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All about the beneficial properties of walnut oil

walnut oil Walnut oil, the beneficial properties and contraindications of which should be known to everyone before use, is widely in demand among many people. Despite the relative high cost, almost all adherents of a healthy diet love to use it. This oil is also popular with vegetarian food lovers and those looking to improve their health. In addition to its medicinal qualities, it also has a great taste and competes actively with products such as olive or corn oil. It is often used as a cosmetic product that allows you to achieve the desired result at minimal cost..

Walnut oil: properties and uses

micronutrient-rich walnut oil Walnuts are high in calories. In addition, the kernels have a whole list of useful trace elements. In order to obtain oil, the classic cold pressing is used. Thus, it is possible to maintain the characteristic taste and a sufficient amount of active substances..

The knowledge that walnut base oil has beneficial properties and contraindications dates back to ancient times. So, the world famous healer named Avicenna recommended his patients to use walnuts in order to increase vitality and increase the general tone of the body. Today, this information has increased, which makes it possible to treat a wide range of diseases with the help of nut oil..

Often, diet menus include walnut oil. Its pronounced beneficial properties and contraindications explain this fact. In addition, it does not contain any preservatives, flavors or aromas. The oil contains:

  1. Fats – their concentration is at least 75%. Walnuts are ahead of most existing vegetable oils in terms of the content of unsaturated fatty fats in the kernels..
  2. Proteins and carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body and are suitable for dietary nutrition.
  3. The oil is rich in trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus, iodine, iron and cobalt, magnesium, zinc.
  4. Vitamins A, E, C, B.
  5. More than 10 amino acids, indispensable for the normal functioning of the body.

Walnut oil benefits and harms

walnutsThe base oil obtained from walnut kernels is one of the most beneficial vegetable oils used both for internal use and for cosmetic purposes. It contributes to the accelerated recovery of strength after a prolonged illness, promotes physical as well as mental activity. This oil has an antitumor effect, helps with hypertension, atherosclerosis, increases resistance to radiation, is useful for diabetes, hepatitis, removes radionuclides. It can also help normalize the condition of the thyroid gland, overweight, helminth infection.

Walnut oil for hair

walnut oil for hairIt is often used to strengthen hair as well. For these purposes, oil is not only included in the diet, but various masks are also prepared on its basis. Cooked at home, they will be an excellent alternative to ready-made products. To do this, you can add other nutritious foods to the butter, such as honey or eggs. All ingredients are mixed with each other and then applied to the scalp and gradually distributed over the entire length of the hair. After that, the head should be wrapped in a towel (preferably warm) and left for at least half an hour. Then wash with any shampoo. This mask helps to stimulate blood circulation, so that the hair is saturated with additional nutrition..

Walnut oil for face

walnut oil maskThe beneficial substances contained in walnut oil have a beneficial effect not only on the condition of the body or hair, but also on the skin of the face. On its basis, many ready-made products are produced: shampoos, creams, balms. However, the oil can also be used in its pure form on its own..

Today, many people know that walnut oil is widespread in cosmetology, but not everyone knows exactly how to apply it at home in order to get the maximum benefit. It should be noted that the oil obtained from the kernels is easy to spread on the skin. It is easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft and silky. Cosmetologists advise using the product most often for owners of skin prone to rashes. Due to its properties to soothe and nourish the skin, walnut oil is used for dry skin or cracked lips. It helps the skin to regenerate faster, promotes rejuvenation and eliminates age-related manifestations. Regular application has a firming effect on the skin.

How to take walnut oil

The oil obtained from walnut kernels has an original taste, therefore it is actively used in cooking. The product is used to prepare salad dressings. Heating the oil does not in the best way affect its taste, and therefore it is recommended to cook only cold sauces on its basis. They can be used for various dishes, including meat, but this option is not suitable for everyone. Most often, oil is used to prepare vegetable salads, since in combination with them, it better reveals its taste.

Walnut oil for weight loss

walnuts for weight lossNutritionists also advise taking peanut butter on an empty stomach in the morning, but no more than one spoonful. This will help you lose a couple of extra pounds in no time. Some experts advise not to limit yourself to just the morning intake and take the oil three times a day, in particular thirty minutes before meals. At the same time, there are no restrictions regarding the permissible rate. The duration of the course is selected individually.

It should be noted that nut oil itself is a strong fat burner, as well as a dietary product. Of course, you should not expect miracles in this case, since for a tangible result you will have to revise the entire diet. Only in combination with a balanced diet and physical activity can oil help you lose weight.

The benefits of walnut oil – video

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