliably protected from bad weather, but only if the property is comfortable. To do this, you need to know a few rules..

How to make an aviary for a dog with your own hands – general recommendations

dog enclosure sizes Let’s start with the size – it depends on the breed of the animal and its size:

  • for dogs whose height at the withers is no more than 50 cm, 6 sq. m .;
  • animals with a height of up to 65 cm need at least 8 km. m .;
  • large dogs, the height at the withers of which is more than 65 cm, will need a corral of 10 sq. m.

There are no strict requirements for the height of the enclosure. It is determined based on the convenience in terms of care, and depends only on the height of the person. The higher it is, the more convenient it will be to clean the dog’s territory, if the aviary is also high..

It is necessary to set up the aviary so that the dog can simultaneously see the owners and have an overview of the entrance. After all, this is the guard of the site, who must watch the people who come. And there is no point in hiding it in the backyard, because the animal will whine all the time from lack of communication.

Places near the street, toilet or utility yard with a subsidiary farm are not suitable for arranging an aviary. Animals do not like strong smells, and cars and passers-by will not let them sit still, and dogs will constantly bark.

The dog enclosure should also be protected from rain and snow, especially if it is intended for permanent residence. To avoid a draft, at least two walls are made solid. A comfortable booth will protect you from the cold.

Arrangement of the aviary step by step

dog enclosureTo organize a cozy private territory for permanent residence for your large pet, you must:

  1. Make the base. A light and small aviary as a whole does not need a foundation, but there is no point in leaving an earthen covering either. The dog will dig holes, it will be dirty in the rains, and it will also be cold in its paws and it can get sick. Therefore, it is advisable to make a lightweight concrete screed even on the walking area. And already above it, build a wooden flooring of boards. In this case, it should be raised by at least 10 cm and a slope should be made so that waste flows down.
  2. Provide a secure enclosure. At the same time, it should be reliable and safe not only for humans, but also for the dog. No sharp corners and details and large holes through which the animal can get out. The best option, especially for large rocks, is a frame and a lattice made of metal corners and rods. Two walls, or better three, must be made completely deaf and sewn up with boards.
  3. Install the correct gate. It must not only have a reliable constipation, but also open inward. This will prevent the dog from breaking down the door by loosening it while jumping..
  4. Cover with a roof. The material for the roof can be any, based on availability. But she herself must have a slope and go slightly beyond the fence..

Do I need a booth in the aviary

kennel for a dog with a boothDefinitely needed if the dog will live there permanently, including in winter. The size of the kennel also depends on the size of the animal, but it should not be too large. 1.5 times the height and width enough to turn around. It is better to make a kennel out of wood and with a flat roof, since dogs often climb and lie on them. The entrance should be directed towards the protected wall so as not to blow inward.

We build our own dog enclosure

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