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We understand what bee packages are and how to work with them

what are bee packages The success of the enterprise directly depends on the knowledge of all the subtleties and terms of the business. The question, what are bee packages, is relevant for novice beekeepers. Especially if they are going to do this craft professionally. In addition, it is important to understand how they work? What types of packages are there? How to care and use this insect tool? Let’s dive into the most interesting and ancient science.

What are bee packages?

bee packages Bee packs represent a fixed number of insects that are prepared for transportation or sale. Often they are made to order. When buying, both a beginner and an experienced beekeeper have the right to first look at the set of bees provided. This approach allows you to ensure the quality of the live material. They form a structure usually in the spring, when insects are available at any time. Next, we will find out what is included in the bee package?

preparation of a bee packageFor the transportation of honey insects, special boxes are used. Most often they are made from plywood, chipboard and very rarely use corrugated cardboard..bee family

Inside the structure there is:

  • from 1.2 to 1.6 kg of bees;
  • about 3 kg of feed;
  • two frames of the printed brood;
  • uterus, up to 2 years old.

Thanks to this configuration, “containers” are easily transported in the desired direction. In addition, the bees receive a sufficient amount of food, while maintaining physical activity..

Difference of concepts

hiveIt is extremely important for novice beekeepers to understand what a bee package and a bee colony are. Otherwise, he will incur losses. A bee colony is a group of insects that have wintered once in a hive..

They have a uterus and a number of “subordinates”:

  • worker bees;
  • drones;
  • brood.

Families are usually sold in ready-made hives, where food and frames with empty combs are provided. As a rule, bee colonies are bought by experienced beekeepers. Indeed, dealing with such insects requires dexterity and special skills. Traditionally, families are sold in the spring, before they swarm..

what is a bee packageAnd what is a bee package compared to a full-fledged family? As mentioned above, it is a group of bees separated from different hives. They are in a closed space and live, disconnected for a while. They do not have the organized structure of bee colonies..

Varieties of “constructions”

varieties of bee package designsFor normal transportation or sale of bees, 2 types of packages are used. Frame structures are considered the most popular in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. 4-6 frames with insects taken from one or several hives are installed in the box. Thus, the beekeepers form a “team” of different bee colonies, which are launched onto the frames. For example, if 4 frames are used in a bag, then 3 of them are occupied by brood. And on the fourth place the food. Its amount depends on the distance over which the insects are transported..

Most often, Dadant-Blatt frames are used for cellular packages..

frameless bee packageFrameless bee packages are a compact box. It has 2 mesh walls, and the other two are made of wood.

The structure is placed:

  • about 1.2 kg of honey insects;
  • a can of food (sweet syrup);
  • drinking cup for water;
  • separate section (box) with the uterus.

Practice has shown that a honeycomb package has a number of advantages. For example, there are no damaged frames in it. During transportation, insects are protected from pests. Thanks to the mesh walls, it is possible to control the condition and behavior of the uterus. In addition, these bags can be used for any type of hive..

Creating a bee package at home

creating a bee package at homeExperienced beekeepers make designs with their own hands, taking into account their preferences, tastes and capabilities.

However, it must contain the following elements:

  • feeder;
  • ventilation hole;
  • enough space for insects.

dimensions of a honeycomb packageIn addition, a competent drawing of the box of a cell-free bee package will help you to cope with the task faster. It usually contains dimensions, mounting options and a list of required parts. The most popular raw materials are plywood or chipboard. It is inexpensive and easy to work with.

As for the frame bee package, then to create it you will need:

  • a bar made of durable material;
  • comb of two types (upper and lower);
  • notched plate;
  • net;
  • nails;
  • honeycomb frames.

Following the advice of experts, even an inexperienced beekeeper will make a bag for transporting honey insects with his own hands. As a last resort, the box can be purchased together with the bee family..

To create bags, as a rule, the following types of bees are used: “Karnika”, “Karpatka”, “Bekfast”.

Follow-up diagram

preparation of the hive for the installation of a bee package

Before you start breeding bees from bee packages, you need to carefully prepare a new house for insects. It should be:

  • extremely clean;
  • well dried;
  • disinfected.

In addition, frames with empty sections, foundation and drinking bowls with clean water are prepared in advance. Next, they carefully examine the arriving insects. They should all be healthy and active enough. Then they are provided with sugar syrup as a top dressing..

installation of bee packages in hivesThe scheme of how to plant a bee package in a hive depends on its variety.

For the cellular version, the following actions are provided:

  • choose the right time (cool weather or at sunset);
  • the structure is installed next to the hive;
  • notches are directed in one direction;
  • release insects.

While the worker bees are flying and “settling” on the territory, the beekeeper transfers the frames from the package to the hive. He places them in the same order. The queen is released last, and even then, after the rest of the bees calm down a little.

bee familyNow let’s look at how to work with frameless bee packages. Combs are prepared immediately before insect transplantation. According to the accepted standards for 1.2 kg of bees, 3 or 4 frames of the Dadan-Blatt type are required. Once the insects arrive, they are provided with a cool room, such as a basement. They stay there for 3-7 days. Systematic care of the bee package includes the provision of the required amount of food and water for insects.

After the expiration of the term, they are relocated to a new place of residence, following simple steps:

  • open the cover of the structure;
  • find the uterus in a small box and slightly open it;
  • placed in the center between the frames.

The open package is placed in the hive. The uterus is released every other day. During this period, insects are fully assimilated. The structure is carefully removed from the hive..

It is advisable to perform all actions confidently and clearly so that insects do not “rebel”.

Rules for the transportation of valuable “cargo”

rules for transporting bee packagesTo be successful in their business, a beginner beekeeper must know everything about bee packages, including precautions for transportation..

There is a list of rules that are important to follow:

  1. Stability of the structure. The honeycomb bee package must be completely filled with frames. If, for some reason, they are lacking, the honeycomb is attached to the walls of the structure. In addition, the structure must not be allowed to vibrate while driving. Therefore, it is fixed in advance on the vehicle used..structural stability
  2. Ventilation and temperature control. Bees need to be provided with comfortable conditions while moving. This is what good ventilation is for. Thanks to it, the optimal temperature inside the bag will be maintained. In addition, external factors should be taken into account. In cold weather, it is best not to transport bees to a new location. If it is very hot outside, the evening time will come when the coolness comes..ventilation and temperature control
  3. Calmness. Bees, as a rule, do not like sudden movements. Therefore, when transporting, it is necessary to choose a flat motorway. If you have to drive on a country road, you need to control the speed. Moderate movement will help to deliver the live “cargo” to the place in the best possible way.calm bees

If the transportation lasts more than 3 days, the bees need to be fed with water and fed with sugar syrup..

Having considered in detail what bee packages are, we understand their value for novice beekeepers. They are cellular and frameless. The main purpose of the structures is to transport insects to a new location. The transfer of bees from a bag to a hive is performed according to generally accepted rules. All procedures are done carefully, confidently and with love. May we always have an abundance of honey flowing from the honeycomb on the table.

What are bee packages and how to choose them correctly – video

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