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The advantage of breeding Bielefelder chickens at their summer cottage

chickens Bielefelder Bielefelder chickens are popular among farmers for their combination of high productivity, the ability to quickly gain weight, excellent resistance to many diseases with a calm, peaceful nature. Attractive appearance and bright, beautiful plumage make Bielefelder chickens a real decoration of the household.

Bielefelder chickens – breed standards

Bielefelder chickens in the courtyard The Belvedere or Bielefelder chicken breed is the result of long-term work of German breeders. She was born in 1974 in the German town of Bielefeld as a result of crossing four breeds of meat-eating direction at once – striped Amrox, Welzummer, Rhode Island and New Hampshire chickens..

The result of long-term breeding work has become the Bielefelder breed, which is highly resistant to most of the known diseases of poultry and is capable of laying a large number of eggs throughout the year..

Description of Bielefelder chickens:

  1. The body in roosters is elongated and massive, in chickens it is more rounded, with a pronounced line of the thighs and abdomen..Bielefelder rooster
  2. The average weight of adult males reaches 4.3-4.8 kg, chickens – up to 3.8 kg.
  3. The diameter of the marking ring for males is 22 mm, for layers 20 mm.
  4. The neck is powerful, shortened, the head is small.
  5. The beak is medium-sized, beige-brownish.
  6. Lobes are ovoid, oblong, deep red.
  7. Chest well developed, broad and slightly raised.
  8. The back is elongated, slightly bent.
  9. The belly is well developed, wide and pronounced..
  10. Comb – in chickens, small and straight, in roosters, red, leaf-shaped.hens
  11. The wings are medium in size, powerful, close to the body.
  12. The tail is bushy, small in size, turning sharply from the back upwards. Striped feathers.
  13. Paws are bright yellow, short and large.

The Bielefelder chicken is an excellent laying hen, capable of laying up to 220-240 eggs per year. The average weight of one egg with a brown shell is 70-80 g.

Plumage according to the breed standard can be of two types – silver or golden in combination with variegated and black stripes. This color is called “krill”.

Differences in the color of chickens

chicken colorBielefelder is an autosexual chicken species. This means that already at one day old, the sex of the chickens can be differentiated according to the characteristic features of the color..

The main differences between Bielefelder chickens at day old:

  • in diurnal cockerels, the fluff is light yellow, a light speck can be seen on the head, and brown stripes on the back;
  • in females, the shade of the cannon is darker and more saturated, on the back and head there are brown-black stripes, the eyes are “summed up” with a black outline.grown chickens

Sexual dimorphism is manifested in the fact that females have a darker and more saturated color with a predominance of brownish-red shades. In roosters, the color is lighter, but varied..

The nature of the Bielefelder breed

breed featuresBielefelder chickens have a calm, balanced and peaceful character. They are very friendly both with people and with other animals and birds, they almost never show aggression..

The friendliness of Bielefelder chickens is also a drawback, especially when kept together with other birds. They never fight for nest space or food, which can lead to stunted growth and reduced productivity. Therefore, it is better to keep representatives of this breed separately from other chickens..

Bielefelder chickens very quickly become attached to humans and can become real family favorites. These are gullible, quick-witted and affectionate birds that can be easily taught to execute the simplest commands..

Breed productivity

high productivity of the breedBielefelder is one of the best meat breeds. This bird is rapidly gaining weight – adult roosters can reach 4.7-4.9 kg, chickens up to 3.6-3.8 kg. The breed has white, firm and juicy meat, which is highly valued for its excellent taste and nutritional qualities. At the same time, Bielefelder does not require much time to gain weight – by 6 months the bird is gaining up to 2.8-3 kg.

Layers begin to lay eggs as soon as they reach puberty, that is, at 6 months. The maximum productivity is achieved in 1.5 years. Chickens lay all year round, yield up to 220-240 large and tasty eggs.

After reaching 3 years of age, the egg production of chickens decreases sharply, but their meat retains excellent delicious qualities..

Conditions for keeping chickens Bielefelder

conditions of keeping chickensProper housing conditions, care and balanced nutrition will ensure good health and maximum egg production for Bielefelder chickens. They adapt well to air temperature and can tolerate frosts down to -13 ° C, but in such conditions their productivity is significantly reduced..feeding chickens

Basic conditions for keeping chickens Bielefelder:

  1. The house should be warm, sheltered from drafts, and free from dampness. The air temperature in the hen house should not fall below + 10 ° С.
  2. On the floor of the chicken coop, it is imperative to lay a dense bedding of sawdust, peat or straw. The thickness of the summer litter should be up to 13-15 cm, winter – up to 20-25 cm.chickens in the greenhouse
  3. In winter, Bielefelder chickens need artificial lighting, since for high egg production they need at least 15 hours of daylight.
  4. For birds, a strong wooden perch with a height of 45-55 cm is equipped with a special ladder for lifting. Considering the large weight of chickens, you need to choose strong wooden beams..
  5. For laying hens it is necessary to equip nests with bedding.
  6. Feeders, drinkers with always clean water and ash baths are installed in the poultry house.
  7. A spacious aviary is being set up for walking birds. Representatives of the Bielefelder breed do not like to fly, so the enclosure fence may be low.

Bielefelder chickens in winterBielefelder chickens are a popular German meat breed. She gained popularity among farmers due to its unpretentiousness in keeping conditions, strong immunity and high egg production. Subject to the requirements for care, each poultry house will be able to receive not only tasty and large eggs and valuable meat, but also a spectacular decoration of the backyard.

Chickens Bielefelder in a private courtyard – video

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