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7 reasons why chickens lay small eggs and how to solve the problem

why chickens lay small eggs The question of why chickens lay small eggs often arises among novice farmers. The problem begins when laying hens, instead of standard eggs (70 g), bring miniature specimens (35 g). Of course, this turn of affairs is disappointing and frustrating. However, understanding the causes helps to wisely solve the problem that has arisen. Find out what experienced farmers have to say about this.

Why chickens lay small eggs: the main reasons

why chickens lay small eggs Scientists note that a chicken egg contains over 10 different vitamins, trace elements and 7 amino acids. All of them have a beneficial effect on human health and are quickly absorbed by the body. In addition, the product is used for feeding chickens and other poultry. It’s okay if a small specimen appears in the nest once a month. But when birds bring “small change” on a regular basis, it’s time to think about why chickens’ eggs become smaller and what needs to be done in such a situation. Experts point out several serious reasons.

Youth is a golden time

young chickensAging is a sad factor for all living organisms. Animals, like humans, lose strength and reproductive abilities over the years. On the other hand, individuals that are too “young” cannot always meet the needs of farmers. It is these nuances that are the first reason why chickens have small eggs..

Scientists have noticed that poultry produces approximately 4,000 eggs in their entire life. The first time this happens when a young female is 1 year old. Its weight should correspond to approximately ¾ from the mass of an adult. During this period, the bird reaches puberty..

In hybrid breeds, egg-laying begins at about 17 weeks of age..

a young hen is rushingAs a rule, young chickens lay eggs of small sizes, which are very different from the generally accepted standard. Inside it is a full-fledged yolk and a thin layer of protein. Over time, the oviduct in a young bird enlarges, and it produces a larger product. Unfortunately, there are times when the early puberty of chickens leads to internal inflammatory processes. Some individuals do not survive. Therefore, farmers advise not to artificially stimulate the natural development of layers..

Chicks that hatch in late winter or early spring will start to lay much earlier than the “May” individuals.

Bird species

chickens of different breedsWhen purchasing chickens on the market, it is advisable to ask what breed they are. Otherwise, when the birds grow up, the question will arise why adult chickens lay small eggs, although they have a rather large body. It turns out that some types of laying hens differ in just such a feature..

The most popular breeds include:

  • White sultanka (45 g);breed white sultanka
  • Hamburg (54 g);chickens of the Hamburg breed
  • Bentamka (40 g);bantam breed
  • Milfler (30 g).milfleur chicken

Among chickens that lay large eggs, such varieties are especially appreciated:

  • Pushkinskaya;chickens of the Pushkin breed
  • Hisex Brown;chickens highsex brown
  • Russian white;russian white
  • Tetra;breed tetra
  • Orlovskaya.breed of chickens Orlovskaya

In addition, it should be borne in mind that each period of regular egg-laying ends with a natural molt. Its onset is recognized by the small size of the eggs that the chicken brings several times..

Foreign body in the poultry oviduct

feeding chickens

Sometimes various objects enter the chicken’s body through the beak or cloaca. It can be:

  • small pebbles;
  • the remains of feathers;
  • bedding elements.

When any of the objects is in the oviduct, the bird’s body perceives it as a formed yolk. From above, it is enveloped in a protein mass, and over time in a shell. This is how a small, non-standard egg is born..

To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is advisable to keep the birds in a comfortable environment..

Hormonal disbalance

the chicken has a hormonal imbalanceAn important aspect of the successful development of poultry is the quality of the daily diet. Gross violations lead to various pathologies. No wonder chickens lay small eggs without yolk, disappointing their owners. Scientists explain the unusual phenomenon quite simply..

As you know, hormonal processes constantly occur inside the bird’s body. But in case of an unforeseen failure, the eggs are formed without the yolks. In addition, they are very small in size..

Such failures are caused by:

  • drafts;
  • extraneous noise;
  • poor quality feed.

Determine internal hormonal disorders by the appearance of individuals. Their feathers become brittle. “Bald” areas of the body appear. Some chickens lose weight dramatically, while others are obese.


the chicken got sickThe reason chickens lay small eggs is salpingitis. In simple terms, the disease is called inflammation of the oviduct. It often develops in young individuals. The acute form of the disease leads first to a decrease in the size of the eggs, and then, to their complete disappearance. A sick chicken has a depressed look. She refuses to feed. With an advanced disease, the oviduct falls out. Salpingitis is caused by a lack of vitamins or a large amount of protein feed.

Timely detection of the disease and proper treatment will help restore the health of poultry. Veterinarians advise adding foods that contain vitamins and potassium iodide to the diet. The acute form of the disease is treated with medication.


stress in laying hensLike all pets, chickens are very sensitive to change. Often, getting into unfamiliar conditions, they stop rushing or give relatively small specimens. This can continue for 7 days. Experts advise new owners not to panic, but to bide their time and watch the birds. In addition, they should be provided with adequate nutrition and decent care..

Extending daylight hours

lighting in the chicken coopFarmers have noticed that chickens need about 12-15 hours of daylight to fully lay eggs. Unfortunately, in the cold season, daylight hours lasts only 9 hours. Therefore, they install electric lamps in the room where they keep birds. As a result, not only the number of eggs increases, but also their size..

Ways to solve the problem

how to solve the problemWhen it becomes clear why chickens lay small eggs, experienced farmers take appropriate action. They pay special attention to the health of birds. If they find symptoms of inflammation of the oviduct, immediately contact the veterinarian..

Sick individuals are isolated and treated. It consists of actions like this:

  • daily bathing with warm water;
  • feeding individuals with diluted potassium iodide;
  • adding vitamins of groups A, E, D to feed.

If necessary, chickens are rinsed with salt water using an enema. After the procedure, they are given “Trichopol” or “Sulfadimezin”. The drug is ground into powder, diluted with water and poured into the chickens directly into the beak.

good nutrition for chickensDo not forget about good nutrition. At any time of the year, it must be balanced and contain a complex of vitamins and minerals. In summer, the bird is regularly “pampered” with green grass. In addition, there must be sufficient oxygen in the room where the hens live. The goal is achieved by regularly ventilating the room. In winter, it maintains an optimal temperature of about + 12 ° C, and in summer, within 22 ° C. If necessary, destroy all kinds of parasites that carry infections. Keep the chicken coop clean.

So, we have carefully considered what the size of a chicken egg depends on and how to solve the problem. It turned out that there are both external and internal factors. All of them can be easily solved if you follow the recommendations of experts. May there always be only large chicken eggs on our table.

Why chickens lay small eggs and how to fix the situation – video

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