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We grow a tomato Konigsberg at their summer cottage

tomato königsberg Tomato Konigsberg was bred by an amateur breeder from the Novosibirsk region V. Dederko. It was entered in the state register in 2005. The variety is recommended for almost all climatic zones of Russia. It bears fruit successfully both in the southern and northern regions. Not afraid of prolonged drought, frost and heavy rainfall. To grow such tomatoes in your garden, you need to get to know them better. To begin with, we will consider a detailed description and characteristics of the Konigsberg tomato variety, and then, we will delve into the essence of the agricultural technology of growing crops.

Distinctive features of the plant

indeterminate tomato variety Königsberg tomatoes are indeterminate plants. This means that the bushes are not limited in growth. They often grow up to 2 m in height and need reliable support. The powerful root system of the crop penetrates deep into the soil. Thanks to this, it successfully develops and bears fruit in any climatic zone..

Pubescent potato-type leaves grow on powerful branches. Inflorescences form high above the ground. As a rule, the first buds are tied at the 12th leaf level. Fruits are formed on clusters of about 6 tomatoes. They come in different sizes. Those that grow in the lower part reach 900 g. At the top there are usually small specimens weighing up to 300 g. The oval or cylindrical shape of Konigsberg tomatoes resembles an elongated heart. Their peel is quite dense, glossy..

Depending on the subspecies, it comes in different tones.:

  • Red;red tomato Konigsberg
  • Orange;orange tomato Konigsberg
  • pink.pink tomato Konigsberg

large fleshy fruitsBeneath it is a sweet, fleshy pulp that exudes a pleasant aroma. Tomatoes do not lose their attractiveness during long-term transportation and are wonderfully stored in a cool room. Usually the fruits are used for making juice, pasta, and also consumed raw..

Tomato Kenisberg: the advantages of the variety and subspecies

we grow a tomato Konigsberg

The main advantage of a vegetable culture is the absence of flaws. It has a high adaptive capacity, so it bears fruit in any climatic conditions. Bushes, foliage, root system are resistant to most infectious and fungal diseases. Fruit ripening occurs in the last month of summer. The yield of Königsberg tomato is 20 kg from 1 m² of garden bed.

Despite this, it can be increased through a number of measures:

  • controlling the point of growth;
  • pinching shoots and forming bushes;
  • moderate watering;
  • regular feeding.

The only inconvenience is that large fruits do not fit into the neck of a canning jar. However, the popularity of the amateur breeding variety prompted scientists to develop several interesting subspecies.

heart-shaped tomato KonigsbergFor example, the Königsberg heart-shaped tomato is distinguished by very large fruits, the weight of which reaches 1 kg. Subspecies Golden, famous for its special sweet taste. The fruits are deep orange in color and contain a large amount of carotene. For this it is called “Siberian apricots” or “Tomato persimmon”. Red Konigsberg is appreciated for its high yield. Usually, the branches of the culture are strewn with fruits of a deep red hue. The subspecies is considered the most resistant to temperature extremes and extreme weather conditions..

Tomato seeds of the Konigsberg variety retain the characteristics of the culture and are suitable for sowing in the new season.

Agrotechnics of cultivation at their summer cottage

features of growing tomatoesKönigsberg tomatoes are sown for seedlings at different times. It depends on the climatic conditions of the area where it is planned to grow the crop. For example, in the middle lane, tomatoes are sown after March 15. And on the territory of Siberia, in early April. The main thing is that the age of the seedlings before disembarking to a permanent place is at least 50 days..

Growing tomatoes Konigsberg consists of a number of consecutive works:

  • seed preparation;
  • creating a suitable substrate;
  • sowing seeds in containers;
  • picking seedlings;
  • hardening of seedlings;
  • planting in a greenhouse or on an open bed.

preparation of seeds for plantingStore-bought seeds do not require any special preparation before planting. If they are collected with their own hands, then they are first disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate. The seeds are wrapped in cheesecloth and immersed in liquid for 15 minutes, after which they are washed with clean water. To accelerate the germination of the culture, various growth stimulants are used. For example, seeds are soaked for 40 minutes in Epin preparation..

It is advisable to place old seeds in the refrigerator for several days, wrapping them in a damp cloth.

Fertile soil preparation

fertile soil for seedlingsThe soil for growing Königsberg tomatoes is bought at the store. Then it is mixed, in the same amount, with garden soil.

If desired, the substrate is prepared independently from the components:

  • peat;
  • sod land;
  • sand;
  • humus;
  • sawdust.

Before filling the containers, the soil mixture is poured with potassium permanganate diluted in water, pierced in the oven or heated with steam. The procedure is performed a week before sowing the tomato. For business use boxes, plastic containers, small pots, peat cups.

Sowing treated seeds

sowing tomato seedsTomatoes are sown in a moistened substrate to a depth of approximately 1 cm. The distance between them is at least 3 cm. The containers are covered with plastic wrap and taken to a warm room where the temperature is maintained at 22 ° C. Every day it is removed for a few minutes for airing. When the greens appear, the film is removed. Seedlings dive after the appearance of 2-3 true leaf plates. To do this, use spacious pots or containers..

Seedling care

seedling careIn order for the seedlings to develop successfully, containers are placed on windows where there is a lot of sunlight. If the weather is cloudy for a long time, the plant is provided with additional lighting with the help of electric lamps. In addition, the room maintains a comfortable microclimate for tomatoes..

seedlings are ready for transplantingWater the seedlings as the top layer of the earth dries up. After 2 weeks, they are fed with complex preparations “Agricola” or “Master”. About a month before planting tomatoes in a permanent place, the seedlings are hardened. The first time she is taken out into the street for 30 minutes, the time spent in the fresh air is gradually increased.

If the night temperature does not drop to + 8 ° C, it is advisable to leave the seedlings overnight with an open window..

Planting a tomato in a garden

planting tomato seedlingsAlthough the Konigsberg tomato quickly adapts to new growing conditions, it is planted in a place protected from the wind. In addition, in the fall, the soil is fed with humus and preparations containing phosphorus. Immediately before planting, the bed is thoroughly loosened. Wells are made, 15-20 cm deep, maintaining an interval of 70 cm. There should be no more than 3 bushes of culture per 1 m². 500 ml of water is poured into each hole, after which the seedlings are laid. The voids are filled with loose soil so as not to damage young shoots..

Caring for an entrenched crop is carried out according to the traditional scheme..

Tomato Konigsberg is a culture worthy of our attention. It can be grown in all climates in the greenhouse and outdoors. The main thing is to follow the agrotechnology of growing crops.

Tomato Konigsberg withstands all the vagaries of nature – video

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