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The most beautiful and unusual flowers in the world

unusual flowers

A huge number of plants have adorned the planet Earth for centuries. However, against the background of lush greenery, unusual flowers with bizarre buds and incredible sizes stand out brightly. Some grow next to us, others – in hot countries and on the islands. Let’s go to the fabulous kingdom of exotic plants and get acquainted with incredibly beautiful specimens.

Unusual flowers from the Orchid family

orchid family

In tropical forests and high in the mountains, there are plants that are inconspicuous at first glance. They cling tightly to the bark of trees, grow among grass, or cling to rocks with their roots. But one day, variegated buds appear on them, resembling birds, insects and animals. Let’s look at them from the side and admire their beauty.

Monkey Orchid or Dracula

orchid dracula

In its natural environment, the flower grows in Central and South America. It “settles” on the trunks of age-old trees or hides among the dense ground grass. Monkey orchid is rightfully called the most exotic flower for its unique shape of the bud.

The inflorescence is formed by 3 petals. They are gathered at the base to form a bowl. From them, elongated tips protrude outward, resembling vampire teeth or the face of a monkey..

When growing Dracula at home, it is advisable to place it away from direct sunlight..

Orchid Flying Ducks

orchid flying ducks

These unusual flowers grow among tall grass. The petals of the buds are usually painted in such tones.:

  • brownish red;
  • deep purple;
  • light green with pink and purple splashes.

Sometimes outlandish patterns appear on a single sheet plate, formed from many streaks and specks. Homeland of the orchid Flying ducks is Australia. There they grow in eucalyptus forests. Occasionally found in swampy meadows and hilly areas.

The plant does not lend itself to cultivation, therefore it survives only in its natural environment..

Egret flower (Habenaria radiata)

orchid habenaria radiata

The orchid grows in spacious wet meadows in Russia, Korea, Japan and China.

Its main features are:

  • narrow and oblong leaf plates;
  • miniature peduncles;
  • unique shape of buds.

The blossoming inflorescence resembles a bird ready to rise into the sky. For this, Japanese flower growers are very fond of the Habenaria radiata orchid. They are happy to grow it on their plots and windowsills. Despite this, the flower of the egret is protected by humans. Climate change on the planet and pollution of nature led to the mass extinction of culture.

Incredible forms of outlandish plants

unusual flowers of amazing shape

Every day our eyes catch hundreds of different patterns. Some were created by man, while others modestly “lurked” in dense thickets. But if you open the green “curtain” of nature, you can see a real miracle. Often the most outlandish plants on the planet are hiding behind it..

Rafflesia Arnold

rafflesia arnold

The imposing size of the flower evokes awe in our hearts. It is found in the Philippines, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, and the Malacca Peninsula. Rafflesia Arnold grows in the jungle and weighs from 8 to 10 kg. Inflorescence diameter about 100 cm.

Locals call her differently.:

  • Lotus flower;
  • cadaveric lily;
  • scavenger flower;
  • dead lotus.

giant flower

The largest flower on the planet grows on trees or vines. Seeds driven by the wind fall on the trunk of their future “owner”. Then thin threads appear, which gracefully penetrate under the bark. After 8 months, a build-up is formed. Over time, its size increases markedly, turning into a huge bud. Its petals are orange-red and covered with many white spots and “warts”. During this period, the lotus flower exudes an extremely unpleasant odor, reminiscent of rotten meat. He attracts insects to himself. Falling on a flower, the insects remain there forever.

Considering Rafflesia Arnold in a natural environment, it is advisable not to touch him with your hands..

Sweet kiss

unusual flowers of psychotria

Looking at the Sublime Psychotria, it seems that she really wants to kiss the first comer. Perhaps because of this, she is unflatteringly called “sponge whores”. The flower grows in the dense jungles of Central America. Unfortunately, due to deforestation, it is gradually dying out.

Sweet kiss

Sublime Psychotria is a compact shrub, up to 2 m high. The branches are decorated with smooth leaf plates with pronounced veins. Then, for a short time, the bracts are transformed, due to which they resemble plump female lips of scarlet and sometimes orange color. Finally, single tubular buds emerge from the center. This unusual exotic flower wonderfully takes root in indoor conditions. The main thing is to grow it in a well-lit place at a minimum temperature of + 24 ° C..

African Hydnora

Hydnora African

For some plants, growing their own foliage is boring and not fun. These include the African Hydnora. It has an elongated stem located underground. It is equipped with many roots that stick to another plant and receive nutrients before the rainy season. After heavy rainfall, the African Hydnor rises from the ground and from the side resembles a large mushroom.

the flower of hydnora blooms

The flower opens up in stages, launching various insects inside the “bud”. They actively “travel” along it, thanks to which they carry pollen. As a result, many seeds are formed..

Foxes, jackals, baboons, porcupines and even locals love to feast on the fruits of African Gidnora..

Furious giants in the realm of flowers

unusual flowers of large sizes

Admiring the incredible beauty of the majestic sequoia, many think with trepidation about the meaning of life. However, there are also the largest types of flowers on the planet with amazing color and shape. Let’s get to know some of them.

Amorphophallus titanic

amorphophallus titanic

The flower was first discovered on the island of Sumatra in the 19th century. Today it is successfully grown in greenhouses around the world. Amorphophallus titanic grows up to 3 m in height. Its terrestrial part consists of a thick, but short stem. At the base there is one large sheet, and a little higher, several small plates.

inflorescence of amorphophallus

The inflorescence is an elongated ear, wrapped in a leaf-shaped blanket. The inner part of the bud is colored burgundy. The outer side has a greenish tint. It blooms for about 48 hours, exuding a mixture of unpleasant odors reminiscent of rotten eggs and fish. From the outside, the plant looks like a rotting piece of meat.

In Asian countries, tubers of Amorphophallus titanic are used for food.

Puia Raimondi

Puya Raimondi

In the Andes, at an altitude of 3,000 m above sea level, an “alien from a mysterious planet” found his refuge. Such a reputation has been earned by the unsurpassed giant of the kingdom of flowers – Puia Raimondi. The lower part of the plant is covered with pointed foliage. Between them are miniature thorns that protect the plant from animals..

The majestic bud of Puia Raimondi

The majestic bud of Puia Raimondi reaches ten meters in height and consists of many (about 8 thousand) whitish-green flowers. Usually they bloom in the 80th year of the “giant’s” life. After the formation of fruits, the plant gradually dries up..

Beauty in miniature

miniature wolfia spherical

In the kingdom of flowers, scientists count a huge number of varieties. Some are famous for their large size. Others are not easy to spot among the lush greenery. Let’s get acquainted with the smallest admirable flower in the world. This is Wolfia spherical.

smallest flowers

Scientists claim that its size reaches only 0.8 mm. A finger holds about 1000 of these miniature flowers. They grow near the shores of artificial and natural reservoirs. Usually the plant floats freely on the surface of the water. It is ovoid and has a deep green color.

Buds are formed in a microscopic depression. Since they do not have petals, they cannot be seen without special magnifying devices. Biologists continue to study the structure and reproduction of the miniature beauty.

So, we got acquainted with the unusual colors of our planet. They come in large and small sizes. Orchid buds are reminiscent of birds and animals. Giant plants most often exude an unpleasant odor. Microscopic flowers can be found on the surface of the water.

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