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Baycox and other drugs for the treatment of chickens

Hatchery chicks Chicks born in an incubator and growing without a hen are significantly less protected from diseases than their peers who are under the care of a hen. One of the drugs that every poultry farmer should have at hand, Baycox, instructions for use for chickens will tell you the doses and methods of use.

The list of diseases dangerous for chickens in the first days of life and young growth includes several dozen infectious, viral and parasitic diseases. They are often difficult to recognize and the bird will die within hours or days. Therefore, literally from the first day, it is important to take care of the immunity of birds..

How to drink chickens in the first days of life? Incubator chicks appear sterile. And the digestive system is gradually occupied by both beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms. Any failure in nutrition or conditions of detention in this case threatens to disrupt the unstable balance, the development of intestinal infections, helminthic invasions and other unpleasant problems.

Chickens are given probiotics and vitamins from day one To activate the formation of bird microflora, strengthen immunity and protect chicks from the negative effects of the external environment, experienced poultry farmers advise not to hesitate, but from the first days actively use probiotics and vitamins for chickens.

What is contained in these preparations, and what is their effect on the chicken’s body?

Chicken probiotics

Probiotics are therapeutic and prophylactic preparations containing substances that can have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, maintain its balance, and, if necessary, restore it. Mostly probiotic products contain microbial products.

Probiotics have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora of chickensFor chickens, probiotics are useful from the first days of life. An example of an effective product is the Bacell feed additive. The drug contains:

  • enzyme complex;
  • substances that contribute to the accelerated formation of microflora in the intestines of poultry;
  • components that prevent the development of pathogenic microflora;
  • live strains of beneficial microorganisms.

The advantage of Bacell is its natural origin and effective action against birds of almost all ages and breeds..

Once in the body of chickens, the probiotic increases the digestibility of the feed given, which affects the rate of development of the livestock and its quality indicators..

Drinking the drug VetomFor older birds, use the drug Vetom. An active biological supplement designed to normalize the intestinal microflora and increase the natural resistance of the bird’s body. This probiotic for chickens and young animals is effective in cases of intestinal disorders, diarrhea, it can be given during rehabilitation after taking antibiotics and stressful situations, for example, after vaccination of poultry.

Vitamins for chickens

Trivitamin will help eliminate vitamin deficiency in chicks

Like probiotics, vitamins are important for chickens. No matter how balanced and nutritious the feed for the young, it cannot fully meet the needs of rapidly growing chicks for amino acids, vitamins and microelements..

To exclude vitamin deficiency and prevent the threat of associated painful conditions, among other drugs, Trivitamin is used for chickens. The composition of this product includes groups of essential vitamins A, D3, E in the form of a solution in oil. For prophylactic purposes, the drug is given together with compound feeds or mixtures that go to the common feeding trough. When Chicken Twitamin is used for treatment or rehabilitation, it is given to each bird individually..

To replenish the deficiency of vitamins and amino acids, the multivitamin agent Aminovital is used. It is a water-soluble formulation that provides rapid absorption of active ingredients, useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases in poultry..

Replenish vitamin deficiency AminovitalChickens are given the drug with food or water from the first days of life, which allows for the rapid growth of the bird, its resistance to stress, infection with parasites and infections. Like other vitamins for chickens, Aminovital helps to successfully fight existing diseases, and is also used after recovery for a speedy recovery..

What medicines will help the poultry farmer cope with poultry diseases??

Baycox and other coccidiosis drugs for chickens

Baycox is used to fight infectionsThe main hazards for young domestic chickens are coccidiosis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis and other infections. To combat them, poultry farmers are offered a lot of drugs that have an effect on one or more varieties of pathogens.

According to the instructions for use, Baycox for chickens is effective against the simplest microorganisms that cause coccidiosis. The drug acts almost instantly, has no serious side effects for young animals and does not harm the bird even if the recommended dose is exceeded.

The only limitation is a ban on the use of Baycox for sick or at risk laying hens..

Baycox is offered in the form of a solution, which is given to the bird along with drinking water. If birds develop clinical signs of coccidiosis, they are immediately given a two-day course of treatment, which, if necessary, can be repeated five days later. Doses and recommended time intervals for taking Baycox for chickens are in the instructions for use. It is also indicated here that the drug works well with most nutritional supplements, vitamins and probiotics for chickens..

