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Medicinal properties of corn stigmas and contraindications to their use

medicinal properties of corn stigmas It is not so long ago that the medicinal properties of corn silk for human health began to be studied. Previously, they were considered waste and were simply thrown away at harvest time. Now the characteristics of this product are well known. Stigma helps to cope with many diseases, reduce weight and increase the body’s resistance to negative environmental conditions. The main thing is to remember their features and rules of application..

What is corn silk

corn silk Corn silk is the name given to the fibers entangling the cob. They are smooth and have a silky texture. In an unripe vegetable, the fibers are pale green. As they mature, their hue changes to brown..

As a raw material for the manufacture of medicinal products, fibers from dairy ripeness maize are used. It is in such raw materials that the greatest amount of vitamins, microelements and other substances valuable to humans is accumulated. The stigma is cut from the cob with a knife or sickle.

harvesting corn stigmasDried fibers are used for medicinal purposes. For this, the cut stigmas are placed in special drying chambers and kept at a certain temperature. But you can harvest raw materials at home. Then drying is done naturally in the shade. This process takes from several days to a couple of weeks..

The best time to harvest corn stigmas is mid-August. The hairs are carefully removed from the cob by unrolling the leaves. The blackened threads are immediately thrown away, since they are not suitable for the manufacture of medicines..

What is included in corn silk

corn silk in medicine

The medicinal properties of corn stigmas are due to their rich chemical composition. They contain:

  1. Vitamins E, K, C, B5. They help to mobilize the body’s defenses. Vitamin K normalizes the blood clotting process, ascorbic acid – cleanses blood vessels and is an effective antioxidant.
  2. Saponins. Normalize the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, restore the water-salt balance.
  3. Tannins. They have antispasmodic and antibacterial effects.
  4. Essential oils. Have a positive effect on the nervous system, increase appetite, stimulate digestive processes.
  5. Sterols. Restores normal hormonal levels, improves the quality of hair and nails.
  6. Minerals. Selenium is found in the highest concentration in corn silk. This substance neutralizes the action of toxins, thereby increasing immunity..
  7. Tryptophan. Promotes sound sleep.

corn silk on sale

Corn silk is a source of coarse fiber. They improve the functioning of the digestive tract, cleanse the intestines.

The healing properties of corn stigmas for men

medicinal properties of corn silk for menUpon reaching the age of 50, men often face disorders in the genitourinary system. Inflammation of the prostate, infectious diseases and congestion in the pelvic organs lead to a decrease in libido and problems with erection..

Corn silk will help restore the normal functioning of organs. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Their use stops the development of infectious processes, has an analgesic effect.

Stigmas are also useful for young guys. They contain beta-sitosterol. This substance reduces the risk of malignant growths in the prostate gland..

Tocopherol, which is part of corn silk, has a positive effect on the functioning of the reproductive system.

Medicinal properties of corn stigmas

for women

medicinal properties of corn silk for womenCorn silk helps women maintain health and beauty.

This valuable product is capable of:

  1. Stop uterine bleeding.
  2. Relieve cramping during menstruation.
  3. Improve the properties of blood, speed up the process of its clotting.
  4. Stimulate collagen production. Thanks to this, the skin remains young and toned for many years..
  5. Prevent the development of cystic mastopathy.
  6. Delay the onset of menopause.

Reception of funds based on stigmas has a positive effect on a woman’s reproductive function. They are often recommended to be included in the complex therapy of infertility. A decoction of stigmas will be useful during pregnancy planning and for those who have no obvious problems with conception..

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, corn silk is excellent for treating one of the most common female diseases – cystitis. You need to start drinking the broth at the first signs of an exacerbation of the disease.

During pregnancy

corn silk tea during pregnancyCorn silk is allowed to be consumed during pregnancy. Products based on this product do not harm the fetus. On the contrary, they prevent the development of problems. First of all, the stigmas will help to avoid the appearance of spontaneous bleeding..

During pregnancy, many women have exacerbated gallbladder diseases. A decoction of stigmas will help relieve inflammation and normalize the functioning of the organ. In the presence of such pathologies, such a drink is taken into the daily diet..

Corn fibers relieve puffiness. This is achieved through a strong diuretic effect. After using such a remedy, excess fluid will quickly be excreted from the body, which will reduce the load on all internal organs, and especially the heart of the expectant mother..

Eating stigmas can trigger allergic reactions. Their use must be agreed with the attending physician..

Useful properties for children

benefit for childrenChildren often face such pathology as urinary incontinence. A course of application of corn stigmas will help to eliminate the problem. They will stop the development of the infectious process in the organs of the urinary system, relieve spasms, and increase the body’s resistance to disease.

The stigmas contain high doses of fiber. This will help to establish the normal functioning of the child’s gastrointestinal tract. But the dosage of such products for babies is halved..

Fiber infusion is also indicated for babies born with jaundice. It will also help prevent worm infestations and other parasites..

Corn silk for liver and kidney diseases

medicinal properties of corn stigmas for the kidneys

The healing properties of corn silk help to effectively fight liver diseases, and especially hepatitis:

  1. The use of a decoction significantly reduces the concentration of bilirubin, and also reduces the viscosity of bile, which contributes to its accelerated outflow.
  2. Such medications relieve painful sensations and speed up the healing process..

