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The goat milking machine frees up time, makes work easier

milking goats An unpretentious dairy animal – the goat gives the owners a healing product. The goat milking machine is designed for a fragile animal with two breasts. Machine milking is used to reduce manual labor if the farm has more than 4 goats. The industry produces multi-station milk pipelines for farmers, manual machines for peasant farms.

General rules for the selection of goat milk

milking goat Udder hygiene must be observed regardless of the milking method. The special value of a natural medicine if it is consumed without heat treatment. But to be sure not only of the health of the goat, but also of the purity of the product, you need to perform a number of procedures:

  1. Hair on and around the udder is regularly removed.
  2. The animal is trained to take milk in a goat milking parlor.
  3. Before milking, the teats are disinfected in any solution with antibacterial properties. Housewives prefer to wash the breasts with an iodine solution and then milk a drop of milk into a separate mug. Then wipe the udder with a dry towel, gentle movements.
  4. Wash your hands and start milking with the machine or by hand. When milking by hand, periodically pass the first streams of milk through a sieve. If filamentous inclusions remain on the cells, the goat is sick and milk cannot be consumed..
  5. Fresh milk is immediately cooled. The deeper the cooling, the tastier the milk.

Milk acquires an unpleasant taste and smell if the animal is sick, is kept in the same room with a goat, or has eaten weed with a special smell.

It is good if milk is taken in one place by building a simple device – a milking machine.

The goat is a very affectionate animal and quickly gets used to its owner. During milking, it is necessary to talk with the animal, it does not matter what, but the intonation should be peaceful, the voice should be gentle. Don’t forget to bring the goat a treat.

Mechanical milking device for goats

Vacuum milking machines designed specifically for goats are similar to cow milking machines, but have 2 cups instead of 4 and are smaller. A goat milking machine consists of components:

  • a milking bucket or can with a special inner coating;
  • glasses with special silicone inserts;
  • pulsar;
  • compressor.

Depending on the size of the dairy herd, instead of a milk container, a milk pipe can be used to collect the product into a common container. Devices designed for the simultaneous collection of milk from one or two goats are called manual.

Varieties of devices

The industry offers ready-made milking machines for goats mini and intended for the herd.

milking machine mini milking machineAn example of such equipment is the Doyushka Mini 1 SK for a goat. For an hour of operation, the apparatus sequentially serves 8-10 goats. The device is equipped with a stainless food steel can with a capacity of 25 liters, operates from a 220 V mains supply.The frequency of pulsations 64-74 times per minute corresponds to the physiological norm when a calf sucks milk. After delivery of milk, the nipples decrease in cross section and the glasses spontaneously fall off. The device costs 32-33 thousand rubles.

maiga apparatusThe Maiga is considered to be a light and mobile machine for milking goats. It is relatively inexpensive and intended for a small herd. The set includes a can, a pump is not provided. The weight of the device is 7.5 kg, which makes it convenient to use.Burenka apparatus

The manual milking machine for goats “Burenka” is in demand. The main distinguishing quality is noiseless operation. All elements in contact with milk are made of stainless steel. The can has a volume of 22.5 liters, the weight of the device is 42 kg.

You can go along a more economical path – purchase the main components as spare parts. Would need:

  • engine;
  • pump;
  • milk container;
  • milking kit.

Even if you buy everything, assembling the device yourself will be much cheaper..

Arrange milking with your own hands

homemade machineFirst of all, you need to arrange a pedestal – a place where it is convenient to milk the goat by hand or using an apparatus. To do this, you need to place the goat so that the neck is clamped, then the goat’s ability to move is limited. In order for her to stand calmly, relaxed, she needs to be offered a treat. In this way, the animal can be easily accustomed to the milking place, and psychologically it will be ready for the process..

Tired of milking by hand? We assemble a milking machine for a goat with our own hands. First, you need to carefully examine the existing structures and roughly determine the weight of the attached parts so that the animal is comfortable. When assembling the machine, you need to be patient – even experienced craftsmen eliminate imperfections that are revealed during the milking process.

milking uozChoose a vacuum pump to ensure product cleanliness. It is better not to mess with oil pumps – they will leak, the milk is spoiled. Transparent polypropylene hoses are the best in this system. They can be washed with hot water, a trickle of milk is visible in them, and when to stop milking, it is clearly determined.

Sometimes poorly adjusted machines and inept operators break the nipples of goats. A gap is obtained when the vacuum is exceeded and if the glasses are removed without stopping the suction.

You need to choose cups for milking with love for the goat. They should fit snugly around the nipple, but not squeeze. It will be comfortable for the nurse and she, in a relaxed state, will allow you to milk more. Cups with silicone tips – so far the best thing invented for the process

A milk container is required. It must meet hygiene requirements. Better to use enamel or stainless steel cookware. You will need to purchase a pulsator, since vacuum suction is accompanied by a period of nipple filling. The frequency of pulsation 60 times per minute is quite physiological.

mobile milking machineOur installation lacks the driving force that will drive the pump. If there is an electrical network, the best way would be to install a motor with a power of up to 0.5 kW. Fits from an old washing machine, refrigerator or drill. In another way, you can turn the pump manually or mechanically, having received a manual milking machine for goats.

Mini milking machine video

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