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Medicinal properties of wild garlic: facts, methods of use, recipes

medicinal properties of wild garlic A long time ago, when medicine was just beginning to develop, ancient healers had already appreciated the medicinal properties of wild garlic. With the help of this plant, they cleansed the intestines, thinned the blood, cured scurvy and even cholera. Although more than one millennium has passed since then, this miraculous herb occupies a special place in folk medicine..picking time of wild garlic

Ramson is a perennial plant belonging to the Onion family. It appears in early spring on forest edges, meadows and near swamps. Oblong leaves, bulb and stems are used for food..

Description of valuable plant elements

harvesting wild garlicFor a long time, scientists have meticulously researched the beneficial properties of wild garlic. It has been observed that the main reason lies in its chemical composition. The plant contains:

  • various essential oils;
  • proteins;
  • natural antibiotics (eg lysozyme);
  • readily soluble minerals.

In addition to this chemical composition, wild garlic contains a huge amount of vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the body’s performance. Among other things, I would like to mention the following elements:

  • vitamins of groups: A, B (1, 2, 3, 8, 9), C, PP;
  • beta carotene;
  • thiamine;
  • riboflavin;
  • folic acid;
  • niacin;
  • vitamin C.

In addition, the greens and roots of wild garlic are rich in such useful micro- and macroelements:

  • fluorine;
  • iron;
  • zinc;
  • aluminum;
  • molybdenum;
  • chromium;
  • manganese;
  • copper;
  • selenium;
  • phosphorus;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • sodium.

useful elementsFor some, these enumerations say little, but it is known for certain that all elements are part of the human body. Therefore, they need to be constantly replenished. It is not surprising why wild garlic is part of some drugs that are prescribed as an antihelminthic, bactericidal and antimicrobial agent. The use of such drugs has a positive effect on the digestive system, increases appetite and intestinal motility..

Any medicinal product should be taken as directed by a doctor, even if it contains elements of herbs.

The medicinal properties of wild garlic and methods of harvesting

preparation of a remedyWhen ancient healers noticed the beneficial effect of the Bear’s onion on the body, they began to actively use it to treat various diseases. To this day, traditional medicine has not lost its authority in the fight against ailments..

The presence of potassium in the wonderful plant improves heart function. Mineral components affect the composition of the blood. As a result, it liquefies, and the walls of the vessels are strengthened. Such changes in the body reduce the risk of hypertension, atherosclerosis and thrombophlebitis..

Wild garlic has special medicinal properties on men. With regular consumption of forest garlic, their potency improves. This indicates the plant’s ability to influence blood circulation by stimulating its intensity. In addition, folk healers advise including Bear Onions in the diet of a health food. But when and how to collect wild garlic in order to preserve its useful elements?

spring vitaminsBiologists believe that a plant that has grown at temperatures no higher than 17 degrees retains the entire set of valuable components. If the weather is too dry, they are lost, which adversely affects the taste of this plant. It is harvested in early spring in the southern regions around mid-March. Residents of middle latitudes look for it in April or early May. Most often, only the leaves of the plant are cut, and sometimes the bulbs, which accumulate valuable substances during the period of seed ripening.

When collecting wild garlic, it should be remembered that it is very similar to lilies of the valley, the leaves of which contain toxic substances and are not suitable for food..

lily of the valley and wild garlicIn order not to confuse the plant with anything, you need to rub the leaf plate with your fingers. A garlic smell indicates a useful product that stores a storehouse of nutrients..

Collecting the underground part

harvesting the whole plantThe bulbs are harvested before the flowering of the plant in order to preserve the components valuable for health. They are carefully dug up, after which they are sorted out and cleaned of dirt. Well-dried specimens are dried or placed in the freezer.

Harvesting greens for future use

collection of wild garlic leavesThe leaves of wild garlic are first carefully sorted out, discarding dry and sluggish options. The remaining greens are first washed under the tap and then dried in a dark place. The main thing is that they are not exposed to direct sunlight.. freezing wild garlicWhen frozen, the leaves are finely chopped, folded into bags or plastic containers.

The dried herb retains a small amount of valuable substances, although it remains a useful raw material for medicinal tinctures.

Use in traditional medicine

use in traditional medicineThe famous medicinal plant, wild garlic, has been used for a long time to combat severe ailments. Some recipes are still used today, albeit in a modified form. Let’s consider some of them.

When a runny nose occurs, take 50 g of wild garlic onion. Wrap it in a piece of gauze. After that, the gag is placed in the nose. The secreted sap of the plant has an antimicrobial effect, which contributes to the rapid recovery of the patient..

wild garlic with sunflower oilPeople suffering from hypertension have appreciated the beneficial properties of wild garlic. Tincture recipes from several components have become a lifeline for them in the fight against an invisible enemy.

