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Incubator Blitz – the choice of experienced poultry farmers

incubator blitz norm Increasingly, villagers and summer residents provide themselves with meat and eggs, engaging in poultry farming. Incubator Blitz will help you get a full-fledged brood of chickens, goslings, quails. It is these thermostats that provide 100% results, subject to the rules of operation..

Arrangement of incubators Blitz

blitz incubator device The two-layer body is made of birch plywood and dense, extruded polystyrene foam. At the same time, the surface is galvanized from the inside. Wall thickness of at least 3 cm.Most Blitz incubators have a transparent lid that allows you to observe the process.

On one side, a control unit is attached to the side wall. Thermocouples and a fan are mounted inside. In the working chamber there are evaporation trays and a tray for laying eggs..

Incubator Blitz is equipped with:

  • a thermostat, which is brought into operation by a button, and a task is set with the adjustment knob;
  • a thermometer on the panel shows the actual temperature at the control point with an accuracy of 0.10;
  • the rotary mechanism carries out the horizontal movement of the bookmark by 450 after 2 hours;
  • the fan runs constantly, from a 12 V converter;
  • there are two evaporation trays, but both are installed for the brood of waterfowl; for chickens and turkeys, one is enough;
  • backup battery not included in all models.

A 6ST55 battery is used for backup power, the charge lasts for 18-22 hours, depending on the volume of the incubation chamber. Automatic switching is provided without changing the parameters. Incubator manufacturer Blitz gives a 2-year warranty for the devices.

Each device is accompanied by an instruction with a detailed description of the preparation of the incubation material, the sequence of operations. Accurate follow-up will allow you to get the desired result.

Types of incubators

incubator model blitz 48Depending on the size of the thermostat and its automatic equipment, 6 series of devices were produced.

The Blitz-48 incubator model is suitable for household use. It is difficult to get more full fertilized eggs from a small flock in a short period. The fresher the egg, the better the conditions for the development of the embryo. Select a quiet location for the hatcher. It is better to purchase a digital incubator Blitz-48. Its peculiarity is the presence of automatic egg turning. If the temperature in the chamber changes, the battery turns on or is about to run out, a beep sounds. True, the automation noticeably makes the model heavier in weight from 4.5 kg to 7.5, and in cost. For the first time, the instructions for the Blitz-48 incubator will help to incubate any eggs.

The last two days before the end of the incubation, the automatic inversion mode is turned off. Eggs that hatch are not disturbing. After the appearance of the chicken, it is allowed to dry, the chickens and shells are removed, opening the chamber every 8 hours.

The clear interface of the control panel will help even a beginner to understand the process of breeding feathered offspring. All models for setting 72 and 120 eggs have a glass lid and the hatching chamber is fully visible. Reliability, accompanied by a pleasant price, makes the incubator from Orenburg in demand.blitz incubator control panel

The Blitz-72 incubator is produced in a simple design and with an electronic control unit. It differs from the previous model in greater capacity. Starting with this series, the device is equipped with a battery, but it costs more. The budgetary and lighter version of the Blitz automatic incubator is presented in a foam casing without plywood lining. The device weighs 4.5 kg, has full functionality.

Larger chambers already have 2 grates for eggs, since it is inconvenient to turn a large plane 45 degrees. The larger volume of the chamber requires the installation of two additional trays – evaporators and a fan. Incubator Blitz-120 is produced only with automatic process control.automatic egg turning

The devices of the Baza series are considered to be modern, technologically not inferior to imported counterparts. These devices retained the advantages of their predecessors, but received some improvements that allow the use of the equipment in business projects..

The Blitz Baza incubator has become more massive by replacing the plywood cladding with a metal body. The heavy apparatus was put on wheels. Five egg trays, a reinforced fan, and even a lint filter are included in the chamber. Laying 520 eggs allows day-old chick sales to be commercialized.

The instruments are accessed through a rear opening panel. The front glass in the incubation chamber allows you to observe the process. Incubator Blitz Base is shaped like a refrigerator.hatching chickens in a blitz

Regardless of the model of the selected Blitz incubator, the instructions for setting and the incubation process must be followed strictly. It is important after each cycle to carry out a thorough hygienic cleaning inside the disinfection chamber.

Advantages and disadvantages of Blitz incubators

Most often, models for 48 and 72 eggs are used in the household. It is on them that you can find more reviews. Users note the thoughtfulness of the design:

  1. The upper transparent cover is convenient for monitoring the process without depressurizing the chamber.
  2. A set of trays with different mesh sizes allows you to use the device for withdrawing any species of birds.
  3. Intuitive control system and automatic process guidance.
  4. Ability to complete the withdrawal process even with a short-term power failure.

Disadvantages noted by users: inconvenient topping up water, and laying eggs. No other complaints were found. But on later models, the developer took into account the comments.

Wash the inner galvanized surface of the incubation chamber with soapy water, rinse with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Dry the appliance in direct sunlight.

You can buy Blitz incubators from the manufacturer without trade margins, but with payment of delivery costs, you can at an enterprise in Orenburg.

Acquaintance with the Blitz-48c incubator – video

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