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What attracts the incubator Laying hen of amateur poultry breeders

household incubator laying hen Breeding birds is an exciting activity associated with the constant renewal of the livestock. The Laying incubator will help to get a new brood without much hassle. The model belongs to low-budget devices, adapted for rural power outages. Detailed instructions will help you master the device at the very first litter of any type of poultry.

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General characteristics of incubators

preparation of the incubator laying hen for operation The body of the device is made of thick foam, which retains heat well in the inner chamber. But the material requires careful handling, it is fragile and easily contaminated. The inner porous surface of the incubator The laying hen requires thorough cleaning and disinfection after each work cycle.

The dimensions and weight of the instrument depend on the size of the incubation chamber. There are modifications that can hold 36 – 104 chicken eggs. The device is supplied with only a grill for hatching chicks.

Other pallets with larger or smaller mesh sizes are available separately. Not included in the incubator package Laying hen and battery, you can use a car battery or buy additionally with a charging station.

An important function during the hatching period is the periodic embryo turnover. In the simplest models, it is done manually, which is very troublesome. There are models with automatic egg turning, and fully automatic devices that regulate temperature and humidity. Automatic incubator Laying hen works according to the principle – made a bookmark and forgot for a week.automatic turn connection diagram

The difference between the Novosibirsk model is in the absence of containers filled with water. The bottom bottom is made of polystyrene with recesses into which water is supplied. The mains supply 220 V to the rotary device and 12 V to the thermostat through the converter. Therefore, using the battery does not change the setting and will provide 20 hours of operation..

Initially, the incubator for domestic needs had a series of BI 1 for 36 and 63 eggs. Later, the device BI 2 appeared, which is more efficient, the bookmark is 77 and 104 pieces. In principle, household incubators BI 1 and BI 2 are no different. Both models are equipped with additional options.

The temperature is set and controlled by an analog or digital thermometer. You can check the accuracy of their values ​​with a medical thermometer placed on top of the eggs. When completing, the use of different types of thermostats for incubators is of great importance to the cost..

incubator thermostatThe figure shows a simple 220 V thermostat that supports:

  • auto-flip function;
  • the set temperature in the chamber;
  • switch to backup power supply.

Such a device is inexpensive, it is necessary so as not to work as a hen during the entire incubation period..

A digital thermostat is used for automatic process control. It has a process program, memory, humidity measurement sensor, and additional terminals for connecting the battery. In this case, if there is no voltage in the network, the flip device does not work..

The scheme of the BI-1 and BI-2 incubator is assembled on a board and has the following form:incubator board

It regulates the operating mode of the device:

  • temperature in the range of 33-450;
  • temperature error 0.50;
  • output to operating mode no more than 90 minutes;
  • coup frequency – 1-8 hours;
  • mains voltage – 200-240 V.

Incubator User Guide

When laying eggs for the first time, you should not neglect the recommendations set out in the instructions for the incubator Laying hen. The first step is to choose a quiet room with a constant room temperature. You need to install the incubator on a table or bedside table. There should also be a place for a battery, a container with water and oats. Direct sunlight should not enter the room.

Preparing the device for switching on consists of the following steps:

  • inspection of the case for integrity and checking the availability of components according to the instructions;
  • the lattice is lowered into the body with the smooth side up;
  • a flip node is inserted;
  • the cover is installed;
  • the device is plugged into the socket, when the temperature reaches the target, the indicator will blink;
  • de-energize the incubator, connect the 12 V thermostat and wait for the indicator to flash.

Picking up and laying eggs is the most important operation.

setting eggs in an incubatorBefore laying eggs and during incubation, it is necessary to monitor the development of the embryo. Eggs are selected fresh, stored in a cool room, and checked for the presence of a fertilized embryo before laying. To control the coups, it is important to make marks on the shell with a simple soft pencil. They will help determine if all the eggs are changing position. If the process proceeds without deviations, then control through the device will show how the embryo develops gradually..embryo development

At the same time, you need to remember that two days before the end of incubation, it is necessary to turn off the coup and the last days of the chickens should start biting in silence. The embryo can freeze and stop development if a sudden sharp knock is heard in the room..

It is not possible to achieve a uniform temperature in the incubator over the entire area. To create the same conditions, the hatching eggs should be interchanged periodically. Peripheral corner eggs are transferred closer to the center. The chicken can go out after pecking for about a day. You don’t need to help him, you get a freak.

The incubator manufacturer Laying gave it a lifespan of at least 10 years with a one-year warranty. However, the long service life can be significantly reduced if the instrument is stored in a sunny location. Ultraviolet rays decompose polystyrene foam.

start outputAfter each cycle, the inner chamber must be thoroughly rinsed with soapy water. Do not use household chemicals, only household or baby soap. After the box needs to be dried. If this is not done on time, mold will settle in the incubator and it will be difficult to get rid of it..

The easiest way to master an automatic incubator is a Laying hen. The mode is maintained automatically, without human intervention and the efficiency reaches 80%.

Video feedback on the work of the incubator Laying hen


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