A decoction of corn silk is useful for the liver. For its manufacture, a teaspoon of dried raw materials is stirred in 200 ml of boiling water. The composition is boiled over low heat for about 30 minutes. The finished drink is filtered. The remaining liquid is diluted with 150 ml of pure water. It is recommended to take the medicine 50 ml before each meal..

decoction preparationAgents based on stigmas, among other things, stop inflammatory processes localized in the kidneys. They are included in the treatment program for pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, urolithiasis and other pathologies. The broth eliminates pain, relieves puffiness, restores the health of the organ.

The most effective for kidney disease is a mixture of stigmas and rose hips..

Mix 50 grams of each ingredient. Pour in 500 ml of boiling water. The mixture is heated in a water bath for 30 minutes. The drink will only have to be filtered and drunk throughout the day.

Weight loss

weight loss with corn silkCorn silk is also beneficial for those who are overweight..

The introduction of decoctions and infusions of this product into the diet will help solve the following problems:

  1. Get rid of excess fluid in the body. The medicine has a good diuretic effect..
  2. Regulate the work of the nervous system. Diets and increased physical activity lead to stress, increased nervousness and irritability. Stigma will help eliminate these problems.
  3. Calm hunger. A glass of broth will allow you to delay the time of eating by several hours..
  4. Accelerate metabolic processes in the body.

Along with a decoction, an alcoholic infusion of stigmas is also used in the fight against extra pounds. For its preparation, dry raw materials are placed in a dark glass container. It should fill 2/3 of the volume. Pour it to the top with vodka. The container is tightly sealed and placed in a dark place for 20 days.

The infusion should be taken 10-15 drops several times a day, previously diluted in half a glass of water.

Application in cosmetology

the use of corn silk in cosmetologyStigma-based products are often used to improve the condition of the skin. Moreover, they must not only be taken orally, but also used externally. A stigma tonic will help dry oily skin, relieve inflammation, and prevent the formation of acne.

To prepare a medicinal tonic, a glass of stigma broth is mixed with the same amount of aloe juice. Add 20 ml of cucumber juice. The components are mixed. The resulting product is used to wipe the face every day. Store the product in the refrigerator..

Corn silk will help solve the problem with hair, improve its quality, prevent hair loss.

For this purpose, prepare an infusion of equal amounts of stigmas and nettles. The components are poured with boiling water and left for 3 hours. The resulting liquid rinses the hair after washing.

What other problems can corn silk help you with?

corn silk in packages

The list of useful properties of stigmas is huge. Among other things, they will help to cope with the following problems:

  1. Joint pain. Means based on stigmas stop inflammation and relieve swelling. Thanks to this, the patient’s condition improves..
  2. High blood pressure. The flavonoids included in the composition improve blood circulation, cleanse blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in pressure. The stigmas also help to reduce the amount of sodium in the body. This substance is often the cause of hypertension..
  3. Colds. A decoction of stigmas will help increase immunity, relieve nasal congestion, swelling of the mucous membranes. It also has an expectorant effect and makes breathing easier..preparation of tincture
  4. Diabetes mellitus type 2. In people suffering from such a pathology, after consuming a decoction of stigmas, a significant decrease in blood sugar was noted..
  5. Headache. More often it is associated with overstrain and excitement of the nervous system. The broth from the stigmas will quickly eliminate these problems..
  6. Insomnia. The medicine will soothe, relieve irritability, help you fall asleep faster.
  7. Increased concentration of cholesterol in the blood. This often causes obesity, heart disease, hypertension and other problems. A decoction of stigmas helps to bring the amount of cholesterol back to normal. It suppresses the synthesis of this substance, slows down the process of its absorption into the blood and accelerates excretion.

It is recommended to drink corn silk tea for both medicinal and prophylactic purposes. In the absence of serious health problems, it will increase immunity, reduce the risk of developing chronic pathologies.


there are contraindications for use

Like other medicines, infusions and decoctions of corn silk have a number of contraindications:

  1. Thrombophlebitis, increased blood clotting.
  2. Phlebeurysm.
  3. Body weight too low. Eating stigmas will help you lose weight, which will exacerbate the situation..
  4. Hypotension.
  5. Inflammation of the kidneys in the acute stage. Since the means based on stigmas increase diuresis, this increases the load on the kidneys and flushes nutrients from the body. The use of stigmas is recommended after the symptoms of an acute condition have been removed to speed up the healing process..
  6. Stones in the urinary system with a diameter of more than 10 mm. The use of stigmas in this case can provoke the movement of stones and blockage of the urinary ducts by them..
  7. Critically low concentrations of potassium and sodium in the body. Stigma helps to remove these substances from the body. This is fraught with the appearance of seizures, signs of heart failure and other problems..

medicinal properties of corn stigmasPeople who are prone to allergic reactions should take herbal medicines with care. First, use the broth, diluted in half with water. If negative consequences do not follow, you can proceed to full treatment..

Corn silk has many beneficial properties. But it is strictly forbidden to use them as the only method of treatment. They can only be an addition to the main therapy program prescribed by the attending physician..

Why and how are the medicinal properties of corn stigmas used – video

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