Amprolium will help prevent the development of coccidiosisTo combat coccidiosis, not only Baycox is used, but also other drugs for the treatment of chickens.

Amprolium is highly active against pathogens. This remedy is given to livestock with feed or water and, penetrating into the digestive system, acts on the mucous membrane affected by coccidia. The drug is practically not absorbed and, having inflicted its blow on the harmful protozoa, comes out with droppings.

On the basis of the same active ingredient as Amprolium, another drug has been created – Koktsidiovit. This is not a solution, but a soluble powder with similar methods of administration and similar action, but containing vitamins A and K important for chickens. Thanks to such an additive, even seriously ill birds recover more easily, suffer less from the destructive effect of coccidia on the intestinal epithelium and blood loss..

Baytril for chickens: instructions and methods of application

In addition to narrowly targeted drugs, to which Baycox belongs according to the instructions for use, chickens are given antibiotics and antibacterial agents of a wide spectrum of action. This class of drugs includes Baytril 10%.

The drug is produced in the form of a solution for drinking poultry and can be successfully used for colibacillosis, necrotizing enteritis, mycoplasmosis, infectious diseases caused by several pathogenic microorganisms at once or in secondary infections.

Broad-spectrum antibacterial agent BaytrilSome viruses, as well as salmonella, streptococci, pasteurellosis pathogens respond to the effects of Baytril.

If you follow the instructions for Baytril, for chickens this drug is suggested to be added to drinking water. A bird for three days, in addition to food, should only use a medicinal solution. With salmonellosis, the duration of the course is five days. The treatment is repeated or the drug is changed if 2-3 days after the course the poultry farmer does not see any improvement.

Eriprim: instructions for use for chickens

Eriprim powderMany diseases in poultry are associated with indigestion, lethargy, fever and loss of appetite. Some of these ailments are caused by pathogenic bacteria and protozoa. It is not possible to quickly diagnose a specific pathogen immediately, and therefore drugs of a wide spectrum of action come to the aid of the poultry farmer..

Offered in the form of a water-soluble powder, Eriprim is a highly effective combined preparation that successfully neutralizes the causative agents of pasteurellosis, chlamydia, salmonellosis, coccidiosis and mycoplasmosis, as well as some other poultry diseases..

The instruction for the use of Eriprim for chickens indicates that the medicine must be given in a mixture with food or water, individually or in a group for 5-7 days. Moreover, in the composition of dry mixtures, the drug retains its activity for almost two months, but water with dissolved powder should be used in just two days.

Enroxil for chickens

Enroxil for chickensAn antibacterial drug with a wide range of action and high efficiency rates against many diseases, Enroxil is available in two forms: powder and solution.

For chickens, Enroxil is useful for colibacillosis, mycoplasmosis, salmonellosis, streptococci and other types of bacterial flora. The tool is well suited for the prevention and treatment of broiler chickens, while the specificity of the tool must be taken into account:

  1. The solution is given with drinking water for three days..
  2. Powder is added to compound feed.

Chickens receive antibacterial EnroxilThe healing effect is noticeable within 2 hours after the first use and lasts for 6 hours.

Chicken-effective Enroxil should not be given to hens due to the risk of antibiotic ingestion..

Chiktonik: instructions for use for chickens

Chiktonik perfectly replenishes the deficiency of bioactive substances in the chicken's bodyTo support the poultry weakened during illness, it is useful for chickens both during and after treatment to provide balanced feed additives containing both vitamins and amino acids..

This is the composition of Chiktonika added to drinking water. This tool is intended to replenish the deficiency of bioactive substances, normalize metabolic processes, accelerate rehabilitation after illness and stress. The use of Chiktonik for chickens, according to the instructions, is advisable and for preventive purposes, as well as during the period of intensive growth and after vaccination.

Young animals respond well to receiving this beneficial supplement. If its use begins from the first days of life, the poultry farmer manages to better preserve the number of chickens, while the young are easier to acclimatize, more resistant to diseases and changing feed.

How to calculate and give medicine to a bird – video

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