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We compare the beneficial properties of bush grass and its danger to human health

useful properties of bush grass The useful properties of bush grass are little known, but many know it as one of the most interesting and mysterious plants growing in our latitudes. By releasing a huge amount of essential oils, it saturates the air around itself with them so much that the ether instantly flares up when approaching the flower of a lit match. After the combustion of essential oils, the plant remains untouched by the flame, which is why its name went – the burning bush.

Description of the grass burning bush

grass burning bush Burning bush grass is a poisonous plant widespread on the Crimean peninsula, the Caucasus, Asia, in many European countries and the Russian Federation. In our latitudes, its cultural, less poisonous varieties are increasingly found, decorating personal plots and city park areas.ash tree in nature

The plant of the Rutov family is a low-branched perennial herbaceous shrub that reaches a meter height during the first year of vegetation:

  1. Leaves. Stem – bright green odd-pinnate, similar to ash foliage, which gave the plant another name – ash tree. Lower foliage – whole.
  2. Branches. Straight, long, slightly pubescent.
  3. Root system. Well developed, powerful enough.
  4. Flowers of the grass of the burning bush. They have the form of five-petal bells up to 2.5 cm in diameter, collected in a brush. The color of the inflorescences can be varied, from pinkish-white to purple. The most common garden forms are pink or dark red in color. Inflorescences up to 20 cm long, graceful and large. Bright veins stand out on the petals of a pointed shape. The stamens of the flower are often light green, but there are also yellow ones. Ash trees bloom in June-July.flowers and fruits of the bush
  5. Bush fruits. They are a five-nested seed capsule. Ripening in August, it unfolds in the shape of a regular star..

Chemical composition

bush grass structureThe composition of the ash tree has not been studied enough, but it is known that the plant belongs to the poisonous. Its wild form is especially dangerous. The composition of the bush contains anethole and metlhavikol, which give the flowers a strong aroma, reminiscent of the smell of orange peel..the plant emits a citrus aroma

Bush contains:

  • alkaloids;
  • dictamolactones;
  • saponins;
  • bergaptens;
  • anthocyanins;
  • flavonoglycosides.

The roots contain a large amount of fatty acids and sitosterols.

release of essential oilsThe aerial parts of the plant secrete about 0.5% of essential oils, which are produced in small bubbles located on its leaves and stems. Touching parts of the plant in sunny, calm weather, when essential oils are released in especially large quantities, leads to severe itchy burns. It is noteworthy that the burn does not appear on the skin immediately, but only after 20-26 hours and is accompanied by the appearance of blisters, which later turn into ulcers. The defeat of the skin is accompanied by fever and severe weakness..you cannot smell the grass of the bush

You cannot smell the flowers of the bush. Strong citrus scent can cause severe headaches and dizziness.

In cloudy weather, ash tree does not pose a health hazard.

Useful properties of bush grass (ash)

useful properties of bush grass

Despite the fact that the ash tree has not found application in official medicine, there are many recipes among the people based on the following medicinal properties of the herb:

  • diuretic;
  • sedatives;
  • astringents;
  • diuretics;
  • antihelminthic;
  • disinfecting;
  • bactericidal;
  • anti-febrile;
  • anti-inflammatory.

It should be remembered that it is categorically impossible to use bush grass on your own to eliminate health problems. The slightest mistake in dosage and misuse can lead to disastrous consequences..

What does the burning bush help from

bush grass in landscape designFor the preparation of medicinal products in folk medicine, it uses all parts of the plant: root, leaves, flowers, bark and seeds..

All parts of the burning bush plant are very poisonous, therefore, it should be used for treatment only under the supervision of a doctor..

bush leavesIn folk medicine, ash has been used in the treatment of such diseases:

  1. Kidney stones and urolithiasis. Decoctions from the bush help to improve blood filtration in the kidneys, promote the removal of sand from the internal organs. For the preparation of medicinal decoctions and infusions, the root and seeds of the plant are used..
  2. Diseases of the urinary system. Folk recipes based on ash-tree help relieve inflammation in the complex treatment of nephritis, cystitis, urethritis, pyelitis.
  3. Dysfunction of the genital organs. The use of a decoction from the root of the burning bush helps blood circulation in the small pelvis, from which menstruation occurs when it is delayed.
  4. Diseases of the digestive tract. Thanks to its astringent properties, ash helps to stop diarrhea and flatulence.
  5. Gastritis. A decoction of the herb of burning bush eliminates inflammation of the gastric mucosa and normalizes the process of food digestion.
  6. Hypertension. A 10% tincture of bush root helps to improve the patient’s condition, which should be consumed 30 drops three times a day..
  7. Rheumatism and sciatica. An infusion of leaves and flowers is used as an external aqueous extract, rubbing it into the affected areas of the body.
  8. Baldness. External application of a decoction of the herb stops eyebrow loss, complete or nested baldness.
  9. Eczema, dermatitis, scabies and urticaria. Treated by topical use of an aqueous herb extract.
  10. Insomnia and overwork. Ash tree decoction, prepared in special proportions, with the correct dosage has a sedative effect, relieves nervous tension and relieves fatigue.

Burning bush also helps to get rid of worms, for which an infusion is prepared from its roots, which relieves bloating and removes parasites from the body.

Taking funds with bush should be very careful, since bergapten is present in its composition, which causes sensitivity to light..

Ash seed infusion is used as a cosmetic and successfully cures impotence.

Traditional medicine recipes

decoction of bush leavesThe healing properties of the herb ash are popularly used to heal from many ailments only with strict adherence to the dosage..

Composition No. 1. It is used in the treatment of female diseases: fibroids, erosion of the cervix, mastopathy.

bush root50 g of the root of the burning bush is crushed and poured in 500 g of vodka. Mix well and insist for two weeks. Take the tincture three times a day. A teaspoon of the product is diluted in 100 g of water and drunk. The course of treatment should not exceed 30 days. After a month’s break, the course is repeated.

Composition No. 2. For the treatment of impotence.

The seeds of the plant are used. 50 pcs. pour 500 g of vodka and leave for 2 weeks. Take a tablespoon three times a day.

Composition No. 3. For cystitis jaundice.

3 g of ash root bark is mixed with 3 g of honeysuckle and 3 g of licorice. Pour in water and boil for 10-15 minutes. Take twice a day for a teaspoon.

Grass harvesting rules

features of the bush plant

When collecting medicinal raw materials, you should remember about the precautions:

  1. In order to avoid burns, it is necessary to use cotton gloves and do not allow the plant to come into contact with unprotected skin..
  2. It is better to collect on cloudy windy days when the plant produces a minimum amount of essential oils..

In order to extract from the maximum amount of useful properties of bush grass, the plant is harvested at different times:

  1. Ash leaves and flowers are plucked in June-July, collected in bunches and dried hanging in a shaded place.
  2. The roots have the greatest healing power in autumn and spring. The collected raw materials are split and dried in a well-ventilated dry room.
  3. Ash seeds are harvested in August, when the seed pods dry out and open easily.

Useful properties of medicinal bush herb – video

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