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Types and varieties of terrestrial living carpets made of tenacious

tenacious in the wild It is not at all difficult to imagine a meadow covered with a floral carpet. Tenacious is a prominent representative of this natural design. And maybe the wandering Bremen Town musicians from the old cartoon sang about her.

In its natural environment, the plant is found in the African tropics, America, European forests and distant Australia. The cultivated tenacious was first presented in England at a gardening exhibition in 1653. The show took place in London, attended by color lovers from all over the world..

Description and features of the tenacious

tenacious creeping at their summer cottage The plant got its name due to its amazing ability to survive in adverse conditions. It adapts wonderfully to barren or stony soil. Other names for the tenacious are also known – Ayuga, Bitter and Dubnik. In horticulture, ornamental varieties that cover the ground are most often used. They can grow for a long time in one area without losing their pristine beauty..

spring awakening tenaciousSometimes at the beginning of spring, last year’s frostbitten leaves and shoots appear from under the snow. But this is not scary, since young leaves and stems always have a fresh look. In addition, the survivor quickly recovers. Active growth in this perennial begins in May, when the flowering period is behind.

Ayuga has medicinal properties, therefore it is used in medicine. In the United States, it is specially bred near bee hives, for honey inflorescences.

Experienced chefs use tenacious as a seasoning for salads or fish dishes. Gardeners decorate their private plots with it, and designers create unique landscapes..

creeping tenaciousThe description of the creeping tenacious helps to present the plant in full beauty. It has a shaggy stem, a four-sided shape. It grows up to 35 centimeters, while it is able to firmly root on the surface of the soil. As a result, the plant crawls along the ground, creating a living carpet..

Perennial leaves are oval, ovoid with jagged edges. Those at the roots are long-petiolate with a blue tint. The stems have large champlevé leaves..

bloom of the creeping tenaciousThe flowers of the tenacious creeping one-lipped, resembling miniature fans, are located along the shoot in the form of an ear. They are blue or blue. Sometimes there are white and pink specimens. Towering above the leafy green carpet, they decorate it with vibrant flowers. The blooming process begins in May and ends in June..

tenacious blooms pinkThe fruits are hairy nuts that appear inside the calyx of the bud. Seed ripening occurs in July or August. There are such types of decorative creeping tenacious.

Black Skallop

tenacious Black SkellopPlants of this species grow up to 10 cm. Leaves are glossy, embossed. Wavy edging along the edges. Color – beetroot or purple.

Burgundy Glow

tenacious Burgundy GlowA creeping insect of this kind has shiny greenish-scarlet leaves. Their edges are painted with a white or pink border..

The tenacious Burgundy Glow can change colors when transplanted. This should be taken into account when designing the design of the personal plot..

Brown Hets

tenacious Brown HetsA distinctive feature of the species is the dark brown or purple leaves. In the world they shimmer with a bronze tint. Blooms with blue buds on young shoots.


tenacious variegatThe plant has green leaves with a gray or silver tint. They are decorated with white or cream curly edging around the edges..

Compared to other varieties, it does not grow as fast. Feels good in pots and small rock gardens.

Ayuga belongs to the Lamb family. Evergreen and deciduous species are found in nature. In their genus, there are up to fifty annual and perennial varieties. Gardeners use mainly creeping insects to create a landscape design background. Perennials with burgundy, silver or bronze leaves are especially in demand..

The most famous varieties for decorating personal plots have a bronze-brown, dark purple, greenish-brown leaf color. Some species are marked with a white pattern and intricate edging.

The photos of the survivors presented below invite you to plunge into the wonderful kingdom of plants.

Popular types of resilient beauty

young tenacious bushPerennial ground cover flowers of the tenacious are able to survive in extreme conditions. They are not afraid of summer heat, cold winters, humid or dry climates. The plant grows well on slopes, among stones and near curbs. Decorates the foot of trees and bushes in the garden area. Fits perfectly into the interior as an ampelous plant. In gardening, there are more than 50 types of viable beauty.

Tenacious geneva

tenacious genevaThis species is found in the black earth zone of Russia. It can be seen on the steep slopes of the Caucasus and Crimean mountains. In European forests and Scandinavia. In Asia Minor and in the Mediterranean countries.

The tenacious helena geneva is a cluster-rooted perennial plant. It has horizontal roots from which hairy shoots extend. On average, the stems grow up to 40 cm.At the base, short petiolate leaves grow, and on the shoot – sessile, oblong in shape with a toothed edging.

Flowers are in whorls from 2 to 6 pieces. Their upper part forms an ear. The calyx of the bud reaches 7 mm. The structure is hairy. Color – bluish, occasionally white. Flowering occurs in May or July..

The fruits of the plant appear in the form of brown nuts with a wrinkled surface. Propagated vegetatively or by seeds.

Pyramidal tenacious

pyramidal tenaciousThis particular species is found in the alpine meadows of Europe. It is a perennial plant. Grows from 15 cm in height to 30.

The pyramidal tenacious has a huge number of shoots, which are characterized by:

  • tetrahedral shape;
  • upright position;
  • shaggy cover.

Numerous leaves at the base grow up to 11 cm. The shape resembles an ellipse, narrowed into a petiole. Those that grow near the inflorescence are ovoid. The edges are slightly serrated. Color – dark green.

The buds are blue or pale purple, located along the stem. Remind the original flower ear.

The plant loves moisture very much, so it is advisable to breed it in a shady area..

Tenacious atropurpurea

tenacious atropurpureaThe leaves of this perennial are dark with a red or brownish tint. Grows 15 cm in height. The peculiarity of the variety of the tenacious atropurpurea is that it does not have creeping stems.

As a result, always a compact look on garden lawns. Loves a lot of light. Easily tolerates cold. Suitable for gardens with rocky soil.

Glamorous variety – mahogany

tenacious mahoganyThe mahogany tenacious grows up to 10 or 15 cm.It has rounded glossy reddish leaves.

There are also specimens with a dark burgundy hue. It blooms with blue buds located along the upright shoot. Loves sliding shade, but is also not afraid of direct sunlight.

Various varieties of tenacious are widely used in summer cottages. An incredibly beautiful living carpet woven from graceful flower spikelets will replace the grassy lawn.

tenacious among other plantsIn the landscape design of slopes, tenaciousness is harmoniously combined with other plants. On the flowerbed, Ayuga is an original background for noble flowers, which pleases the eye for a whole warm season..

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