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In what cases is milk powder given to piglets?

pig feeding Breeding work to increase the multiplicity of sows is being carried out successfully. The lactation level is the same, powdered milk for piglets is needed to supplement numerous offspring. It is impossible to completely replace the milk of the uterus during feeding. Fresh cow’s milk is used in the household if there is a cow in the yard. Dehydrated milk is used more often, after dilution it becomes a natural product.

Receiving and composition of milk replacer

proktovit For more than a century, dry milk mixtures have been made for food use, removing up to 85% of moisture from milk in special ovens. Powdered milk for piglets can be prepared with the addition of vitamins, it is called a mixture of milk replacer – whole milk replacer. All dry milk mixtures are based on natural products – whole milk, reverse, whey. Having lost water, the product becomes light, does not deteriorate within 8 months. Before use, the mixture is diluted with water in the right proportions..

The composition of milk powder for piglets should include:

  • skimmed milk;
  • serum;
  • buttermilk;
  • lactose.

Any mixture should consist of more than half of dairy ingredients, since the digestive tract of piglets is so far set up only to assimilate breast milk. The sow feeds her brood with more fatty milk than that of the cow, otherwise the composition is similar.

sow with pigletsA piglet should receive breast milk in a small amount.

Breeders manage to increase sows’ fertility. There are individuals that bring more than 30 piglets per year. It is not possible to increase the number of teats and the amount of milk so that the entire brood is sufficient. Artificial feeding allows you to save the received livestock.

However, it is economically unprofitable to use powdered milk for piglets in a composition close to natural. It is necessary to find ingredients with which milk replacer will be effective, but less expensive product. The mixture is formulated as a percentage of 1 kg:

  • dry milk whey – 60;
  • feed fat – 7.0;
  • belotin – 5.0;
  • fish meal – 7.0;
  • soy flour – 12.0;
  • gluten from corn – 6.4;
  • monocalcium phosphate – 1.1;
  • premix P 51-1 – 1.

To protect the suckers, 18 g of biovit-80 and vitamins A, D are added to milk powder for piglets..

It is this composition that is ideally balanced in terms of protein and energy supply..

Influence of milk replacer components on piglet development

feeding zsmThe composition is used as a substitute for natural uterine milk:

  • before weaning, when the multiple uterus does not have enough of its own product for feeding;
  • after weaning piglets – to reduce stress within 3-5 days there is a supplementary feeding of milk powder for piglets according to the instructions.

Fodder fat in the form of palm and vegetable oil in Profat is a source of energy. The use of several plant proteins covers the lack of all nutrients found in uterine milk, creates an equilibrium state between the antagonists of lysine and methionine + cystine

The need for carbohydrates is covered by whey lactose. Trace elements are introduced with a premix. The developed milk formula most closely matches the physiology of the sucker.

The presented composition is not the only one. Various milk formulas have been developed and used for feeding suckling animals..

The use of powdered milk mixtures

powdered milkWhen using whole milk powder, the natural composition is obtained at a dilution concentration of 20%. The use of such a product is uneconomical. In what proportion to dilute milk powder for piglets, how to achieve a balance between benefits and benefits? The production of dilution mixtures using 10-15% dry powder turned out to be more profitable. A liter of this drink will replace half a liter of uterine milk. When drinking, you can increase the one-time volume by adding food.

The product reconstituted from skimmed milk powder can be 20%, it will not be fatty, but the piglet will receive other components completely. Each milk powder mixture for piglets has a breeding instruction.

The sow is under stress after farrowing. She needs to be provided with comfort and peace. In a rage, the pig can eat the offspring.

Milk and formulated mixtures are biological natural products. This obliges you to comply with a sanitary regime, preventing the growth of microbes in product residues. After each feeding, all dishes are thoroughly rinsed. How to properly dilute milk powder for piglets is written in the instructions. Some additives should not be diluted even in warm water during dilution. One rule is common to all – no mixture is diluted in hot water..

Be sure to first grind the powder into porridge without lumps in a small amount of liquid, then warm water is gradually added and the chatterbox is evenly stirred to the required volume. High-quality mixtures can stand up to 2 days without settling and souring, but you can only use fresh ones. You should not cook milk for future use.

How milk powder is given to piglets – video

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