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Making Christmas balls with your own hands: ideas, techniques, photos

christmas tree toy Before the New Year holidays, there is an incredible desire to decorate the house, decorate a Christmas tree, and make beautiful gifts. To embody ideas, it is proposed to make Christmas balls with your own hands – such original crafts will become worthy toys for a New Year’s tree. They are much better than factory products, as they contain a particle of human thought, warmth.original balls for the Christmas tree

How to make a ball on a Christmas tree from ribbons?

do it yourself kanzashi ballOver the past few years, a new handicraft art has come into vogue – kanzashi. This technique involves the use of satin ribbons, scraps of fabric for the manufacture of various crafts. The Kanzashi Christmas ball is an elegant and stylish toy that brightly decorates the New Year tree. To many, this technique seems complicated, but by choosing an easy master class, you can create a masterpiece yourself.

material for kanzashiFor work, you need a foam ball with a diameter of 7 cm, satin ribbons, cut into pieces, are also needed. The size and number of ribbons are as follows: light satin lilac ribbon 2.5 cm wide – 5 cm pieces 40 pieces; purple tape 2.5 cm wide – 5 cm pieces 40 pieces. You will also need 1 square of 5 cm purple ribbon.In a craft store or stationery store, you need to purchase small pins.

The process of making a kanzashi Christmas tree ball looks like this:

  1. We take the square of the purple ribbon and pin it with a pin in the center of the ball.
  2. Now we proceed to the formation of the product: we bend the corners of each segment inward to form an isosceles triangle.
  3. We apply 4 triangles of purple ribbon with the top to the center, around the square. Each piece must be secured with studs on both sides.start
  4. Crafting a Christmas ball begins to acquire original outlines when layers of flowers alternate: it is necessary to decorate the entire foam base, changing colors one by one.
  5. When the entire workpiece is filled, you need to attach a loop for the Christmas tree. To do this, you need to take 20 cm of thin tape and glue it to the ball with hot glue.blanks and the process of creativity

To make the finished craft look more like a bump, you can take the brown shades of the ribbons, and make the loop from the green ribbon.

Even a child can make handmade Christmas balls using the kanzashi technique. Products are bright, original and delicate at the same time..

We paint the Christmas ball with paints

decorated Christmas ballAnother simple option for decorating crafts is painting with colored paints. This task will be able to cope with beginners and those who have never been engaged in the manufacture of Christmas balls with their own hands. The essence of the technique consists in the preliminary drawing of a sketch on a toy and its further coloring..

beautiful christmas ballsFor work, you will need the ball itself – it is better to take plastic options of a suitable color, thin brushes and acrylic paints. If you already have experience in this technique, you can use ready-made acrylic contours with nozzles instead of paints..

Since the craft is timed to coincide with the New Year, it is better to choose a thematic drawing for it. These can be images of birds, holiday candles and wreaths, bears, deer, characters from a fairy tale.

Having prepared all the materials, you can start painting Christmas balls with your own hands:

  1. In this master class, we will focus on the winter landscape. To begin with, the base is primed – for this, a light blue background is used, as a symbol of a snowy winter. Having completed the background, you need to wait for it to dry for 10 minutes.
  2. Using brown color, draw a house, tree trunks.
  3. We decorate thick branches of Christmas trees with green acrylic.
  4. Yellow is necessary to draw light in the windows of the house..
  5. Applying white color, we decorate the snow details – the roof of the house, the tops of the trees.

So the do-it-yourself painted Christmas balls are ready: the master class completes the processing of the toy with small white sparkles – it will be snow. You can safely try on the finished holiday craft on the Christmas tree..

