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Unique properties and uses of avocado oil

health benefits of avocado oil Recently, avocado oil has gained great popularity, the properties and use of which are unique both from a culinary and cosmetological point of view. Otherwise, the fruit is called the alligator pear. The oil from it is the result of mechanical extraction.

From an environmental point of view, the product is considered one of the cleanest among all existing vegetable oils. Its chemical composition, nutritional value and taste are much better than other vegetable oils..

Chemical composition

Alligator pear oil is a source of many health benefits. So, it contains:

  1. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats that are very well balanced among themselves.
  2. Phosphatides, Lecithin, Various Amino Acids.
  3. A large number of various macro- and microelements, such as iodine, calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, silver, iron, potassium, cobalt, manganese, sodium, zinc, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.
  4. Vitamin F, which is involved in the development of cells necessary for the elimination of toxic substances, heavy metals and radionuclides from the body, normalization of metabolic fatty processes and blood circulation.
  5. Vitamin E, important for the preservation of beauty and youth. In addition to the fact that the vitamin inhibits the aging process, it also prevents the development of arthritis, thrombosis, atherosclerosis and cancer..
  6. B vitamins, in particular 1, 2, 3, are able to improve blood composition and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


Since ancient times, avocado oil has been successfully used in cosmetology as a means to maintain the beauty and health of the whole body and as a culinary component..

As a remedy

avocado oil rich in vitamin E It is worth noting that avocado oil is several times superior to other oils in the content of some components. So, vitamin E in it is five times more than in olive. It is he who gives the oil strong antioxidant properties, promotes better healing of wounds and various damage to the skin, stimulates the immune system, rejuvenates the body, removes free radicals from it, prevents the development of cancer.

Due to its medicinal properties, the use of avocado oil leads to a decrease in blood pressure, an improvement in the functioning of the nervous system, and stimulation of blood formation processes. It is an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent for various diseases of the cardiovascular system and supports male strength..

The squalene contained in the composition gives the oil antioxidant, antifungal, antimicrobial healing properties and forces the body to fully produce sex hormones. It eliminates the negative effects of carcinogens and radiation on the body, fights free radicals, thereby protecting the body from the development of oncological diseases. In addition, squalene stimulates the production of vitamin D, which in turn prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis, helps to saturate the body with oxygen and helps to reduce blood cholesterol..

The world of culinary

avocado oil in cookingIn Spain, Latin America and the Mediterranean countries, no dish is complete without avocado oil. It goes as a salad dressing, goes well with seafood, vegetables, fish products. It is also often used in a deep fryer to prepare various dishes..

Hair beauty

mask with avocado oil for hairAccording to research by scientists, alligator pear oil promotes rapid hair growth, strengthens hair follicles, as a result of which hair becomes strong, beautiful and acquires its natural shine..

When using avocado oil for hair, the following happens:

  1. The contained vitamins protect the scalp and nourish the hair follicles, while the amino acids ensure the healthy growth of the dermis cells.
  2. The rich vitamin composition provides sun protection to avocado oil, which is preferred for use as a sunscreen over synthetically formulated.
  3. Due to the content of fatty acids, the hair becomes soft and shiny, and problems such as itching and dryness are eliminated.
  4. Since avocado oil is better absorbed by the skin than others, it can be the base for various essential oils. So, it goes well with such oils as macadamia nut, jojoba, sesame, almond, olive. A hair mask with avocado oil created in this way takes care of their condition more effectively..
  5. It is an excellent moisturizer and, due to its rich vitamin and mineral composition, restores the hair structure.
  6. Thanks to the oil, the blood supply to the skin is increased, as a result of which the hair roots receive more nutrients necessary for growth and health..

Nail strength

nail power with avocado oilAvocado oil is also used for hands, for strengthening the cuticle and nail plates. To do this, it is mixed with any other vegetable oil (for example, apricot or almond), observing a ratio of 1: 1, or in 1 tbsp. avocado oil pour in the essential oil of patchouli, lemon, lavender or chamomile in the amount of 2-3 drops.beautiful nails with avocado oil

The resulting mixture is applied daily to the nail plates and cuticles and left for a while so that the oil is completely absorbed. Avocado oil for nails should be rubbed in before applying varnish.

Beauty of face and body

avocado oil for face and body skinAvocado oil can be used for any type of skin, without allergic reactions and without leaving greasy marks. Since the product has a composition close to human skin, its absorption occurs almost completely, improving the appearance of the skin and protecting it from the effects of damaging and irritating factors.

With daily use of avocado oil for the face, it eliminates:

  • peeling and dry skin;
  • flabbiness;
  • acne;
  • mimic and fine wrinkles;
  • various age spots.

It also helps to restore damaged skin cells..

health benefits of avocado oilIt is not surprising that avocado oil is used very often in the production of various natural cosmetics for the face..

For long eyelashes

avocado oil for eyelashesAvocado oil also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the eyelashes. Thanks to the contained lecithin, folic acid, vitamins of groups B, D and E, the eyelashes are strengthened, their fragility disappears, and with regular use they remain healthy, long and thick, making the look more expressive.

Avocado oil for eyelashes is used in tandem with other oils, taking their mixture as a base, to which essential extracts are added to increase the effect. It is preferable to apply the oil to the eyelashes in the evening, after removing the makeup. The procedure must be performed carefully so that the mixture does not get into the eyes. It is best to do this with a thoroughly washed brush from the end of mascara, applying the product from the middle of the eyelashes to the very tips. After 15 minutes, the eyelashes should be blotted with a cotton swab to remove excess oil..

From all of the above, we can conclude that instead of expensive cosmetics of synthetic origin, you can use natural gifts of nature, in particular avocado oil, which helps to preserve beauty and youth for a long time. Read about the benefits of avocado for the human body!

Video on the benefits of avocado oil

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