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Original crafts for decorating the garden

     garden decoration

A dacha is not just a house with a vegetable garden and a garden, but also a place for the soul to rest. This is facilitated by the decoration of the country courtyard and garden with plants, flowerpots, flowerpots, sculptures. Hand-made elements bring special pleasure and beauty. DIY garden decoration creates positive emotions at all stages of the design of a unique garden exterior.

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One of the easiest ways to make a garden plot unusual is to create a garden stand for flowerpots in the form of a human hand or leaf. Of the materials you need only alabaster and water. The shape for creating a hand will be an ordinary rubber medical glove, and a large leaf of burdock is suitable for a leaf..

So that the palm is folded, it is necessary to place the glove in the empty market from the flowerpot. So the hand will turn out beautiful and original. Then you need to make a solution of medium viscosity and pour it into a glove. When the solution hardens, the glove is removed.

The creation of the leaf should be carried out on a flat surface. You need to take a small piece of plastic wrap and pour sand in the size of a sheet. A sheet is placed on the sand and poured with a solution. After the solution has cooled down, the sheet is removed, as a result of which you can see its imprint on the solution. You will get an original stand with a semi-curved shape. Water can be poured into it, where birds will swim. Read our article on garden design!

Making a decor for the garden “Hand” – video

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