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Meet the Ideal Hen incubator

incubator ideal brood In numerous reviews of poultry farmers, the “Ideal brood hen” incubator is often found. Some find many disadvantages in it, others describe the advantages. However, the models are in demand, let’s consider the design in more detail..

The difference between the “Ideal brood hen” and similar models

incubator model ideal brood hen For home use, manufacturers offer inexpensive units in a thick foam casing. They are cheaper and lighter than machines with a multi-layer body made of insulation, plastic or metal. Incubator Ideal brood hen belongs to the class of budget devices.

The first difference of the case is that 15 grooves resembling saucers are made on the bottom from the inside. They are designed to fill with boiled water, create moisture in the incubation chamber.

There are 3 options for incubators for a different number of eggs, their dimensions are 59 * 54 * 32 cm are the same. But 90 eggs are turned manually, and 63 can be turned mechanically and automatically. The cheapest incubator.heating elements

The model is distinguished by the location of the heaters on the top cover. The large heating area ensures uniform heating of the eggs in every corner of the chamber. At the same time, a transparent inspection hatch is mounted in the top cover.

Another difference between household incubators Ideal hen – in the absence of a 220 V mains supply, additional battery connection is not provided. We’ll have to save the embryos by covering the box with alternative coolants – flasks of water, pillows.

The incubation process should be monitored on days 7 and 11. If on the 11-13th day the egg has completely darkened, the process is proceeding normally. Non-viable eggs should be removed from the chamber, bacteria grow in the biological mass, the “talker” can explode.

The set of all devices has a temperature control sensor, digital or analog, and a thermometer. The temperature is set by the regulator. Control devices are located on the top cover in an accessible place. The device has built-in protection against breakdown of electricity. The devices of different series differ in equipment and the number of eggs in a set:

  • IB1NB – 35 pcs., Manual overturn;
  • IB2NB – 63 pcs., Mechanical overturn;
  • IB2NB – 90 pcs., Manual overturn.

With the addition of a special block EP1, the IB2NB incubator becomes automatic, IB3NB, the egg overturning occurs after 4 hours.electric drive

General operating instructions for incubators

Incubator instructions Ideal brood hen common to all types of devices. The relevant sections clarify the rules for handling different models:

  1. The choice of location for the incubator affects the quality of the brood. If the room is stuffy, then the ventilation holes in the case need to be expanded..
  2. Particular attention should be paid to the safety of the appliance. Pay particular attention to the integrity of the insulation and contacts of the equipment.
  3. Detailed description of the incubator, its functional units and their performance characteristics.
  4. Step-by-step procedure for preparing the device for receiving eggs. Important points that should be noted are highlighted in italics. It is in this section that a detailed electrical diagram of the brooding incubator is provided for all modifications with the decoding of the parameters of resistors, capacitors and transistors.resistor circuit
  5. A very important point is the requirement for the quality of the eggs, their marking and correct laying. The manufacturer guarantees 100% hatching of only selected eggs using oatsol and their shelf life is no more than 10 days in appropriate conditions.
  6. Hatchery Process The ideal brood hen should be under the control of the breeder. Describes how to properly turn eggs, control temperature and the consequences of improper incubation.
  7. How to clean the device after the process, where to store it and where to repair it.

Detailed instructions will help even a beginner to carry out the process correctly.

When overheated, dried chickens are dirty, the umbilical cord is yellow. The same happens if there is not enough moisture in the chamber. If there was undercooling, the navel did not heal, the umbilical cord is green. In all cases of violation of the regime, chicks are lethargic, refuse to peck food, fall.

Features of the incubator with mechanical egg turning

turning device installationFor incubators Ideal hen IB2NB manufacturer has provided a device for the simultaneous overturn of 63 eggs by smooth movement of the device lever. But at the same time, the process must be monitored through the viewing window. Eggs laid on the wire rack should be visibly marked on one side of the surface. When flipping, the marks should be in the same direction. If this does not work out, you need to open the lid and quickly fix the brood material..

The model of the incubator “Nedka”, a mechanical version, is equipped with an electronic temperature controller and a temperature sensor. Adjust the mode by turning the knob of the thermostat. Pour water into the recesses through the grate. In this case, the mains supply is disconnected..

For uniform heating, eggs should be smoothly moved from the periphery to the center once a day. In the last week, do not move the eggs, do not overturn, remove the device from the chamber.

Incubation process automation

automation of the incubation processIt is much more convenient to conduct chick hatching, relying on the electronic control of an automated process. It is worth purchasing in addition to the electronic unit EP-1 in addition to the existing one in the mechanical model and assembling the installation, according to the manual for the preparation of the electric drive, and we will get an automatic incubator Ideal hen. Having set up the program, we will obtain compliance with the temperature and humidity conditions with a minimum error. But you need to control the process visually and with the help of an ovoscope.

In the last days of incubation, with sustained parameters, one can notice activity in the chamber – a faint squeak is heard, cracks appear on the shells. At this time, it is necessary to ensure complete rest in the room..

Incubator “Ideal brood” is no better and no worse than similar devices in this price category.

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