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Rules for growing Indoor at home

growing Indoor at home Today there are a huge number of bird species for agriculture. It is not surprising why novice farmers are interested in growing Indoor at home. The breed was developed by Hungarian scientists about 300 years ago. The birds were first demonstrated at a special exhibition in Vienna (1875). Later, the variety was appreciated first by the Europeans, and then, it “migrated” to Africa. Indokurs in Russian farmsteads The Indo-Kur was brought to the territory of Russia in 1911. Unfortunately, after the Second World War, their numbers declined significantly. However, farmers have managed to maintain an exotic population of poultry. Let’s get acquainted with the characteristics of naked chickens provided by experts.

The appearance of a cute bird

Indochur appearanceInhabitants of the chicken coop, which lack feathers on the neck and under the wings, amaze novice farmers. But, having become better acquainted with the valuable breed, they fall in love with it. These poultry are of the mixed type as they are valued for their tasty meat and high egg production..

Indokurs have other names:

  • Hungarian;
  • bare-necked;
  • transylvanian;
  • spanish chick.

adult hairless chickenAdults, like chickens, have a bare neck. Feathers are also missing on the head. Only on the back of the head there is a small bundle that resembles a pretty “hat”. Thoroughbred representatives of the breed are devoid of cover under the wings, as well as on the back of the legs. According to experts, this feature appeared as a result of gene mutation. They are considered dominant because they are passed on to the next generations. Some scientists suggest that the Indokurs “removed” their plumage due to the hot climate..

The more bald spots an individual has, the closer it is to its “ancestor”.

Lush outfit and head

plumage on the headThe breed is recognized not only by the lack of plumage. Indokurs are distinguished by their “stylish”, although not rich attire. For example, the male can boast of a cuckoo or variegated color..

And females are:

  • black;
  • light brown;
  • chestnut.

Resin-colored Indo-Coes with white blotches and a bright red neck look very impressive. These were the first individuals that were bred three centuries ago..

The Hungarian breed of chickens is distinguished by a small head with a wide parietal region. It is decorated with a leaf-shaped comb, painted in a deep red color. Cute scarlet earrings hang on the sides. The beak is straight. The tip is slightly bent downward. The eyeballs are colored amber.

Neck and torso

cock with a bare neckDue to the lack of feathers, the bird’s neck appears to be much longer. In fact, it is medium in size. Its lower part is sometimes decorated with a “shirt-front” consisting of feathers. She gives the Indoors a decorative look.

body structureThe body of the bird is rectangular. The chest is slightly forward and well developed. The back part is decorated with a fluffy tail. In relation to the body, it is located at an angle of approximately 15 °. The wings are lowered down and do not adhere to the side of the body. Short strong legs have 4 toes. Metatarsus are painted gray or bright yellow.

Indoor specimens whose tail is too steep are not suitable for breeding offspring.

Advantages and possible vices

young Indo-chickenIndokurs begin to rush from the age of five months. For a year, a young individual can bring about 180 eggs, which weigh about 60 g. The average weight of an adult chicken ranges from 2 to 2.5 kg. A cock with a bare neck reaches 3.5-4 kg. Poultry meat has a delicate taste and is considered a dietary product. Experienced farmers pay attention to various vices when choosing Indoor for breeding..

Such factors are considered unacceptable.:

  • black mask on the face;
  • yellow color of the skin on the bare areas of the body;
  • too dark eyes;
  • black spots on the neck;
  • white earrings;
  • feathers under the wings.

Of course, these chickens will gain weight. Over time, eggs will appear. However, they cannot be used for breeding pedigree offspring. Better to find a flawless one that matches the description of the breed.

Indoor cultivation technology at home

young Indo-chickenInexperienced farmers are afraid to have golos in the middle latitudes. They think that “bald” birds will not survive severe frosts. Practice shows that such fears are groundless. The main condition is to watch the comb of the rooster. Indeed, at low temperatures, it can suffer. Farmers are advised to lubricate it with goose fat or a special cream. In addition, it is important to adhere to the indoor cultivation scheme, which consists of simple rules. Let’s consider some of them.

Females tolerate the winter cold much easier and rush even at freezing temperatures..

Roof over your head

conditions of detention of Indokur

A standard chicken coop is quite suitable for home golosheyk. In it I installT:

  • nests;
  • feeders;
  • drinkers.

Wooden slats for sleeping are made with a square section. Placed not very high so that the birds are comfortable “resting”. Since the Indoors love a dry environment, the floor in the room is covered with a moisture-absorbing material or covered with a layer of peat. It also maintains a comfortable temperature for birds, focusing on 12-16 ° C.

Although the Indokurs are afraid of drafts, it is advisable to regularly ventilate the room..

Adequate amount of light

lighting in the chicken coopThe performance of young layers is greatly influenced by sunlight. Unfortunately, in the cold season, its number decreases significantly. Farmers use artificial lighting so that the Indokers “do not notice” this. They turn on the lamps at 5 a.m. before the day and from about 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the evening..

For a room with an area of ​​6 m², it is enough to install a 60 W lamp.


lighting in the chicken coopIf well-fed chickens are walking around the yard, it means that they are being looked after according to all the rules. Nutrition is an important aspect of bird health..

It must contain:

  • grain crops;
  • corn;
  • legumes;
  • sprouted grain;
  • fresh herbs;
  • vitamins;
  • minerals.

In addition, the Indokurs will not give up bone meal, eggshells, cottage cheese, sea fish. The birds are fed 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening. Food is placed in the feeders in small portions so that it does not spoil.

Drinking bowls for chickens should be regularly filled with clean water..

Suitable young growth

Indo-chicken chickIn order to successfully breed thoroughbred birds, their “parents” are carefully examined. They should not have defects and clearly expressed defects. The best time to buy nude chickens is April or May..

They must meet these requirements.:

  • active behavior;
  • clean plumage without dropping residues;
  • correct beak shape;
  • pink cloaca.

Individuals that are 5 days old are susceptible to various infectious diseases. They don’t always survive transportation. Therefore, experts advise buying only diurnal birds that correspond to the description of chickens of the Spanish Golosheyka breed. Usually it is provided by specialists.

bred chickenIf desired, the new generation is brought out artificially. Eggs are laid in the incubator. Chicks appear after 21 days. The dried-up chicks are sent to a brooder and provided with round-the-clock lighting. They also maintain a maximum temperature of about + 30 ° C. For the first week, the birds are fed every 2 hours. First, they give a chopped boiled egg, sprinkled with semolina. Then greens (nettle, dandelion leaves, clover) and low-fat cottage cheese are introduced into the diet. Monthly individuals are fed 4 times a day.

incubator indocoonsGrowing an Indoor at home is quite simple and not troublesome. First, a comfortable room for the birds is prepared. Then young animals are acquired or removed artificially. Provide birds with complete nutrition. Increase the amount of light if necessary. As a result, the Indokurs will give the owners an abundance of eggs and dietary meat..

Successful cultivation of Indoor at home – video

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