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Effective use of the medicinal drug for various diseases

the use of the purchased medicinal The use of kupena medicinal in folk medicine has been known for a long time and is today used for medicinal purposes. Due to the presence of various vitamins and minerals, the plant is able to cure many diseases..

The chemical composition of the plant

root is bought medicinal Kupena medicinal (pharmacy, fragrant) is a perennial, which is famous both in folk and traditional medicine. It got its popularity due to its beneficial properties..

The plant is rich in:

  1. Cardiac glycosides. These are organic compounds that can have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Glycosides also have antiarrhythmic effects.
  2. Flavonoids. They help to remove radioactive substances from the body, and also strengthen the walls of the capillaries..
  3. Alkaloids. These are substances that have antispasmodic, choleretic, analgesic effects..
  4. Vitamin C. Helps to strengthen the immune system, and also speeds up the healing process, wounds, cuts, burns.

It is also rich in starch, glucose, fructose and arabinose. The green mass is used in the world for the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases. This is due to the fact that the plant has expectorant abilities..

It is not uncommon for broths to be used to treat gastritis and stomach ulcers. All this thanks to the enveloping, softening action of the plant..

When using a kupen, it should be remembered that it is capable of causing severe poisoning..

Indications and contraindications purchased

we treat acute respiratory infections with boughtFor the preparation of medicinal infusions, both the ground part of the culture and its rhizome are used..

Lotions from kupena can cause burns.

Funds based on kupena or Solomon seal, as it is also called, are shown when:

  • back pain;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • rheumatism;
  • jaundice;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • ARI;
  • abscesses;
  • dropsies.

Kupena relieves painKupena tincture is used to treat prostate adenoma, mastopathy, fibroids. They also use funds for bruises, osteochondrosis, arthritis, gout. Plant leaves are often used to relieve headaches..

But, despite all the medicinal properties of roots and green mass, kupena has some contraindications. It is not recommended for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. You should also refuse to use kupena for those who have an individual intolerance to at least one of the components..

Medicinal kupena: application in traditional medicine

Kupena extractSo that the reception of the purchase does not cause harm, you should adhere to all the rules and recommendations. This is the only way to quickly get rid of health problems..

Kupena for abrasions and cuts

To get rid of wounds, you need to prepare a special decoction. To do this, you need to combine 50 g of the plant root and 500 ml of pure water. Cook the resulting mixture over low heat for about 5 minutes. Then remove from gas and leave for 3-4 hours at room temperature. This time will be enough for the broth to infuse..

Strain the cold mixture and dilute with the same amount of water. Then moisten the bandage in the broth and apply to the problem area. Keep for 10-15 minutes.

Infusion for pain in the stomach

broth boughtTo prepare the product, you must use only the root of the kupena. It is in it that there are those trace elements that can quickly relieve pain and restore the work of the digestive system..

To prepare the broth, you must take:

  • 20 g dry roots;
  • 200 ml of water.

Grind the plant and add water. Cook the mixture for 15-20 minutes. Then strain through cheesecloth and cool. Take the remedy for 1 tbsp. l three times a day.

To get rid of a stomach ulcer, it is necessary to grind the root of the kupena to a powder state. Then pour 3 liters of cow’s milk into it. Place the resulting mixture in an oven or oven. Keep on low heat until the amount of liquid is halved. Take the product warm for 3 tbsp. l no more than twice a day. The course of treatment is one month.

Kupena for hemorrhoids

inflammation of hemorrhoidsThis recipe was used by our ancestors. If everything is done correctly, then in a week the hemorrhoids will disappear forever..

You will need to brew 2 tbsp. l of the root are bought in 400 ml of boiling water. Infuse the mixture for 2 to 3 hours. At the end of this time, pass the liquid through cheesecloth several times..

The resulting product must be abundantly moistened with a cotton swab and inserted into the rectum. It is recommended to do this at night. The procedure should be repeated from 5 to 7 days. It all depends on the patient’s condition and doctor’s recommendations.

Kupena for gout

treat goutTo cure this unpleasant disease, it is necessary to put 5 g of kupena root in a glass of water. Then put the mixture on fire and boil on the lowest heat for 20 minutes. With the resulting mixture, wipe all problem areas, and also take it inside. To do this, you need to stir 10 drops of the broth with water. Drink twice a day every day. The course of treatment should last until the pain stops..

As a pain reliever

bought as a pain relieverTo alleviate the condition, you need to brew 5 g of crushed kupena root in 200 ml of boiling water. Keep the liquid on fire for about 20 minutes. Apply the product in the form of a compress.

Kupena is also used in cooking. The leaves and stems of the plant are added to salads. But since they have bitterness, the kupen is pickled.

To prepare the workpiece, you will first need to rinse the plant under running cold water. Then put the leaves in salted boiling water and blanch a little. After 2 minutes, drain the liquid, and leave the compartment at room temperature until it cools completely.

In the garlic marinade and 5 tbsp. l of vinegar put a cup and mix well. Close the container tightly and put in a cool place for 2 days. Apply pickled bush in small quantities.

Thanks to a wide range of trace elements, at first glance, a very simple forest plant is able to cope with many pathologies. The main thing is to follow all the rules for receiving and preparing infusions.

Video on the use of medicinal purchased

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