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The benefits and harms of champignons for the human body

the benefits and harms of champignons for the body Knowing what are the benefits and harms of champignons for the body, you can significantly improve your health. Most people perceive mushrooms only as a delicious food product, without thinking about their benefits and possible dangers. The first to appreciate the benefits of mushrooms are the ancient Romans. Then they began to be cultivated in most countries of the world..

Champignon composition

unique composition of mushrooms There are over 200 varieties of champignons. All of them belong to the lamellar from the Champignon family. Not all representatives are edible. Italians were the first to grow them on purpose in the 17th century, and in the 18th century this mushroom began to be cultivated in France and Switzerland..

Now champignon is considered the most widespread mushroom on the planet, almost 80% of the world’s mushroom production comes from it. Cultivation is carried out in 70 countries, more than the rest of the exports of mushroom products to the United States. The leaders also include the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Champignons also come to store shelves from Taiwan from South Korea..

This is a delicacy product with an incredibly bright aroma and pleasant taste that is not lost during heat treatment. There are many dishes that contain this wonderful product..

sandwich with raw mushroomsMushrooms can be eaten raw, they are perfectly pickled, canned and dried. Champignons complement fish and meat well, are combined with almost all vegetables and products.

Mushrooms have a low energy value: no more than 22 kcal per 100 g of product.

Vitamin composition of champignons:

  • 3.8 mg niacin (PP or B3);
  • 1.5 mg of pantothenic acid (B5);
  • 0.5 mg riboflavin (B2);
  • 0.11 mg pyridoxine (B6);
  • 0.09 mg thiamine (vitamin B1);
  • 14 μg folic acid (B9);
  • 0.1 mcg cyanocobalamin (B12).

In addition to such a large list of B vitamins, mushrooms contain 0.11 mg of tocopherol (vitamin E).

Mineral composition of mushrooms:

  • 450 mg potassium;
  • 18 mg calcium;
  • 120 mg phosphorus;
  • 9 mg magnesium;
  • 6 mg sodium.

Also in mushrooms, copper (0.5 mg) and iron (0.4 mg) compounds were found. Mushrooms contain manganese (140 mcg), selenium (25 mcg) and zinc (1 mg).

The benefits and harms of champignons for the body

Champignons - a storehouse of micro- and macroelementsChampignons are a storehouse of micro- and macroelements that are very important for the human body. Due to riboflavin, they save from migraines. The amino acids lysine and arginine improve intelligence and memory. These substances activate appetite, strengthen protective functions, reduce the concentration of cholesterol, which reduces the likelihood of a heart attack and is the prevention of atherosclerosis. Moreover, not only fresh mushrooms are useful. After drying, they are suitable even for those who suffer from peptic ulcer disease..

Due to the absence of sucrose and fats, mushrooms are suitable for dietary nutrition for those who suffer from diabetes and obesity. They can also be included in a salt-free menu, since they do not contain much sodium and have a low energy value..

Mushrooms are also cultivated for the sake of a significant dosage of proteins in them, which are well absorbed by the body and contain essential amino acids..

Unlike other varieties, especially wild mushrooms, mushrooms have practically no contraindications. The only reason to completely abandon them is individual intolerance..

Those who are engaged in mental work should heed the advice of nutritionists and include mushrooms in their menu. After all, they contribute to concentration, have a beneficial effect on the eyes and protect against visual impairment. Also, mushrooms are important for connective tissue, hair and nails, bones and teeth..healthy hair

The health benefits of champignons are obvious. But do not forget about the possible danger:

  1. This is not the best food for children, since the mushroom is rich in chitin, a component that is very difficult to digest..
  2. In large quantities, chitin blocks the complete absorption of valuable components contained in the product.
  3. Wild mushrooms actively absorb all harmful substances from the atmosphere or soil, which can lead to serious poisoning.
  4. Champignons growing in forests or meadows can be easily confused with deadly toadstools, so you should not harvest them yourself..

All these reasons lead to the fact that the most optimal option would be to buy specially cultivated mushrooms. You can buy them at any grocery store..

Why champignons are useful for the body of women

champignons for women's healthIf you understand the medicinal characteristics of champignons, then they can be used not only for preventive purposes, but also added to food to get rid of dangerous ailments. First of all, this applies to women. The presence of champignons in their diet reduces the likelihood of developing malignant breast tumors by 90%.

pregnant womanMushrooms are very beneficial for pregnant women and the fetus. All this is due to the huge complex of vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the development of all body systems..

In some cases, champignons provoke allergic reactions or flatulence during pregnancy. In case of unpleasant symptoms, you need to stop eating mushrooms..

Another big plus of mushrooms for expectant mothers is that the product is rich in protein, which is necessary for the proper formation and growth of the fetus during the entire period of pregnancy. Also, a low-calorie product helps to maintain the figure of the expectant mother..

Useful properties of pickled champignons

pickled mushrooms

Canned mushrooms have a beneficial effect on the body in several ways:

  1. Eliminate puffiness, being a diuretic product.
  2. Reduce the concentration of glucose in the blood, for which diabetics are valued.
  3. They are the optimal product for the fight against excess weight. In mushrooms, especially small ones, there is no sugar, no fat, no cholesterol. At the same time, in terms of protein content, they rank first. If we add a low calorie content to this, then champignons are indispensable for those who are losing weight..

If you include mushrooms in the diet, such food will bear good fruit. The body will get rid of excess weight gradually, smoothly, without unnecessary stress. And most importantly: no hard food refusals. In addition, physical endurance and resistance to stressful factors will appear. These properties are especially important for those engaged in active physical training..

Pickled champignons are:

  • a great snack without any additions;
  • one of the popular ingredients in various salads;
  • decoration of salads and other dishes.

We must not forget that mushrooms, including canned ones, are difficult to digest foods. They are considered a heavy meal and are not recommended for children under 5 years of age. For those who are older (from 5 to 10 years old), only small portions of mushrooms can be given. Completely exclude the product from the diet for people who suffer from disorders in the liver and gastrointestinal tract.

To get the most out of the mushrooms and not endanger your body, you should only choose fresh produce. High-quality champignons have a neat cut on the stem, a clean cap, the mushroom itself is a light grayish or beige shade. In a jar of canned mushrooms, the filling must be transparent. For pickling, only water, vinegar and sugar and salt are used. And of course a variety of spices.

Is it possible to eat mushrooms that have darkened

darkened champignonsIf the mushrooms have darkened during storage, they can still be used for culinary purposes. They do not pose a danger to the body.

You should not use the product only if:

  • not only the plates on the inner side of the cap darkened, but large dark spots appeared on its outer surface;
  • mushrooms are covered with a sticky bloom;
  • they give off a strange, uncharacteristic and unpleasant smell.
  • champignons started to rot.

With such signs of spoilage, the mushrooms should be thrown away immediately, otherwise you can get severe food poisoning..

To get only the benefits of champignons and not harm your health, you need to take seriously the choice of this product. You should not eat mushrooms with obvious defects and signs of spoilage, it can be dangerous. Before cooking blackened mushrooms, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Fresh and high-quality champignons will only bring benefits and make delicious, varied both the daily menu and the festive table..

All about the beneficial properties of champignons – video

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