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Amazing sheffler varieties for indoor plant lovers

sheffler varieties Green spaces inside living quarters have always attracted admiration among people. Special attention should be paid to various varieties of shefflers – a spectacular decorative tree. Its graceful forms of shoots, carved green leaves, elegance of the crown fascinate many fans of indoor plants. Thanks to the simple rules of caring for the plant, it takes root for a long time in the houses of color lovers, giving them a lot of positive emotions.

Schefflera feels great in a cool room. Therefore, when the temperature rises to 25 ° C, it is placed in another place..

Acquaintance with the room beauty

amazing plant The flower was named after the German biologist J. Scheffler, who discovered and described it in his writings. The plant belongs to the “Aralievye” family, which includes about 600 different varieties. In its natural environment, the Scheffler can grow up to 20 m in height, turning into a majestic tree. There are sheffler varieties that resemble a liana. Others look like miniature shrubs..

Scheffler in natureIn nature, the plant is found on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, in South and Central America. They can be admired in the vastness of Australia and nearby islands. In Europe, the flower grows indoors and is an indoor decoration. In such conditions, being far from home, the shefflera rarely grows above 2 meters. But her cute clawed carved leaves are attracting more and more fans. They resemble graceful umbrellas, consisting of 5 or 15 particles about 30 cm long.Therefore, over time, the plant settles in the houses of true flower growers.

flowering shefflersDepending on the sheffela variety, inflorescences of various sizes are formed on a miniature tree, which are painted in the following colors:

  • Red;
  • yellow;
  • greenish;
  • White.

Unfortunately, such a phenomenon is extremely rare, and even then only in special greenhouses. Despite this, its spectacular greenery will add coziness to any room, be it a living room, bedroom or business office..

During the heating season, the sheffler is placed away from heat sources and drafts. Also reduce the frequency of watering.

A journey into the world of greenery: shefflera varieties

different varieties of shefflers in the houseFans of green spaces are pleasantly surprised when they get acquainted with the domesticated varieties of the tropical beauty. Its leaf plates are striking in their variety. They come with smooth or jagged edges. Painted in various shades of green. Some specimens are even found in lemon coloring. An amazing insight into the world of greenery will help you get to know the flower better. A photo with the names of the shefflera varieties may strengthen the determination to have such a flower at home..

Radiant (star)

shefflera radiantIn nature, this plant grows on the Australian continent and reaches 20 m in height. Some specimens grow directly on trees, like epiphytes. The indoor version of the tree also has a strong root system and a brown trunk with a wide base. Radiant sheffler leaf plates are divided into 16 parts. They are oval in shape, slightly elongated with a pointed tip. The glossy surface of the foliage is most often juicy green.

grade I would like to mention the most popular subspecies of this indoor plant. For example, “Green Gold” is distinguished by mustard-colored leaves. And the variety “Nova” shefflera star-leaved has an olive color of leaf plates with jagged edges. Red or yellow buds.

In order for the tree to develop successfully, it needs to be properly watered. In this case, stagnant water should be avoided. As soon as the topsoil dries up, it means that the flower needs a portion of moisture..


tree shefflerA miniature version of this variety is considered to be a tree-like Scheffler, a photo of which allows you to see its sophisticated elements. This houseplant has an upright woody trunk. Elastic shoots with bright green leafy plates, divided into 16 parts, diverge from it in different directions. Each of them has the shape of an ellipse. During the flowering period, racemose buds of yellow-green color appear on the plant.

Famous varieties:

  1. “Gold Capella” (leaves with golden spots and streaks).grade
  2. Schefflera Variegatnaya (on a dark green background of a leaf plate, yellow spots of various shapes are elegantly placed).Schefflera Variegated
  3. Geisha Girl (dark green rounded plates).grade
  4. “Hayata” (elongated oval leaves, tapered at the tips, painted in light green tones).variety
  5. “Amate” (the variety is not demanding on light, it feels great on the north side of the room).grade


sheffler melanieThe undersized variety of the plant shown in the photo – sheffler melanie has small foliage. It grows only up to one and a half meters. But it fits wonderfully into any interior. The tree forms a compact bush, which is pleasant to take care of at home..

It is advisable to replant the plant in the spring, since young specimens need this procedure every 2 years. Adult flowers – about once every 5 years.


Sheffler CharlotteAn equally interesting subspecies is Sheffler Charlotte. It is distinguished by shiny leathery leaf plates. They are originally decorated with white spots of different sizes..


Sheffler BianckAn amazingly graceful plant with short, compared to other species, leaf plates. Only about 8 cm. Each of them has a snow-white frame, and a beige shade at the base of the leaf. In the photo of Bianchi’s shefflers, the contrast of dark and light shades is clearly visible. Thanks to this, the jagged foliage framing is almost invisible..


sheffler louisianaA pretentious houseplant with openwork foliage attracts the attention of lovers of greenery. The Louisiana Scheffler pictured here is characterized by variegated shiny leathery leaf plates. They are usually painted with white or yellow spots. Their appearance is due to the growing of a plant in a place where there is an abundance of sunlight. If desired, this can be achieved artificially by installing lighting lamps.


sheffler's fingerFor novice florists, a miniature bushy flower is perfect. Shefflera palate leaves consist of 10 identical parts. They are all elliptical and have pointed tips. The plant is not whimsical to care for, so it will decorate a home or office interior for a long time..


sheffler gianniThe gorgeous plant attracts with its variegated leaves, which look elegant and beautiful all year round. Scheffler Gianni is wonderful at transferring shaded areas. At the same time, its light leaves, diluted with dark spots and pretentious stains, never lose their decorative effect..

So that the roots of the plant do not suffer, it is advisable to water it with water at room temperature..


Sheffler GerdA unique view with picturesque leaves will appeal to fans of indoor greenery. The plant shown in the photo – Sheffler Gerd, boasts bright and variegated yellow-green foliage. In addition, they resemble a graceful open socket, consisting of several parts. The flower loves diffused light. Indoors can grow up to 2.5 m in height.


Schefflera spottedAn ornamental plant of this variety attracts flower growers with original large leaves. They are painted in a dark green color, on which spots are randomly located. The edges of the leaf plates of the Spotted Scheffler have small notches, which emphasize its unique beauty..

The roots, foliage and shoots of the flower contain a poisonous substance. Therefore, you should be careful when growing it, especially if small children live in the house..

Green star

Scheffler's Green StarAn amazing ornamental plant of small size grows in the form of a miniature tree. Shefflera Green Star leaves are like a palm with open fingers as they are divided into several parts. There are from 4 to 12 of them, which is especially popular with lovers of indoor greenery. Some gardeners call the variety – “umbrella tree” for its unusual resemblance to an open umbrella.

In the sheffler’s room, it rarely throws out the buds, but sometimes it happens. They resemble graceful tentacles of the inhabitants of the deep sea and cause unprecedented delight among their fans. However, the plant is grown mainly due to its original foliage shape and decorativeness..

The main types and recommendations for care – video

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