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Medicinal properties of elm bark and use in traditional medicine

medicinal properties of elm bark For centuries, people have been actively using plants to combat ailments. Especially impressive are the medicinal properties of the bark of the elm tree, the majestic tree of all time. In its natural environment, it grows up to 25 m, and the trunk girth reaches 1.5 m. Rusty or slippery elm has a spherical crown. It is formed by spreading branches covered with healing brown bark. North America is considered the birthplace of culture. On the territory of Russia, elms grow in parks or suburban plantings.

Original set of elements

unique tree with medicinal properties The healing part of the elm is the bark and its inner fibers. The component of the plant is widely used for the preparation of various potions.there are many useful components in the bark

Scientists have discovered a number of medicinal components in it:

  • slime;
  • tannins;
  • vegetable fibers;
  • catechins;
  • polysaccharides;
  • polyuronides;
  • bioflaonoids.

In addition, the bark of the rusty elm contains vitamins of groups A, C, B, K. It is also rich in minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium. Of course, such a set of chemical compounds indicates the value of a substance for the body..

In traditional medicine, there are preparations that contain extracts from the bark of a unique elm tree..

Preparation of medicinal raw materials

harvesting elm barkThe bark is harvested in late March or early April. She is removed from the young branches of a majestic tree. The resulting raw material is divided into small strips. They are laid out on wooden shelves in a spacious room with good ventilation. Dried specimens are dried in an oven at a temperature of 50 ° C or in a special electric dryer. The finished product is ground into powder. Store in paper bags for no more than 2 years.

Medicinal properties of elm bark against serious diseases

medicinal properties of elm bark against diseasesFor the first time in alternative medicine, the surface of the trunk was used by the indigenous population of North America. The received drugs were used to treat fresh wounds, burns, and skin ulcers. Today, the substance is used to combat various ailments, since research by scientists has confirmed its value..

It has been observed that the medicinal properties of elm bark act in such directions.:

  • resist microbes;
  • relieve pain syndrome;
  • remove excess fluid from the body;
  • stop bleeding;
  • heal wounds;
  • strengthen blood vessels;
  • relieve inflammation.

Elm bark secretes mucus on contact with water. Therefore, decoctions and tinctures acquire a gel-like texture. Once in the body, the liquid relieves irritation and inhibits the inflammatory process.

decoction of the bark for skin healthThe abundance of antioxidants in the bark of the elm tree slows down the internal and external destruction of the body. As a result, the skin retains its elasticity and “vibrant” color for many years. Natural ingredients have a beneficial effect on the work of the nerve endings located in the stomach. This improves the entire digestion process. Next, we will consider what other diseases are used for rusty elm, and how it acts on the body.


elm bark to help allergy sufferersNowadays, more and more people suffer from respiratory diseases caused by the environment. In spring, the respiratory organs are affected by the pollen of flowering trees. In summer, asthmatics find it difficult to tolerate flying poplar fluff. And in the fall, they are waiting for the “ominous” ambrosia. In addition, every home has chemicals for household needs..

A decoction of elm bark will help to cope with the problem. It is prepared in the classical way. A teaspoon of powder is poured with boiling water (250 g). Insist 15 minutes. Take 0.5 cups 2 times a day.

Before using the drug, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Universal recipes are not for everyone.


otitis mediaThe unpleasant sensations that cause pain in the ears are relieved by a simple procedure. A thick tampon is made of cotton wool. Immerse it in hot water for a few seconds. Pour chopped elm bark into a coffee cup. Throw in a wet swab. Wrap with gauze and put in the ear. Put another piece of dry cotton wool on top. Put on a downy shawl (if any) or a hat. Withstand 30 minutes.

elm bark powderAccording to another recipe, powder (1 teaspoon) is diluted in 100 ml of hot water. In the mixture, a gauze napkin folded in 3 layers is impregnated. The resulting compress is applied to the auricle.


healing properties of elm bark for the intestinesAn upset intestine can permanently knock you out of your usual way of life. Stomach pain, discomfort, and constant thoughts of the toilet make it difficult to concentrate. You don’t always want to take pills to solve the problem. Alternatively, traditional healers offer their own version.

Chopped bark (0.5 teaspoon) is diluted with cold boiled water (4th part of a glass). The mixture is mixed well and taken immediately. The next dose is drunk at bedtime. Most often, the upset of the gastrointestinal tract quickly ends and true bliss sets in..

slippery elm bark teaTea made from slippery elm bark, which is prepared in the classical way, also relieves diarrhea. 3 teaspoons of powder are poured into an enamel bowl. Pour in purified water (about 250 ml). Stir and put on fire. Boil for 30 seconds. Remove from the stove. Cool. Strain through a strainer or gauze. Drink once a day.

The drug effectively relieves pain in the intestines and promotes the well-coordinated work of the digestive tract.

Healing properties of elm bark for arthritis

arthritis treatmentThe disease causes deformation of the joints, which is associated with unbearable pain. To remove it, many people use pills or injections. Such drastic measures can be alternated with folk remedies. Consider a simple recipe.

Small fractions of elm bark (10 g) are placed in a porcelain cup. Pour boiling water (200 g). Cover with a lid. Wrap up with a terry towel. Insist 30 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth or fine strainer. Drink 50 ml every 8 hours.

For healing open wounds

open wound treatmentNone of the people are insured against accidents. Often they are accompanied by physical damage that has to be treated for a long time. A simple tincture of fresh rusty elm bark helps speed up the healing process.

a decoction of young elm barkRaw materials are removed from the young branches of the plant. Rinse thoroughly with running water. Cut into small pieces. Fold into an enamel container. Pour boiling water over and cover with a tight lid. Wrap up with a towel or knitted scarf. Insist for at least 30 minutes. The liquid is filtered through 2 layers of gauze. The resulting tincture is used for healing lotions..

If no elm grows nearby, dry bark shavings can be used. One serving will require 1 tablespoon of powder.


haemorrhoidsAs you know, the problem appears from sedentary work, after childbirth, or because of the weights that have to be lifted. Aching pain and discomfort can last for several months. Of course, it would not hurt to see a doctor. However, some suffer “in silence”.

medicinal bathsTraditional healers offer a simple procedure using slippery elm bark. You will need 100 g of dry raw materials. First, it is ground into powder using a coffee grinder or mortar. Then put it in a saucepan and fill it with water (0.5 l). Put on a moderate heat. After boiling, simmer for another 10-15 minutes. When the liquid cools down a little, filter through 2 layers of gauze. The broth is poured into a basin and sessile baths are arranged. The procedure is carried out 15 minutes before bedtime. Repeat daily until the pain disappears completely.

elm bark in pharmaciesAs you can see, the medicinal properties of elm bark have a beneficial effect on the body. The chemical composition allows the substance to be widely used for the treatment of the digestive system. The tincture stimulates wound healing. The main thing is to properly prepare the raw materials and keep the dosage while preparing the drugs. Let’s do everything in our power to win the war against disease.

How to use the medicinal properties of elm bark – video

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