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What types of mahogany can be found on planet Earth

Red tree When we hear the phrase – mahogany, luxurious furniture in rich houses, musical instruments and, of course, majestic trees pop up in our minds. Even before our era, the famous king Solomon, merchants brought such wood from Ophir, the center of eastern trade at that time. According to the famous historian I. Flavius, the material was used in the construction of the temple, its palace and for the manufacture of harps and other stringed instruments..

musical instrument mahogany Scientists believe that it was the wood of the red sandalwood, which today grows in Sri Lanka and India. What is this unique plant? What is remarkable about its wood and where is it used? Answers to these questions will help you to plunge into the wonderful world of majestic trees. Find out here the height of the sequoia!

Red sandalwood can grow up to 9 m in height. Its hardwood has a fine-grained character, is wonderfully workable and is suitable for making musical instruments mentioned in ancient books..

Acquaintance with an amazing plant

unique treeMost often, the name “mahogany” is used for a group of different types of trees, which differ in the special color and properties of wood. They grow in the tropical latitudes of America, India, Africa and southeast Asia. The following types of mahogany are especially popular:

  • Mahogany;
  • Amaranth;
  • Keruing;
  • Teak;
  • Merbau.

Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages..


mahogany treeThis type of mahogany is found in the Central American jungle. It is also known as American Mahogany or Honduran Mahogany. Its appearance is amazing: the plant reaches 60 m in height, the trunk diameter is approximately 2 m.

Under a thin layer of bark is stored red-brown wood, of different shades and densities. Some specimens are quite hard, like red oak. Others are of medium density and equate to regular chestnut. In the world market, Mahogany supplied from Fiji is especially appreciated. There the tree is considered a national treasure..


amaranthAnother “red giant” – Amaranth will grow on the territory of South America. The tree grows to a height of approximately 25 m, with a maximum trunk diameter of 80 cm. If you carefully examine the cut of the tree, you can see the original drawing. It is obtained due to the chaotic interlacing of the fibers of the plant. Interestingly, fresh saw cut is colored gray-brown, which can change during oxidation. These colors can be:

  • reddish;
  • purple;
  • black.

Amaranth wood is prized for its ease of handling, durability and the ability to restore color after removing the top layer.


keruingThe tree grows in the forests of Southeast Asia. Its height reaches 60 meters. The trunk of an adult plant is almost 2 meters thick. Keruing’s saw cut can be of the following shades:

  • light beige;
  • Brown;
  • dark brown.

keruing's saw cutAt the same time, crimson or red blotches are visible on it..

Products from this type of wood are particularly resistant to various chemicals and moisture. The main reason is the presence of rubber resins. This fact can be taken into account when buying products from keruing.


teak plantationThis mahogany grows in the vastness of the African continent and southeast Asia. Its wood is distinguished by a uniform golden color and is characterized by the following properties:

  • high strength;
  • resistance to changing external factors;
  • the ability to withstand strong mechanical stress;
  • durability.

teak sliceThey use the material for the manufacture of various types of furniture, in the construction of buildings and ships.


merbauThe tree’s habitat covers the northern latitudes of Australia and the southeastern part of Asia. Cut merbau has an even and rich range of shades:

  • light beige;
  • Brown;
  • dark brown;
  • chocolate.

Against such a background, streaks of golden color stand out brightly, which looks truly beautiful. The material is resistant to insects, various fungi and moisture changes.

Scope of application of mahogany

harvesting mahoganyOn the territory of Europe, the material comes in the form of logs, which are sawn into boards. Given the width of the trunk, one can imagine their magnitude. After going through all the stages of processing, the material takes on a special look, which happens:

  • patterned;
  • striped;
  • speckled;
  • smooth;
  • knobby.

Depending on this, the type of wood is determined.

When choosing a suitable option, you should take into account the overall interior of the furniture in order to get a harmonious combination and home comfort..

mahogany secretaireMainly mahogany is used for the manufacture of luxurious furniture in the Baroque style, elegant classics or massive Empire style. Stylish interior decor is obtained from it. It still serves as an ideal raw material for the creation of musical instruments: harps, violins and pianos. Mahogany is indispensable in modern shipbuilding: yachts, small boats, decks, cladding. All of these elements are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Therefore, mahogany is the ideal material for this industry..

Street furnitureIn addition, wood is used in the construction of houses. Exquisite staircases, wall panels, parquet floors and even majestic columns add a touch of sophistication to your home. It is often used as a material for the manufacture of garden furniture, greenhouses, greenhouses and terraces. Due to its unique properties, mahogany still holds a special place in the creation of useful things for people..

The secret of the mahogany – video

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