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What is the reason for the popularity among beekeepers of Granovsky’s honey extractor

Granovsky's honey extractor A high-quality and reliable honey extractor is a guarantee of quick and convenient honey pumping without losing its taste. It is these units that Granovsky’s honey extractor belongs to, which can be used both in small apiaries and for pumping out beekeeping products on an industrial scale. Granovsky’s honey extractor has gained wide popularity among beekeepers due to such advantages as compact size, high pumping speed, lightness and simplicity of operation..

Granovsky’s honey extractor – design features

design features of the honey extractor The design of Granovsky’s honey extractor consists of an electric drive and several cassettes intended for the frames of Dadan’s hives. Stainless steel is used as the body material and all its constituent parts, and metals or steel with a polymer layer are used for the inner drum. Due to the connection of all elements end-to-end, leakage is prevented during the operation of the unit.

Cassettes are installed on the rotor. This is done in such a way that they simultaneously unfold under the action of the spring. Sticking is completely eliminated, which guarantees the quality of product pumping.

Rotation of the rotor is provided by a series of bearings. A removable manual drive with a belt drive and an electric motor is located directly under the tank. Simple and convenient control is carried out by means of a remote control.

How the honey extractor works

How Granovsky's honey extractor worksGranovsky’s honey extractor can operate in manual and automatic modes. In automatic operation, the rotor ends only after the product has been completely pumped out..

When using the manual mode, the rotor stops after pumping honey on one side, then after turning the cassettes, pumping continues in the opposite direction.

How Granovsky’s honey extractor works in automatic mode:

  • insert the opened frames inside the cassettes;
  • turn on the unit using the start button;
  • after that, the rotor begins to move, smoothly increasing the speed to the indicated marks;
  • after the end of the process, the rotor starts to decelerate and comes to a complete stop.

When all processes are over, be sure to thoroughly wash the inner container and clean it of honey particles, then dry it.

Varieties of Granovsky’s honey extractor

varieties of models of Granovsky honey extractorThere are several varieties of Granovsky’s honey extractors, which are selected depending on the capacity and requirements of each specific apiary. Despite some structural differences, all units are united by the maximum operating speed, high productivity, reliability of the electric drive and compactness, which makes it easy to transport the honey extractor to the apiary..

The main types of Granovsky honey extractor:

  1. 2- and 3-frame – compact units with low weight. Such extractors are equipped with non-reversible cassettes. They are designed for small volumes of work, so it is better to choose them for apiaries with 8-10 bee colonies..
  2. 4-frame – the device of such models consists of revolving cassettes and an electric drive. The device is controlled by a remote control, which is included with the honey extractor. Such aggregates are aimed at medium-sized apiaries, containing no more than 20-40 bee colonies.
  3. 6- and 8-frame – powerful and efficient honey extractors equipped with an electric motor and reversible cassettes, a spacious pocket and an automatic honey pumping function. Such devices are designed for large apiaries with more than 80 bee colonies and industrial scale.

Granovsky’s honey extractors have a different number of frames, which affects the productivity and volume of their work, as well as cost. When choosing a suitable device, you need to take into account the number of bee colonies.

For small apiaries, an inexpensive 2-frame honey extractor is quite enough, for large farms and industrial use a more powerful 8-frame honey extractor is required.

Diy Granovsky honey extractor

homemade honey extractorYou can buy Granovsky’s honey extractor at any store for beekeepers, as well as try to make it yourself. As a body, you can use an old washing machine with a lid – frames will be installed in it.

First of all, you need to prepare drawings of Granovsky’s honey extractor. Consider the number of hives you place. The easiest way is to make a 2 or 3-frame apparatus – the dimensions of the honey extractor depend on the size of the frames. The best option for a home apiary is considered to be a honey extractor with a diameter of no more than 55-65 cm.

In the lower part of the case, it is imperative to leave a hole for honey removal. A pipe with a weight is fixed on the opposite wall, which is used as a counterweight. The outer casing must be reinforced with special hoops so that it does not disintegrate during rotation..

The body should be placed on legs so that a container for collecting honey can be placed under the honey extractor. It should be borne in mind that a homemade honey extractor will cope with a high load and does not differ in performance, and attempts to experiment with electric drives can seriously harm the beekeeper..

Pros and cons of Granovsky honey extractor

honey pumpingGranovsky’s honey extractors are very popular among both novice beekeepers and professional beekeepers..

They have a number of advantages over similar units of other models and manufacturers.:

  • compactness and light weight for easy transportation;
  • high speed of honey product pumping;
  • duration of continuous and uninterrupted work;
  • simplicity of work and operation;
  • “Gentle” pumping – thanks to the design of the honey extractor, it does not destroy even weak and “young” combs;
  • affordable cost.

Granovsky’s honey extractor has several drawbacks. The insignificant thickness of the body material increases the risk of deformation of the device during transportation, as well as slowdowns when filling the tank with honey (more than 45-55 liters).

Granovsky’s honey extractor is a simple, reliable and durable design, indispensable for every beekeeper. Due to its design features, excellent performance in combination with maximum operating speed, the unit is perfect for both small home apiaries and industrial enterprises..

Granovsky’s tangential honey extractor – video

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