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How to get an unusual healthy delicacy white honey

how is white honey obtained Not every lover of aromatic delicacies knows how white honey is obtained and what it is. It differs from other varieties not only in color, but also in composition, taste, aroma and useful properties..

What is white honey

pollen collection by bees White honey is a nectar obtained by bees from pollen and belongs to the monofloral type. This means that it is composed of nectar and pollen from the same plant species. The most common honey plants include white acacia, sweet clover, raspberry.

monofloral honeyMonofloral honey can have different shades of the color palette – golden, amber, cream, milky. This variety is considered the most expensive, since it is extremely difficult to ensure that bees collect pollen from only one plant. The unusual and laborious process of how white honey varieties are obtained determines its rarity and high cost..

How white honey is obtained

how do you get white honey in an apiaryMany lovers of aromatic delicacies are interested not only in what the white honey is called, but from what this rare variety is obtained. This is painstaking work, so not every beekeeper is engaged in the production of white honey..

For its production, you need to find a clearing or other ecologically clean place with a large accumulation of the necessary honey plants. After that, the hives should be transported and placed in the immediate vicinity of the honey collection point..pollen collection

In the process of making white honey, it is very important to pump the product out of the honeycomb in a timely manner, before mixing with other honey varieties. Then the honey must be left to stand – this will ensure its uniform crystallization and the appearance of a characteristic white color..

honey extractor is workingSome manufacturers additionally mix the resulting honey with royal jelly in a 1: 100 ratio. This is done to obtain a rich, snow-white shade and increase the nutritional value of the product, and not to deceive customers..

Types of white honey

types of white honeyOne of the rarest types is raspberry honey, it is almost impossible to find it on sale. Differs in a very delicate and pleasant berry taste with a light aroma and “airy” consistency. The product has a milky golden hue, after crystallization it does not thicken, but acquires a creamy texture. The main advantage of raspberry honey is that it retains all the beneficial properties of fresh berries..

Linden and Bashkir honey

linden white honeyLinden – honey has a characteristic floral aroma. This variety cannot be called snow-white – it has a light golden or greenish tint. Linden product crystallizes very quickly, but this does not in any way affect its taste and useful qualities..

Bashkir white honeyBashkir is an ecologically clean product collected by bees in ecologically clean forests, meadows and glades of Bashkiria. For this honey, bees pollinate more than 350 honey plants. It has a light golden hue and a minimum amount of water in the composition. Due to its medicinal properties, it has a restorative and therapeutic effect on the body..

Melilot and acacia honey

white sweet clover honeyWhite sweet clover – honey obtained from the inflorescences of the plant, can be recognized by its light floral-herbal aroma and pleasant sweet taste. This variety is one of the most useful, since nectar retains the entire biochemical composition and healing properties of the plant. The white melilot product is characterized by a very long crystallization, during which it becomes thicker and more viscous..

acacia honeyAcacia – one of the main features of this honey is its light, almost transparent color. Only cooked honey is most often transparent and whitens as a result of crystallization. The variety is distinguished by a light and sweet taste with a floral aftertaste and a fragrant aroma..

Rapeseed and alfalfa honey

rapeseed honeyRapeseed honey has an unusual, rich taste with a slight bitterness and herbal aroma, which is why it is considered an “amateur” variety. The color of the delicacy is white-yellow, amber-golden. This variety is characterized by very fast crystallization, which begins after 13-15 days. It becomes thick, a whitish bloom appears on its surface – but crystallized honey does not lose aroma and taste.

alfalfa honeyAlfalfa – honey obtained from snow-white pink inflorescences, has a delicate, oily consistency, sweetish taste and pleasant floral aroma. This variety of delicacies is widely used not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine, as it has many useful qualities..

Cotton and taiga honey

cotton honeyCotton is one of the rarest and most specific varieties with a creamy, creamy consistency, reminiscent of butter. The taste is sweet, but without cloying, a little tart. The aroma and taste of the product becomes more intense during its crystallization.

Amur taiga honeyTaiga is one of the most unusual varieties of white honey. Bees collect it in pristine, ecologically clean regions of the Taiga from forest geranium, white melilot, sage, mint, willow-herb or rapeseed. This provides a rich biochemical composition of taiga honey, which is highly valued for its healing effect on the body..

Useful properties of white honey

useful properties of white honeyHow white honey is useful depends on which honey plant the delicacy was collected from.

The main useful properties of products, characteristic of all varieties:

  1. Eliminate pain, redness and swelling of the larynx with angina, pharyngitis and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract.
  2. Reduces dry and wet coughs for colds.
  3. Improves the work of the cardiovascular system.
  4. Stimulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, accelerates the elimination of toxins and toxins.
  5. Strengthen immunity, increase the body’s resistance to viruses and pathogenic microorganisms.

White honey is considered a natural “energetic”. It improves tone, activity and endurance, helps fight chronic fatigue and gives energy..

How to recognize a fake

how to recognize a fake

Regardless of what white honey is from, you need to be able to choose the right one, otherwise the beekeeping product will not bring the expected benefits:

  1. Consistency – it can be liquid or thick, but always uniform, without dense lumps and stratification.fresh white honey
  2. Taste – a natural delicacy has a pleasant sweet taste with a slight bitterness, without excessive sweetness. A slight sore throat after consuming honey is a sign of its natural composition..
  3. The aroma – a natural product of beekeeping – can be recognized by its light, unobtrusive, floral aroma. Fake honey most often has a pungent and sugary smell, with noticeable notes of sugar caramel..

Fluidity – indicates the freshness of the product. To test it, you need to pick up a treat with a spoon and lift it up.

A high-quality and natural product without additives should flow in a thin and neat trickle. In the presence of additives, the sweetness begins to burst, fall in lumps, forming a slide.

Storage rules for white honey

storage of white honey in barrelsWhen buying a healthy product, you need to know not only how to get white honey varieties, but also how to store them correctly. This will help preserve the medicinal properties, taste and aroma of a natural dessert for several years..

Honey is best kept in wooden containers or glass jars with tight-fitting lids. It is very important to avoid sudden changes in temperature, storage conditions must be stable.

storage of white honey in jarsWhite honey is very picky about the temperature, especially its rise. The maximum mark is + 25 ° С; at higher rates, the product begins to lose its useful properties. Long-term storage at room temperature, especially in hot weather, can cause the honey to sour. In the summer heat, it is better to keep a jar of honey in the refrigerator, cool pantry, basement or cellar..

During storage, the beekeeping product must be hidden from direct sunlight. They destroy many biologically active substances that make up natural honey.

White honey is not only tasty, but also extremely healthy delicacy, loved by adults and children. The beekeeping product combines a pleasant, sweet taste with tonic, tonic and immunomodulatory properties. Under the right storage conditions, a natural treat retains its benefits for many years..

How to get white honey from acacia – video

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