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Features of planting morning glory in open ground and caring for it

living wall of morning glory Landscape designers often use climbing flowering plants for garden decoration. Morning glory, planting and caring for which in the open field does not require much effort, will thank you with a cool shade and decorative effect.

The beauty of the morning glory is very poisonous, so you need to take care of a protective fence if small children and pets are walking on the territory.

Ipomoea belongs to the bindweed family and is its colorful representative, because the varieties of this species are full of a kaleidoscope of colors. The plant grows rapidly and begins to bloom early. In just 2-3 months from the moment of sowing the seeds, the morning glory vine forms a dense flowering carpet. It is the growth rate that makes the plant a popular decoration for gazebos, house facades, fences and unsightly areas of the garden..

How to grow morning glory

composition of different varieties of morning glory Ipomoea can be planted with seeds and seedlings, and new African varieties develop from underground tubers. The timing of planting morning glory in open ground in each region is different. Depending on the climatic conditions and the method of reproduction, plants are planted from late winter to early summer..

Sowing seeds

morning glory seedsSeed material can be purchased at flower shops or collected by yourself, the main thing is that the seeds are of good quality. Sowing in open ground is carried out in the first half of spring, when the weather is warm. Do not use seed that has lay for more than three years – seedlings will be partial.

Ipomoea is grown as an annual plant, because it is not able to winter in the ground. At the slightest frost, the plant dies.

Planting morning glory seeds in open ground is suitable for the Moscow region, where plant care begins in early spring.

Morning glory grows best in black soil and loam. It grows quickly and pleases with abundant flowering. In the prepared area, shallow planting holes are formed, into which one or two seeds are laid. They are sprinkled with soil and watered with warm water..

When the seedlings grow up a little, you need to take care of a solid support along which the vine of the creeper will trail.

Growing seedlings

Ipomoea seedlingsTo obtain strong and healthy seedlings by the end of spring, sowing seeds in planting containers is carried out at the end of February or in March. The soil for seedlings must be prepared in advance by mixing leaf humus, peat, vermiculite, coconut fiber and expanded clay in the ratio (2: 1: 1: 1: 0.5).

Planting Ipomoea seedlings in open ground is practiced in the harsh climate of Siberia, because there long winters and care for garden plants begin in late spring.

Seed sowing technology:

  1. Seed material must be placed in warm water for a day to swell. If swelling does not occur, then each seed should be pricked with a sterile needle and placed again in water..
  2. Swollen seeds are planted in small planting containers, several pieces each, watered and covered with polyethylene. Every day, the seedlings are ventilated and, if necessary, watered.
  3. The first sprouts will appear in a week and a half if the temperature is at least 18 degrees.
  4. When young plants grow up to 16 cm, a thick thread or rope is tied to their base, the free end of which is fixed on top – this will serve as a support for the growing bindweed.

As young bindweeds grow, they need to be transplanted into larger containers several times. But the root ball should not be disturbed, because morning glories are bad for transplants..

Planting morning glory in the ground

Ipomoea landing siteWell-lit places are the best place for planting a plant, but flowers close quickly in direct sunlight, so gardeners recommend choosing a place with diffused light. In the shade, the plant grows slowly and forms small buds.

It is important to transplant the seedlings correctly so that the morning glory develops well:

  1. It is necessary to transplant seedlings by the transshipment method, preserving the earthen lump as much as possible.
  2. The spacing between plants must be at least 25 cm.
  3. Next to each bush, supports are installed or ropes are pulled, on which the planted plants are wound.
  4. Water each plant abundantly.

morning glory near the house

If morning glories are planted near buildings, then care should be taken that they do not fall on precipitation flowing from the roof. Water flows can injure plants.

Competent plant care

morning glory along the fenceIn order for the morning glory planted in open ground to feel comfortable, a number of rules should be followed when leaving.

  • carry out regular watering, but avoid stagnation of moisture in the soil;
  • fertilize plants with complex dressings;
  • to carry out the prevention of diseases and pests;
  • collect seeds in a timely manner, which ripen three weeks after the flowers wilt.

For the usual methods of care, the plant will thank lush greenery and abundant variegated flowering.

Competent planting of morning glory in the open ground and caring for it will help save the strength of the gardener. This unpretentious fast-growing vine is capable of transforming any garden in a short time..

All about growing morning glory – video

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