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The benefits and harms of dates for the body of men and women

the benefits and harms of dates for the body The benefits and harms of dates for their body have been known for a long time in the Middle East and North Africa. Over time, dates have gained popularity around the world as an exotic and delicious product. Introducing them into the diet, you need to know all the features of the use of this product..

The benefits and harms of dates for the human body

fruit dates on the tree The wide distribution of dates is associated with the high taste of the fruit and its rich composition. Why are dates useful? They contain a large amount of carbohydrates and organic acids. Complementing each other’s actions, these substances contribute to the regulation of blood glucose levels..

Dates contain more than 20 types of rare amino acids.

In addition, the composition of the fruit contains vitamins and minerals:

  • vitamins A, C, group B;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • manganese;
  • zinc, etc..

Beneficial features

useful properties of datesEating fruits in food has a beneficial effect on digestion. The calorie content of dates is 292-340 kcal per 100 grams of product, which allows you to replace sweets with fragrant fruits and satisfy your hunger.

Advantages of using dates:

  • improved appetite;
  • saturation of the body with useful substances;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • normalization of the digestive tract;
  • improving the work of blood vessels and heart;
  • benefits for women’s and men’s health;
  • the fight against pathogens;
  • strengthening of vision due to the entry of vitamin A;
  • fight against anemia;
  • relief from physical and mental overload;
  • in a set of measures for the treatment of respiratory pathology;
  • strengthening the nervous system
  • recuperation and so on.

Due to its rich composition, dates are recommended as a general tonic, to restore strength and tone up. The high content of magnesium and potassium makes this product useful for heart pathologies and vascular diseases. Doctors often recommend adding dates to the diet for those who suffer from constipation, have a violation of the intestinal microflora, high acidity.

How many dates can you eat per day? The daily allowance of an adult is up to 10 pieces per day.

Dates harm

dates can be harmful to healthDates have not only benefits, but can also be harmful to the body if they are incorrectly used or ignore existing diseases..

Such pathologies include:

  • intolerance to fructose;
  • diabetes;
  • kidney pathology;
  • gastritis;
  • obesity;
  • deficiency of digestive hormones;
  • product allergy.

Due to the fact that the glycemic index of dates is quite high, the product is not recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus. Otherwise, a sharp increase in blood sugar is possible..

With fructose intolerance, the fruit can provoke a disruption of the gastrointestinal tract – lead to bloating, pain in the abdominal cavity.

The sweetness of fruit is the enemy of tooth enamel. To neutralize it and avoid tooth decay, it is recommended to rinse your mouth or drink water after consuming dates. Another feature of dates that can reduce the benefits and harm the body is the long period of digestion. In this regard, it is better to consume dates in the morning..

Dangers to health and well-being are:

  1. Excessive consumption of these fruits.
  2. Food use without washing. Since the surface of dried fruit is sticky, it attracts and retains dust, so it is advisable to wash the fruit before eating..
  3. Concurrent use with citrus fruits that can lead to stomach upset.

For those who are overweight, the calorie content of foods and their digestibility are very important. Dates for weight loss are not used in large quantities. And when drawing up a diet, the entry of this product requires agreement with a nutritionist.

Dates in the diet of women

the benefits and harms of dates for women's healthDate fruits are used in medicine, cooking, cosmetology. The substances in the fruit contribute to the production of oxytocin by the body. This hormone strengthens the walls of the uterus and improves labor. Due to this property, dates are useful during pregnancy. In addition, the fetus receives nutrients through the mother’s body..

Vitamin and mineral composition enriches the diet with substances important for health. Folic acid, the entry of which is 15 μg per 100 g of fetuses, helps to tolerate pregnancy more easily, prevents the development of anemia and infection.

The high concentration of potassium in fruits helps women:

  • better endure emotional and physical stress;
  • strengthen muscles and blood vessels;
  • easier to endure stress;
  • improve sleep;
  • prevent the development of postpartum depression;
  • resist infections.

Dates are also beneficial for women in cosmetics in the form of extracts and extracts. The tannin found in fruits is an effective means of maintaining skin elasticity.

Date extracts:

  • stimulate local immunity;
  • have an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • have anti-aging effect.

When breastfeeding, dates stimulate the production of breast milk. To maintain good lactation, you can eat up to 7 fruits per day for nursing mothers. And this should be done only after consulting a doctor..

In the presence of excess weight, impaired carbohydrate metabolism and other pathologies in adulthood, women are advised to refrain from eating dates.

Do men need dates

dates for menDates can provide health benefits for men. Men who are at risk for cardiovascular diseases, in the absence of contraindications, can, thanks to the regular use of these fruits, maintain their health.

The rich composition of the fruits is also:

  • improves mood and general well-being;
  • gives strength to athletes, increases endurance;
  • gently soothes;
  • neutralizes increased acidity.

In addition to these factors, dates have the ability to weaken alcohol intoxication. To do this, it is enough to eat a few fruits after taking alcohol-containing drinks..

Is there any cause for concern when eating dried dates

dried datesDried dates are one of the popular dried fruits that have a pleasant spicy sweet taste. This oriental delicacy in any form (dried, dried, fresh) retains its rich composition.

Dried fruits have a glycemic index even higher than fresh fruits. Therefore, when losing weight, it is not advisable to introduce this product into the diet in large quantities, since in this case dried dates give not so much benefit as harm..

There is a popular diet based on dried dates. According to it, only they and green tea are consumed for 4 days. For the next couple of days, green apples are added to the diet. Such a diet cannot be considered balanced, therefore it is often not recommended to use it..

To enrich the diet, dates, a healthy natural product, can be added to muesli, used in the preparation of muffins and other baked goods, combined with various dried fruits and nuts.

How to Pick a Good Date

selection of good datesIn the overwhelming majority of cases, residents of the middle lane acquire dried dates..

The following recommendations will help you choose the right product:

  1. It is better to give preference to dates that do not stick together in the package..
  2. Crystalline bloom on the surface of the fruit is undesirable. It can signal improper or long-term storage, as well as technological processing unusual for dates – for example, soaking in syrup..
  3. An unnatural shine can be added to dates to enhance the product’s appeal. It is better not to buy such fruits..
  4. Mold and damage to the fruit should not be.
  5. The color of the fruit should be dark, the texture should be dry, but not overdried..
  6. There should be a bone inside the dried fruit. Such fruits are considered more useful..
  7. Dates are stored in a dark and dry place, preferably in an airtight package to prevent dust from settling on the surface of the fruit.

Eating low-quality dates can cause serious harm to health.

Dates are a tasty and healthy product that adults and children are happy to eat. It has few contraindications. But if in doubt about whether dates can be consumed, it is recommended to consult a doctor. He will correctly tell you about the benefits and harms of dates for the body just for you. This is especially important for children, with serious health problems, and when preparing a diet for a pregnant woman..

Video about the medicinal properties of dates

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