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Add calendula oil to your home medicine cabinet

calendula oil Marigold flowers, which can be easily seen on city and country flower beds, are valuable raw materials for the preparation of infusions, decoctions, ointments. Calendula oil has a lot of useful properties that are in demand in cosmetology, folk and traditional medicine..

Varieties of calendula oil and its composition

making calendula oil at home In the process of extraction or maceration, all biologically active substances pass into a yellow-orange liquid. They then determine the quality of the oil and the scope of its application. The list of useful components:

  • essential oils that counteract pathogenic microflora;
  • carotenoids, which stimulate the production of vitamin A in the body;
  • coumarins, suppressing inflammatory processes of a different nature;
  • sterols that replace harmful cholesterol in the body and resist the development of atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiac and vascular systems;
  • flavonoids with antispasmodic, diuretic and choleretic properties, affecting the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system, cleansing the body of toxins;
  • triterpenoids that relieve inflammation and stimulate wound healing.

Flowers impart a wide range of minerals to calendula oil, including potassium and calcium, selenium and zinc, iron and magnesium..

Properties of calendula oil

calendula oil has unique propertiesThe variety and richness of the composition made the natural product very popular in cosmetology and medical practice, where the ability of the oil is used:

  • fight bacterial flora;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • activate the natural regeneration of tissues, including mucous membranes and skin;
  • eliminate spasms of smooth muscles;
  • increase sweating;
  • calm down;
  • soften the skin;
  • protect integuments from the skin;
  • stimulate the outflow of bile.

Due to these properties, the use of calendula oil is recommended for skin and stomach diseases, for problems with the heart and blood vessels. Ointments, creams and oils in their pure form can be useful for fungal infections, as well as in cosmetology and for inflammation in the nasopharynx and oral cavity..

Areas of application of calendula oil in medicine

calendula oil is used in medicine and cosmetologyThe scope of application of calendula oil covers a wide variety of medical fields from dentistry to gynecology. The mild action allows you to use the product even in pediatrics when caring for delicate baby skin.

If a person suffers from painful inflammation of the gums or periodontal tissues, oil from orange flowers will help reduce and relieve inflammation, quickly restore the integrity of tissues, and prevent the development of harmful microflora.

Calendula oil for babies is used as a caring agent. It softens the skin without dangerous side effects, fights sun and thermal burns, accelerates the healing process and relieves swelling with a cold..

Dermatologists advise oil and products with its content for eczema and psoriasis. The remedy will significantly improve the condition of the skin with acne. Taking care of the tone and health of skin and muscle tissues, the oil is prescribed as an additional massage agent for the threat of pressure sores and to combat them..

Anti-inflammatory, wound healing, tonic properties of calendula oil – an excellent help in the treatment of varicose veins and arthritis.

They are irreplaceable when it comes to hypertension, hemorrhoids and urolithiasis, gastritis and ulcers. Applications and compresses with oil are used to speed up the healing of cuts, abrasions, and postoperative stitches. In parallel, the healing composition will prevent inflammation and gently disinfect the wound site.

Calendula oil for babies and women

great remedy for babies' skinWhen caring for the skin of babies, calendula oil does not show any negative qualities and is in demand if:

  • traces of diaper rash on the skin;
  • thrush symptoms;
  • signs of otitis media or rhinitis.

The plant flower oil is introduced into therapeutic and prophylactic and cosmetic products for the care of the skin of pregnant and lactating women. Essential oil of calendula as a component of aromatherapy helps to normalize and maintain hormones and mood before the birth of the baby and in the postpartum period, as well as during menopause.

The skin of children less mature is protected from external influences. Under the sun’s rays, in the wind and cold, it loses moisture, becomes irritated, and turns red. Calendula flower oil will help to avoid such unpleasant consequences. A safe remedy will soften the mucous membrane with a runny nose, ease the condition with stomatitis and candidiasis in the oral cavity.

In gynecology, calendula oil is used to treat cervical erosion, candidiasis, colpitis and cervicitis..

Tampons and irrigations not only reduce pain and relieve itching, but have antibacterial, antifungal effects, stimulate wound healing, increase tissue elasticity and protection.

Calendula oil for skin and hair

calendula oil for hair and skinThanks to its anti-inflammatory, soothing, softening and wound-healing properties, calendula has shown itself to be excellent in the care of the face, body and hair. Cosmetic calendula oil is suitable for all skin types and will be useful both in daily care and in emergency situations, for example:

  • after sun exposure;
  • with exacerbation of acne;
  • as protection before going out into the cold;
  • when a vascular network appears;
  • with increased production of sebum;
  • with early aging of the integument.

In all these cases, calendula oil on the skin behaves in the best way, normalizing secretion, eliminating the signs and causes of inflammation, relieving redness, swelling, and peeling. The skin regenerates quickly and without scars. The oil perfectly protects the skin of the hands, helps to care for the feet, which are more prone to dryness, cracks and abrasions more than other parts of the body. Along the way, the product cares for the nail plates and cuticles, which receive nutrition, a charge of moisture and strength for healthy growth.

Used for the health and beauty of the face, calendula oil has practically no contraindications.

It works well with other caring ingredients, including almond and peach oil, aloe vera, chamomile and tea leaf extract. By combining these and other ingredients, many effective face and body treatments can be prepared at home. Calendula oil for hair fights seborrhea and flaking of dry skin under the hair, stimulates the growth of strands, strengthens them, makes them shiny and lush.

Video recipe for making calendula oil

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