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Types of impatience and plant care at home

potted impatiens Impatiens is a low herbaceous plant of the balsam family that is grown at home for its bright, unusual flowers. Under natural conditions, it grows in the tropics and subtropics of Africa, and it is also cultivated in the temperate latitudes of Europe and America. It also has other names: impatiens balsam, light, touch-me-not, wet Vanka. This flower is suitable even for beginners, as it is unpretentious and grows quickly..

Varieties of impatience

The flower is a short bush, up to 60 cm in height. The leaves are small, have a uniform green color. Shepherd’s flowers appear in late spring and continue to replace each other until the end of the warm period. There are several varieties of impatience in nature, but breeders have bred a huge number of varieties:

  1. Waller is a branched bush on which small flowers of different shades of red are formed. Its height reaches 60 cm, but on the basis of this species, mix varieties were bred: symphony (with red and pink flowers), futura (bright flowers), King Kong (round bush with large bright flowers), novet (plant up to 15 cm in height), colorpower dark red (bright red bloom), lavender flame (red and pink flowers).Impatiens Waller
  2. Hawker is a variety that is distinguished by oblong lanceolate leaves and large flowers. Bushes grow tall and sprawling in good lighting conditions.Impatiens Hawker
  3. Niamean is not like the other varieties. The flowers of impatience are fused and look like large beans of red, yellow, or a combination of both. A variation of it is corduroy, which blooms in light beige flowers of an unusual shape..Balsam of Niamey
  4. Petersa is a species with dark green leaves on long petioles. The bush is tall and not very sprawling, its flowers have a familiar shape, color in different shades of red and pink.Balsam Peters
  5. Iron-bore is an annual shrub, often used to decorate flower beds and house plots. The leaves are large, oblong. Petals of individual flowers are curved outward and painted in red, pink, burgundy colors.Iron-bearing balsam
  6. Balsamic is another cultivar that is grown as an annual flower bed decoration. He does not tolerate frost. The buds are large, bright, each of them contains a large number of petals.impatiens balsamic
  7. Tamarinda are small houseplants that bloom for several years. The leaves and flowers are large, the bushes themselves are lush. There are two main varieties of this variety: white (with white flowers) and purple blue (with red and bright crimson buds).

The plant is also called ampelous impatiens. This means that it is grown in hanging pots or vases. With proper care, it forms a solid ball of leaves and flowers that fall down the edges of the flowerpot..

Planting and care rules

young plantsImpatiens can be propagated by seed or cuttings. In place of the buds, fruits appear, each of which contains a large number of seeds. They can be stored at room temperature and can germinate for another 6 years. Apical cuttings about 6 cm in length are also suitable for reproduction. They are left in water until they take root, and then transplanted into the ground..

Even a beginner can handle planting and caring for an ampelous impatience. The plant thrives in general store soil and any other soil type. A deep, but not too wide container is suitable for it. Drainage is laid out at the bottom, since moisture should not accumulate in the pots. For better flowering, the bushes should be fed with mineral fertilizers during the growing season. In the warm season, they are added to water for irrigation..

lush bloom of impatiensFlowers are also unpretentious to lighting. They grow both in the sun and in the shade of other plants, but it is better to choose well-lit areas. So in the photo, the impatiens looks bright, and its flowers grow large. This plant is thermophilic, the most comfortable temperature for it is 20-25 degrees. When it gets cold to 13-15 ᴼС, it can freeze and die.

Bushes feel comfortable in high humidity. On sunny days, it is recommended to spray them with water from a spray bottle..

formation of the crown of impatiensImpatiens are decorative flowers that are easy to grow in your home or garden. Breeders have bred a huge number of varieties that differ from each other in size, leaf shape and petal color. Under natural conditions, the plant grows in a tropical climate, so at home it needs to create similar conditions. It does not tolerate frost, so even in winter you need to monitor the temperature. With proper care and maintenance, the bushes bloom almost the entire warm season, and some representatives can release new buds right up to November.

Video about picking seedlings of impatiens

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