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Benefits of the unusual ginseng root

healthy ginseng root Far Eastern ginseng and its healing properties have long been appreciated by the inhabitants of China, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula. For Europeans, ginseng root has recently begun to reveal its abilities. The study of its composition helps to find the best use of plant raw materials and to identify all the existing contraindications for admission..

ginseng grows Naturally, ginseng is found in moist deciduous forests from the Russian Far East to South Korea, as well as in several regions in the eastern United States. But due to the slow growth and rarity of the species, wild plants cannot cover the growing needs of pharmaceutical companies, traditional healers and everyone who wants to improve their health. Therefore, most of the dry ginseng root, tinctures and other preparations based on it are made from raw materials grown on specially planted plantations..

Interest in culture and its useful properties led to the development of an entire industry of falsification. To avoid falling prey to scammers, ginseng root should only be purchased from fully trustworthy vendors..

Description, features and composition of ginseng root

leaves, flowers and fruits of ginseng do not have beneficial propertiesThe ginseng plant and its root system have a very memorable look. Above the ground, a perennial plant has a rosette of dense green leaves with three- or five-lobed leaf plates, as well as umbrella inflorescences. After pollination, in place of small white flowers, oval or rounded achenes of red color appear. The aerial part has no medicinal value.

The plant hides the main treasure under the ground. It is a powerful perennial rhizome, often shaped like a bizarre human figure..

The beneficial properties of ginseng root and contraindications for use are due to its biochemical composition. In purified plant materials, there are only 41 kcal per 100 grams, while the rhizomes contain a lot of vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids, peptides, essential oils, unsaturated fatty acids and saponins.

At the disposal of the consumer, ginseng root most often comes in the form of ready-made infusions, teas, capsules containing medicinal powder, as well as dried using a special technology. Such rhizomes are called “red ginseng”.

Benefits of ginseng root

beneficial properties of ginseng rootThe discoverers and first researchers of the beneficial properties and contraindications of ginseng root were the traditional healers of Asian countries. The “root of life” has been recognized for many millennia in China and other countries of the region as the most effective tonic and tonic.

Today, representatives of traditional European medicine fully agree with them. Thanks to a comprehensive study of the composition of the root, it was possible to prove it:

  • the ability to stimulate the work of the heart and vascular system;
  • influence on the rate of adaptation of a person to intense stress and recovery after them;
  • stimulating effect on the course of rehabilitation after illness;
  • antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects;
  • anticonvulsant effect;
  • active influence on the sexual sphere.

crushed dry ginseng rootThe main sphere of influence of the ginseng root is the human nervous and circulatory systems. With a regular controlled intake, a person adapts better to stressful situations, it is easier to endure serious physical and psycho-emotional stress. According to the instructions for use, ginseng root improves:

  • the tone of the heart muscle and blood vessels;
  • blood supply to tissues and organs, as a result of which potency increases, breathing improves, endurance increases;
  • brain activity.

Under what health problems and how to take ginseng root?

The plant belongs to medicinal, contains a lot of bioactive components. Therefore, it is better to use it for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes after consulting a doctor..

Ginseng root for men

Ginseng and preparations based on its root increase blood pressure, improve blood circulation, supply the body with minerals, amino acids, essential vitamins, and have a stimulating effect on many organs and systems..

Ginseng is often used as a natural herbal preparation to increase the body’s endurance. For a huge number of men, ginseng root is an indispensable aid in their sex life..

ginseng root for menDue to the rich trace element aftertaste, the presence of saponins and other components, ginseng is recommended for the stronger sex, who note that with age, after any diseases or for other reasons, they cannot maintain the same level of sexual activity.

In case of problems with potency, the ginseng root will not only increase the erection by improving the blood supply to the genitals, but also increase endurance, which will invariably affect the duration and quality of intimacy.

Abundance of vitamins, valuable oils, amino acids and minerals:

  • has a positive effect on spermatogenesis;
  • helps to delay the appearance of signs of aging in men and a decrease in testosterone levels.

When and How to Take Ginseng Root

ginseng root teaPreparations based on ginseng root are indicated for low blood pressure, overwork, or a long period of intense exertion. The Green Doctor strengthens the immune system. In older people, if there is no tendency to hypertension, it helps to maintain low cholesterol levels and fight the manifestations of atherosclerosis.

Ginseng, as one of the bioactive agents, is prescribed for diabetes. Plant materials have the ability to effectively lower blood sugar levels, promote the breakdown of glucose and improve blood quality.

Unlike men, women need to be careful when taking ginseng root in all forms..

Herbal medicine is indicated for VSD and signs of anemia. However, during a long course of taking ginseng can cause menstrual irregularities, cause hormonal disruptions.

Before brewing ginseng roots, plant raw materials are gently but thoroughly washed in cold running water. Then the rhizomes are dried on a napkin and crushed. A tablespoon of the prepared mass is taken into a glass of infusion, which is poured with drinking water and brought to a boil over low heat. After several hours of infusion, the drink is ready. It is taken three times a day, half a teaspoon 30 minutes before meals..

Contraindications to taking ginseng root

ginseng root has contraindications for useIn the presence of a mass of useful properties, ginseng root has contraindications. Taking active drugs is unacceptable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Due to an increase in blood pressure, you can not drink infusions, tablets or tea with ginseng for hypertension, as well as for systemic heart rhythm disorders.

Due to the development of hyperactivity in children under 16 years of age, sleep disturbances and other unpleasant consequences, ginseng is not used in pediatric practice..

It is necessary to limit the use of a herbal preparation:

  • with mild nervous excitability;
  • in the presence of inflammatory, especially purulent processes;
  • with excessive activity of the endocrine system.

Contraindication to the intake of ginseng root in men is the diagnosis of “dysplasia of the prostate gland.” A general ban on ginseng treatment exists when benign tumors are detected.

Even in the absence of visible symptoms of the disease, one should not self-medicate. The use of ginseng in treatment should take place with the consent and supervision of the attending physician..

Interesting about the properties of ginseng – video

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