Making a ball using crochet and yarn

knitted ballsWhen looking for options for unusual Christmas tree decorations, you should pay attention to yarn crafts. It is not very convenient to knit such a product with knitting needles, and the hook will do an excellent job. It will help to knit small loops and create a structural pattern. Crochet Christmas balls will harmoniously inhabit the Christmas tree all the holidays.

knitting patternsTo work, you will need the skill of knitting with this tool and the ability to read schematic symbols. It is important to select in advance the appropriate pattern, thin threads, such as “Iris”, as well as a balloon, PVA glue and a brush. Organza tape is required to decorate the loop. Having learned how to make such toys, in the future you can decorate Christmas balls and sell them..

ball making processThe master class consists of simple steps:

  • knitting a ball according to the scheme;
  • inserting an inflatable ball inside and filling it with air;
  • smearing the blank of yarn with a brush and PVA glue.

we knit a ball according to the schemeThe final stage of crocheting Christmas balls is piercing the auxiliary balloon. After that, a strong and beautiful Christmas tree toy remains in the hands. To complete it, you need to cut off 50 cm of organza tape and carefully tie a bow with a loop so that the product can be attached.

To give originality to Christmas tree balls with your own hands, the master class can be diversified by adding bright colors to knitting. For example, red, yellow and green threads on a product look individual and stylish..

Making a balloon in eco-style

Christmas ball in eco-styleThis stylistic trend has led to the fashion for natural raw materials. Ecostyle dictates to the master the choice of exclusively natural materials. The following materials are required for work:

  • twine or twine;
  • foam blank or finished Christmas ball;
  • white lace 5 cm wide;
  • mother-of-pearl half-beads – 10 pcs;
  • hot glue;
  • scissors.

original crafts made from natural materialsDuring work, even Christmas balls with a logo can be used – the surface of the toy will be completely covered. simple decorative ballsThe master class begins with the need to carefully and carefully wrap the workpiece with twine. For this, hot glue is used: a small amount of glue is applied to the surface and the cord is laid.set of balls for the tree

When the entire workpiece is framed, the tip of the twine is beautifully masked. Next, they take white lace, measure the circumference of the ball and cut off the required amount of decor. Lace is glued to the surface, decorated with half beads. At the end of making a Christmas ball with your own hands, it is worth attaching a loop of twine.

To improve the appearance of the craft, you can use a cinnamon stick, an star anise star or a dried lemon wedge as a decor..

Balls made of thin flexible twigs will be an unusual decoration on the Christmas tree..balls from twigs

A ball made of saw cuts, natural berries will surprise guests.decoration with saw cut and berries

An original idea for a New Year’s ball – video

Options for balls on a Christmas tree using photo printing

Christmas ball with photo printingYou can approach the manufacture of a toy from the creative side if you have a printer at home. When working, everything also uses a foam blank or a transparent plastic base.. gifts for the whole familyMaking Christmas balls with a photo will vary depending on the technique:

  1. Decoupage. This technique involves cutting out a finished picture, printed on a laser printer, and a kind of its translation into a blank. During work, PVA glue, a flat synthetic brush, paints are used. It is better to produce paper printing on Christmas balls on a laser printer so that the color of the photo does not change. Cut out pictures must be turned over and with wet hands try to remove the layer of paper. After that, the photo is glued to the workpiece, applying glue from the center to the edges so that wrinkles do not form. Decorate at your own discretion.ball with photo decoupage method
  2. Simple option. This technique consists in using a transparent blank that is divided into two parts. All that is required is to beautifully cut a picture in a circle and insert it into the workpiece. Christmas balls with a photo are ready, all that remains is to tie a loop.transparent ball with photo

This version of the toy is considered the lightest and most original. It can be placed on a Christmas tree or hung on the hook of a lamp in the room. It will remind you of the moments spent, create a festive atmosphere.

With the constant self-production of toys, you can put an individual stamp on Christmas balls. To do this, it is recommended to use a rubber eraser, where the master’s logo will be depicted. Dipping the eraser into the paint will leave an original print on the surface of the product. It will characterize the work of an artisan.

The use of handmade Christmas balls in home decoration will bring warmth, tranquility and comfort. Products will cheer up by diluting the snowy weather outside the window with bright colors.

Master class for making a New Year’s ball – video

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