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Getting the right vitamins for broiler chickens

vitamins necessary for chickens Raising chicks is not easy. Vitamins for broiler chickens play an important role in the diet. In micro doses, they stimulate biochemical processes in the body. Lack of catalysts leads to stunted growth, non-infectious diseases. But it is important to maintain a balance, extra vitamins cause worse consequences than their lack..

Rules and techniques for vitaminization of broiler chickens

healthy chicks The peculiarity of meat crosses is rapid growth. Marketable weight is gained in 2 months. But broilers are not a breed, but an artificial hybrid. Therefore, it must develop under certain conditions. Care and feed for these chickens is special.

Thus, it is believed that rapid weight gain is stimulated by a large amount of vitamins and a balanced feed. In this case, the diet changes depending on the age of the squeak. Subject to lighting, air exchange and temperature, food should contain the following ingredients:

  • from the third day of life, fresh grass or cereal sprouts are added to the feed;
  • on the fifth day, add green onions to broilers, gradually increasing the amount;
  • starting from 5-7 days, grated carrots should be present in the diet;
  • you can water babies with low-fat whey and yogurt from the first day.

Onions and lactic acid bacteria make it possible to form their own microflora in the intestines of the chicken. And soldering on the first day of glucose in a concentration of 10% of the total amount of water allows you to quickly decompose the rest of the egg yolk in the body, affects the further development of the individual.

From the fifth day, you can give chickens pharmacy vitamin complexes, according to the instructions for use. At the same time, it is important that any complexes are added to moistened feed or drinking water. Vitamins can be collected in multivitamin formulations. Premixes are often used, which represent the complex of the most important additives in a balanced form:

  • amino acids;
  • antibiotics;
  • minerals.

feeding chickens with a vitamin complexA balanced composition, which includes vitamins for broiler chickens, is added to the mash in a small amount. In the manufacture of compound feeds, they are enriched, including ready-made mixtures.

Biological additives that make up the premix are destroyed by high temperatures. Therefore, the vitamin supplement is poured only into a warm mash.

An example of the correct use of premixes in a balanced diet is the special BMVD feed. This type of feed for broiler chickens is intended for a certain age:

  1. Starter feed contains 5% premix with a predominance of the protein component.
  2. Fattening – serve for rapid growth.
  3. Finishing compound feed is responsible for the maturation of the taste of muscle mass.

For broilers, only BMDV is used with a content of complex additives in the amount of 5%. Special compound feed is not cheap. But with a balanced diet, the benefits of its use are obvious. For 1 kg of bird weight, 2 kg of feed is used, provided there is no growth retardation. That is why the use of vitamins for broiler chickens is mandatory..

Natural vitamins for broiler chickens

chives for broiler chickensIn the peasant economy, it is possible to partially replace the pharmacy vitamin formulations with natural ones. The most famous and available herb in any season is the onion feather. It can be driven out in winter, grown in the garden. All birds love onions. It destroys parasites in the intestines and delivers the trace mineral sulfur. Add green onions to broilers in the mixes at the rate of 5-6 g per individual, but start with 1 gram. Chickens eat finely chopped onions willingly, starting from the fifth day of life. In the absence of greens, you can add grated onion, but let it stand for a while so that the pungent smell disappears. In winter, it is easy to get seedlings from cereals by sowing them in regular moss..walking chickens on the grass

Vitamins for broiler chickens grow at home in the beds. It is important to wash the vegetables and herbs, and exclude the ingress of celandine. It’s poison! You can not give uncut grass, it will get tangled in the ventricle.

Sorrel is a spring storehouse of vitamins. In early spring, grass containing vitamins B, PP, C, E, F, K will be served at the poultry table. In addition, there are biologically active substances, fiber and protein in sorrel..

Cabbage contains sulfur and vitamin K. It is rubbed and added to the mash. Add a little, 1 teaspoon per bird. Dandelion and nettle leaves, steamed and chopped hay, grated vegetables are cut into a mash.

Yeast, on the other hand, improves intestinal flora. Starting from day 8, give them a little, 1 teaspoon for 10 birds. Yeast promotes rapid growth. Soaked crackers and bread also work..

Fresh low-fat curdled milk, whey, cottage cheese – products that carry calcium and vitamin D, they have a beneficial effect on the growing body. On a warm summer day, chickens can be released on the grass lawn, they themselves will peck vitamins.

Use of industrial concentrated vitamins

All poultry farmers know the effectiveness of pharmacy vitamin complexes. So, Aminovital contains 18 essential amino acids, 8 vitamins and trace elements. The drug is water-soluble, added to drinking water in the first week at a concentration of 2-4 ml per 10 liters of water. If the bird is weakened or has undergone antibiotic treatment, she simply needs a vitamin complex.

vitamin complex ChiktonikThe drug Chiktonik belongs to a number of probiotics. Probiotics are used to strengthen the immune system, to restore microflora in the digestive tract of the chicken, and to fortify the body. According to the instructions for use, Chiktonik is used for drinking, at a dosage of 1 ml per 1 liter of water for a week. No side effects from the use of the drug were recorded.

Any summer resident can raise broiler chickens, get pure dietary meat. It is important to treat the squeaks carefully, to create conditions for their healthy development. Special vitamin supplements have been created to help the worker..

Chicken Vitamin Supplement Videos

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