Option number 1

Seedless lemon zest is chopped in a blender or meat grinder. Chopped wild garlic and grated horseradish are added to it. Mix the ingredients well. The mixture is poured with clean boiled water and insisted for 30 days. Take the drug before meals 3 times a day.

Knowing how the tincture works and what causes wild garlic helps to approach treatment with prudence..

Option number 2

Fresh leaves of wild garlic and blossoming inflorescences are passed through a meat grinder. The gruel is poured with water (1: 5), placed in a dark, cool place. Insist 21 days, shaking regularly. At the end of the term, the liquid is filtered through two layers of gauze. Take as medicine, 20 drops with plenty of water. The course of treatment usually lasts about 4 months..

Understanding what the wild garlic heals and how it affects the body encourages people not to be afraid to use different approaches in its application. To get rid of warts, bear onion juice is used. A gruel from fresh foliage is placed in a small gauze bag, the juice is squeezed out, and then applied to the affected area. And against baldness, they prepare a slurry of grated onions, which is regularly rubbed into the scalp. In any case, in order to test the effectiveness of a drug, it must be tested on oneself. At the same time, it is taken into account that each person has his own characteristics..

Methods for preparing a product in cooking

the use of wild garlic in cookingSome people ask the question: is it possible to eat wild garlic leaves raw? Practice shows that they contain a huge amount of nutrients. In early spring, they are used to prepare various salads. To do this, the leaves, washed with cold water, are first slightly kneaded, then chopped into small pieces and seasoned with oil..

pickled wild garlicThere are many ways to use wild garlic for cooking first courses. For example, it makes a good green soup. The leaves are added to the dish at the end of the process to preserve the entire set of valuable substances..soup with wild garlic Enterprising housewives even learned how to pickle stalks of bear onions for the winter. Also, the plant is frozen, salted and dried to strengthen the body’s systems all year round.

Even if you put wild garlic in soup and immediately remove it from the heat, it will not lose its taste and usefulness..

Often the product is added as an exquisite ingredient to such dishes:

  • dumplings;
  • cutlets;
  • pies;
  • meat casseroles;
  • fish masterpieces;
  • filling for pies;
  • homebaked bread.

Experienced chefs know well where to add wild garlic to add spice to the dish. Miniature onions are put in various sauces for stewing meat of wild animals (wild boars, hares, goats) and birds. The leaves are often used raw, as their garlic flavor is the zest for any treat. They make a delicious spring salad that is full of healthy elements..

wild garlic saladAn amazing spring plant – wild garlic, and what it is eaten with never disappoint fans of greenery. Even if you wrap a slice of hard cheese in a piece of paper, you will already get a wonderful snack. Some culinary specialists salt the inflorescences of the plant, which they add to dishes as an aromatic ingredient. Seeds are used in a similar way. Fresh wild garlic is sprinkled with boiled pasta, crushed potatoes and even Italian pizza.

Is it possible to get poisoned with wild garlic? In some cases, this happens, so it is better to immediately consult a doctor..

Invaluable benefits for women

wild garlic for a woman's bodyLike any plant, bear onions are considered a particularly useful delicacy for the fair half of humanity. The presence of various acids in it affects the shine and beauty of the hair. Mineral components help to rejuvenate the skin of the face. And trace elements strengthen the central nervous system, as a result of which, women are less likely to suffer from depression. Therefore, they have long known what it is – wild garlic, and its effect on the body..

Surprisingly, the plant contributes to weight loss, since 100 grams of the product contains only 35 kilocalories fresh. Excellent salads from wild garlic, sorrel and onions help cleanse the intestines. Due to this, extra pounds are lost..

wild garlic maskIn addition, I would like to note a few more factors of why wild garlic is useful for women. Regular masks made from gruel of crushed leaves whiten the skin and neutralize purulent rashes.

With the help of homemade tampons filled with chopped wild garlic leaves, many ladies treat gynecological ailments. For nursing mothers, the plant is a lactation stimulant. It is important to stay balanced when consuming it, though. Excessive amounts of bear onions lead to changes in the taste of milk. It can become bitter and the baby will give up the breast..

And what is the use of wild garlic for pregnant women? As practice shows, the concentration of vitamins has a beneficial effect on the body of not only women, but also the unborn child. But if you put too much on the product, problems can arise. Therefore, the main criterion for health is a balanced approach to nutrition. And wild garlic will become a reliable friend in the fight for a healthy existence under the sun.

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