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We study the medicinal properties of purpurea stonecrop

medicinal properties of purpurea stonecrop The healing properties of purple stonecrop have been known for a long time. This is a unique plant that is used for various pathologies. In the old days, the juice from the leaves of this culture was called living water. And this is not a myth, since purple sedum has miraculous healing powers. It heals the most difficult wounds and chronic ulcerative formations. Plus, its fleshy leaves can be used for culinary purposes..

Medicinal properties and composition of the plant

unique composition of stonecrop Many do not know what hare cabbage looks like and what its medicinal properties are. In fact, it is a unique plant that has a memorable appearance. Stonecrop purple or squeaky is distinguished by its colorful flowers.

In order to get the maximum and fastest effect, the juice from the leaves should be taken at least 30 drops three times a day..

Unique compounds that make up the plant:

  1. Anthraglycosides (have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, solve the problem of constipation and establish a positive microflora of the body).
  2. Arbutin, which has the strongest antiseptic effect, is non-toxic and safe for health. It prevents the appearance of oncological diseases and resolves neoplasms.
  3. Lactones are agents of immunity. They protect the human body from viruses, and, if necessary, have antipyretic and sedative effects..
  4. Malic acid is a stabilizer of the digestive system, an immunomodulator of the whole organism. Has a positive effect on the heart and organs of the urinary system.
  5. Calcium malic acid. This is a unique component that begins to act directly when the plate is chewed..

In addition, it is a powerful natural antioxidant. It is contraindicated in women during pregnancy and lactation, people with frequent pressure surges and hypertensive patients. Individual intolerance and side effects play a role here..

Plant based remedies

decoctionIn the field of alternative medicine, sedum tubers are suitable for the preparation of ointments, tinctures, decoctions, powders and lotions.

With the utmost care, you should take funds based on this plant for people who suffer from gastritis..

A decoction of young leaves, has antiparasitic and anthelmintic properties. And, tearing stonecrop right from the bush and kneading it a little in your hands, you can cure small acne and hemorrhoids.

Root decoction

root decoctionFresh or frozen tubers are taken to prepare the medicine..

Drug recipe:

  • We clean 20 grams of grass from dirt and chop finely;
  • pour 200 ml of cold water;
  • slowly bring to a boil and keep on fire for 20 minutes;
  • filter and cool, take in three steps, according to the instructions and age characteristics.

The broth helps to strengthen male strength, has a beneficial effect on potency, prolongs sexual intercourse. Women use a decoction as a sedative during menopause.

Preparation of infusions

sedum tinctureRaw materials are prepared in the same way as broths, placed in a thermal dish and filled with boiling water. Stonecrop concentrate is effective in the fight against oncology. It is kept for at least three hours. For women who cannot get pregnant, long courses (a month with a break of 14 days) of taking such a remedy are recommended.

Methodical treatment with an infusion of purpuric stonecrop roots relieves men from hemorrhoidal cones (50 ml twice a day).

For children, the drug is recommended for upper respiratory tract infections, colds and infectious diseases of the oral cavity. Sore throat and bronchitis can also be added here. For the treatment of these diseases, the medicinal properties of sea buckthorn are also used..

Alcoholic tincture of purpurea stonecrop

alcohol tinctureFor cooking you need:

  • incomplete glass of fresh grass;
  • 500 ml of alcohol.

Combine everything and leave for three weeks at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. After the time has elapsed, the medicine must be filtered and placed in the refrigerator..

Before use, dilute 20 drops of the mixture in 2 tablespoons of water. Such an alcoholic infusion effectively treats disorders of the nervous system, including conditions of irritation and anxiety. It is better to start therapy in the spring..

An antiseptic and tonic effect is provided by an alcoholic tincture diluted with water in a ratio of one to four. She is great at treating acne and comedones.

Having supplemented your home medicine cabinet, you can grow a golden mustache on the windowsill.

Harvesting a plant

collection of sedumThe flowering period is the most favorable time for harvesting. It is important not to miss this moment, since the maximum concentration of medicinal elements falls on the buds. Collecting herbs should not be carried out in high humidity. Optimum dry, sunny weather for this kind of work..

Young shoots are cut with scissors and folded into a dry ventilated container. It can be a basket or any perforated container. The roots of the plant are dug up in late autumn. Before being sent for storage, they must be cleaned and washed. Then, by cutting in half in the direction of growth. Dry them in the sun. In sufficiently ventilated rooms, the roots can be stored for up to three years.

A real gift of nature, medicinal stonecrop, is able to work miracles in the truest sense of the word. He treats various diseases, including the most terrible ones. The main thing is to follow the recipe and pay attention to the individual characteristics of your body..

Treatment with purpuric stonecrop – video

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