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We drink cucumber juice, the benefits and harms of which have long been known

cucumbers from your garden Supermarket counters are lured with exotic products, against the background of which a modest cucumber is lost. Meanwhile, from cucumber juice, the benefits and harms are much greater, under certain conditions of use. The product should be local, fresh and better from the garden bed. Then he is useful. Grown in the off-season, fed with chemicals, the fruit has collected all the poisons, and its juice will do harm. Therefore, information about the healing juice concerns organic cucumbers, in the summer.

Features of cucumber juice

cucumber juice Everyone knows that cucumber is 95% water. The plant belongs to the pumpkin family, is thermophilic and loves to scatter whips. Under favorable conditions, one or more flowers appear in each leaf axil, which in a week will become cucumbers. And this means, in order to get a large harvest, a cucumber needs to be fed in a balanced way. Such agricultural technology requires special knowledge, it can be made easier. All gardeners know that the cucumber is responsive to fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers. The fruits are filled with poisonous juice before our eyes, elastic, shiny. The harm from such cucumber juice will be more than good..

Freshly squeezed cucumber liquid is indispensable for a patient who cannot eat. Saturating the body with potassium, the juice, acting as a diuretic, removes sodium from the system. A little liquid gently maintains balance in the body, serves as a substitute for water.

It is useless and even harmful to use cucumber juice:

  • not local, you can use the product, you cannot be treated;
  • lethargic, with a yellow skin and dry tail;
  • in winter from local greenhouses;
  • first fruits on the market in spring.

There is not much such a product in a salad; it may not cause much harm. For 100 g of juice, you will need to use a whole cucumber. The most healthy smoothie comes from freshly plucked fruits, and this is possible in your own garden. Cucumber juice concentrates the benefits and harms of the vegetable.

frozen cucumber juiceThat is why all treatment procedures should be planned for the summer months, ensuring a constant supply of fresh food. You can only prepare cucumber juice for future use by freezing ice cubes.

Life-giving moisture is structured water with vitamins, minerals and organics dissolved in it. Scientists have determined that when there was no saline solution, they removed poisons from the body, treated for dehydration, using the beneficial properties of cucumber juice.

The liquid product retains healing bioactivators for 2 hours after removal, useful substances – 2 days. During this time, the vegetable must be eaten or preserved..

No need to be afraid of the juice from bitter cucumbers, the content of cucurbitacins allows you to cleanse the liver and slow down the growth of cells in the tumor.

The benefits of cucumber juice for the human body

cucumber juice when dietingThe structured water of a cucumber, in which microelements and organic substances necessary for the body are dissolved, is healing. The use of a product in therapy is based on its properties:

  • normalize metabolism in the body;
  • diuretic;
  • effective tonic and antimicrobial action;
  • low calorie.

Traditional healers grow cucumbers on their own to get the potion. Let’s figure out how cucumber juice is useful for health problems.

The diuretic and laxative effect of the drink is mild. The effect of removing toxic substances from the body is due precisely to this action. But excess weight and hypertension depend on the accumulation of fluid in the body. Along the way, taking the medicinal composition solves these problems. At the same time, puffiness is relieved. Removing potassium and magnesium with liquid, it replenishes the loss, balancing the system. Lack of magnesium and potassium could lead to seizures and convulsions, cucumber juice treatment eliminates the problem.

chop the cucumberThe drink is offered to the cores to saturate the body with potassium and magnesium. You need to drink half a glass of medicine. However, the juice from cucumbers, instead of good, will be harmful if it begins to actively dissolve the existing stones. Therefore, you need to start taking the product with a half dose, listening to the signals of internal organs..

If heartburn has become a companion to food intake, a life-giving drink will help reduce acidity during gastritis, but only during remission. With any exacerbation of ulcerative and inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, taking cucumber juice is contraindicated and there will be no benefit from treatment.

Two or three spoons of juice with honey, taken several times a day, will remove the residual manifestations of bronchitis and strengthen the immune system before seasonal exacerbations. During pregnancy, juice gently prevents constipation. Bitter cucumbers provide a medicinal product to cleanse the liver and kidneys. The same product restores the acid-base balance of the body and is a prophylactic agent to prevent the development of oncology..

squeeze the juiceHow to take cucumber juice with benefit depends on the effect on certain systems – respiratory, cardiovascular, motor. It is important that the cucumber contains iodine, which is so necessary for most of the inhabitants who rarely see the sea. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the healer without self-medication.

Harm instead of benefit from juice from cucumbers will arise if a person does not know about the state of his body or neglects the consequences:

  • you can not eat cucumbers with exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • when breastfeeding a baby;
  • if the disease is accompanied by vomiting;
  • in the postoperative period of gastrointestinal oncology;
  • with endocrine diseases, a dietary clarification is required from a doctor.

It is harmful for any organism to consume cucumbers grown out of season in artificial conditions..

Cucumber juice for weight loss and cosmetic purposes

cucumber as a cosmeticSlimming cucumber juice is an irreplaceable product. The substances present in its composition fill the body with strength with a low-calorie diet. Half a glass of juice contains 16 kcal, the high content of lipid metabolism stimulant prevents the formation of new fatty deposits. For the effectiveness of weight loss, it is useful to drink 1 liter of cucumber juice per day, but in small portions, 100 grams each.

It is better to squeeze juice without using metal graters, they destroy nutrients. The juicer is the best tool for obtaining a healing drink and the ability to get a complex cocktail composition..

Using a cucumber diet for weight loss allows you to:

  • cleanse the body of toxins and toxins;
  • rinse urinary streams, remove sand;
  • to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood passages;
  • saturate the body with structured moisture.

The juice should be prepared before consumption. If you need to prepare a drink for future use, organize storage in the refrigerator, no more than a day.

If the juice has stood for more than 36 hours, it is not suitable even for cosmetic procedures..

The effectiveness of the product is maintained to a greater extent if it is frozen in ice compartments. The juice can be taken orally after thawing, used for cosmetic procedures. This way you can extend the life of a seasonal product..

freeze cucumber juiceCucumber gruel applied to the face and décolleté area is suitable for any skin, the effect of application:

  • tones, makes the skin firm and fresh;
  • gives a matte finish, destroying shine and tightening pores;
  • whitens, giving the skin an even tone;
  • cleanses pores from old grease, blackheads.

For each skin type, the composition using cucumber juice for the face acts differently.

Dry skin requires nourishment, and the composition is prepared with the addition of olive oil or fresh cream. Preparing a lotion or mask, the effect is amazing! Oily skin is cleansed and treated with a cucumber gruel mask. So that oily skin does not cause problems, after cleansing the pores, a matting mask is applied using egg white. Remember to leave the area around the eyes and lips uncovered..

cucumber iceWith normal skin, as a preventive measure, apply cucumber slices to the skin of the face, this will be enough to make the skin glow with health.

No one will be hurt by the morning procedure – massage and facial washing with ice from cucumber juice. Drowsiness disappears, and the skin gains elasticity and radiance. The procedure is done instead of applying morning cream..

In aromatherapy, the smell of fresh cucumber is associated with a smile and freshness. The mood rises from the aroma of cucumbers. For mental work, cool fresh juice or a cucumber from the refrigerator will help to concentrate. Bon Appetit.

Amazing properties of fresh cucumber juice – video

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