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Black carrots, benefits and harms, use in cooking

black carrot Black carrots are rarely found in the personal plots of our gardeners. This vegetable has other common names, such as sweet root, goat or scorzonera. This kind of culture is more common in European states and Asian weird. With proper conditions, black carrots can be grown in our country. Next, we will get acquainted with the features of the plant, the nuances of planting and care.

Black carrots – what kind of culture

goat edible plant Goat is a medicinal and edible vegetable plant that resembles the usual carrots in appearance. Under natural conditions, this culture grows in the territory of Southwest Asia, it is also found in the southern part of Europe. Sweet root stems have an intense dark green color, the height of the bush does not exceed 70 cm.

We have read the description of the plant, but many gardeners are wondering what black carrots are. The most valuable part of the plant is considered to be a root vegetable, it tastes like a black radish. The vegetable can be used for fresh consumption and can be used to prepare various dishes, including salads, vinaigrette, and even soup. After heat treatment, the product tastes like asparagus.

Black carrot extract can be used medicinally. It helps to get rid of stomach diseases, improves heart function, reduces cholesterol levels in the human body..

The root crop of the culture is considered edible, despite the black color it has a juicy white flesh. The length of the fruit is up to 15 cm with a diameter not exceeding 5 cm. The average weight of the vegetable is 170 g. The root crop can be left in the soil for the winter so that it can form seeds in the next season. For this, the vegetable is covered in late autumn with a thick layer of compost or humus mulch. The flowering of the crop is observed in May, while the seeds of black carrots are harvested in early June..

Composition and medicinal properties

unique composition of black carrotsAs we said, the sweet root tastes like a radish..

The root crop has a unique composition, the following components are present here:

  • vitamins of group B, as well as A, C, E, PP;
  • asparagine;
  • inulin;
  • zinc;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • copper;
  • iron.

Due to the high level of inulin, the product is recommended to be introduced into the diet of people suffering from diabetes..

Other medicinal properties of black carrots:

  • improvement of metabolic processes in the human body;
  • periodic consumption of the product helps to reduce blood pressure;
  • anti-inflammatory and anti-cold effects on the body;
  • use as an antioxidant;
  • improves eyesight.

In the middle of the last century, people used scorzonera to prepare an effective antidote, which was used against the bites of vipers..

Despite the mass of useful properties, scorzonera has no contraindications for its use. When you first eat a vegetable, you must be extremely careful, use the root vegetable in small doses. This is due to the individual intolerance of some people. In addition, when eating root vegetables, a laxative effect may occur..

Popular species and varieties

The plant is especially popular among the inhabitants of Turkey. You can find a huge number of varieties of black carrots in local stores, most of them are adapted to the mild climate..

In our country, you can grow the following varieties of this plant:

  1. The Overseas delicacy variety is a medium-ripening culture. The bush has a slightly raised rosette, its height does not exceed 17 cm. Fruits are of a standard cylindrical shape with a dark brown skin. Maximum fruit length 35 cm, average weight 130 g.overseas delicacy variety
  2. Variety Healing with a medium early duration of the growing season. The leaves of this plant are elongated, ovoid, with a standard dark green color. The root vegetable is relatively small, conical, weighing about 80 g. White pulp has a sweetish taste.medicinal grade
  3. The early ripe variety Sunny Premiere has a vertical rosette of ovoid leaves. The vegetables are small, reach 32 cm in length, weigh up to 100 g. The crop yield is within 2 kg from each square meter of the plot.
  4. The two-year-old Gypsy variety differs from similar plants in its unique composition. A cylindrical root crop with a black skin, its length is within 30 cm, weight is about 80 g. The pulp of this product contains a huge amount of inulin and milky milk. Thanks to this composition, this vegetable can be included in the diet of diabetics..

The peculiarities of growing and caring for the indicated varieties of carrots can be found on the back of the seed package. Follow the manufacturer’s requirements for a rich harvest.

Cooking applications

baked carrotAt first glance, the vegetable does not evoke appetite; in appearance, it resembles an ordinary stick burned at the stake. Everything changes if you remove the peel from the root crop. The white juicy pulp of the vegetable tastes like black radish. It is used as a vitamin and spice supplement for second courses, it is also used for the preparation of salads and soups..

If there is a need to add a vegetable to the soup, wash it, pour it over with boiling water, then peel it off. For the primary processing of carrots, before preparing salads, they are boiled in slightly salted water for 20 minutes. You can use the vegetable in its raw form, peel the peel from the root vegetable, cut it or grate it and season it with sunflower oil. Black carrots go well with other foods such as meat, beets, cabbage and fish.

Black carrots in folk medicine – video

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