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We study the types and varieties of koleria in order to choose the best

types and varieties of koleria The types and varieties of koleria that are found in nature have unique colors and the shape of the buds. Due to their unusual bushes and flowers, these plants are gaining more and more popularity among housewives..

Popular types and varieties of koleria

beauty koleria In nature, there are about 60 different species of this plant. But despite this number, only some of them develop well at home..

The clytie is often grown at home..

Bogotka coleria

Bogotka coleriaThe flower grows up to 60 cm tall. In the wild, the Bogotá koleria can be found in the lands of Colombia. The flower prefers rocky areas and forest glades. Deciduous plates in a medium-sized plant. Their length reaches 10 cm. All of them have a deep green hue and small denticles along the edges. When opened, the buds acquire a yellow-red tone with bright blotches.

You can observe flowering throughout the summer months. The most popular variety is coleria queen victoria..

Coleria fluffy (Kohleria eriantha)

coleria fluffyWith proper care, the flower grows up to 50 cm tall. The leaves are not long, about 7 cm. The plates are green, with slightly burgundy edges. They are covered with small hairs on all sides. The buds are elongated, reminiscent of a bell. They are often orange or scarlet. The inner part of the flower is yellow interspersed with pink. The plant is distinguished by its unpretentious care. It is because of this that the fluffy-flowered variety is often used for growing at home..

Coleria roundelay

coleria roundelayThe uniqueness of this variety is the shade of the buds. In roundelay coleria they have a deep orange color with a bright yellow neck. Petals are green, small. It is the most compact variety with a miniature root system..

Coleria bibbi

koleria bibbiThe buds of this variety are very large, in the form of tubules. The flowers have an unusual color. The tube is a deep red hue, and the inner side of the petals is greenish-yellow. The villi are small. They have a green tint. Because of this color, the plant is often called koleria red. Leaves are green with pronounced streaks of brown.

Coleria amabilis or pleasant

coleria amabilisThe homeland of this variety is the lands of Colombia. In the wild, it prefers mountainous terrain. The flower grows up to 60 cm tall. The shoots of the coleria are pleasant light green, slightly covered with whitish villi. Leaves are oval. Their length reaches 10 cm. All of them are green with brown veins and dashes of a silvery shade. Scarlet flowers with purple splashes. The inner part of the tube is light.

Coleria pele

Coleria peleAlso, the pele collier is in special demand. This variety is distinguished by impressive flowers. They have a round shape. The upper petals are dark crimson, and the lower ones are yellowish. The whole flower is abundantly strewn with burgundy dots. Deciduous plates are pale green, slightly elongated. They are covered with small teeth on all sides..

Description of coleria sciadotydaea

coleria sciadotydaeaSciadotydaea is a hybrid with large flowers that can grow up to 5 cm in diameter. The buds are ruby ​​red with bright burgundy dots. The tube is pink and the neck is creamy.

The leaves of this variety are dark green. They are abundantly covered with veins of a light shade. Like the previous varieties, the leaves are pubescent with pronounced denticles..

The plant is distinguished by erect, powerful shoots. With proper care, the bush is quite compact. Long-term flowering, which is very popular with gardeners and amateurs..

Other types and varieties of plants

We continue our acquaintance with koleriya and present some more interesting specimens.

Coleria silver feather

coleria silver featherThis is a unique variety that has a silvery pearlescent hue. The plates are medium and rather wide. The flowers are small, pubescent. They are colored orange-yellow and covered with small dots of a reddish tone..coleria ingrid

Among gardeners, the cultivar Ingrid is prized.

Koleria ampallang

koleria ampallangA variety with large pink flowers. The neck is light. It is abundantly strewn with large burgundy dots. In relation to the buds, the leaves are small. They are elongated with pronounced veins. It is a compact variety that is often grown in apartments and private houses. With proper care, the bush will delight you with colorful and abundant flowering..

Coleria majestic (Kohleria magnifica)

coleria majesticShoots are also straight with small reddish hairs. The leaves are not dull, like most varieties, but a little shiny. Outwardly, they resemble quilted fabric. The buds are large. Orange flowers with red small dots and thin stripes that are directed towards the inside of the pharynx.

Coleria undersized

coleria undersizedThe homeland of this variety is the mountains of Ecuador. Shoots of a whitish shade. Leaves are lanceolate, slightly elongated. They can be up to 7 cm long and 2 cm wide. The color is dark green with a silvery tint. The height of the bush does not exceed 30 cm.

As for the peduncles, they grow up to 6 cm in length. They are both single and open with several sinuses, in which buds are formed. The flowers are medium in size. They are bell-shaped. Their maximum length can reach about 1 cm. The tube is white, and the petals are light yellow. Zev is a little different. It is slightly covered with brown dots..

Undersized coleria pleases with its buds in the first half of autumn. During flowering, a pleasant sweetish aroma is kept near the bush..

Coleria hirsuta

koleria hirsutaHomeland is Central America. This bush differs from others in its many shoots and leaves of an unusual color. The plates are ovoid with a sharp tip. They are painted dark green on both sides with a purple border. As with all species, the leaves are pubescent and have a bronze tint..

The buds differ in both shade and shape. This variety has yellow-yellow petals. The inside of them is covered with reddish dots. Loose buds have a long shape without bends.

Coleria spikelet

Coleria spikeletOne of the most unusual undersized species. The homeland of such a flower is Mexico. A bush grows both in the natural environment and at home up to 30 cm tall. The leaves of such a koleriya are gray-gray, longish. At the end, they are sharp and abundantly covered with villi..

The flowers of this variety are of an orange-scarlet hue. Inside the loose buds are yellowish with red dots.

A distinctive feature of this species is that the flowers are not single, but they grow in inflorescences that resemble wheat.

Coleria Linden

Coleria LindenKohleria lindeniana is an inhabitant of the highlands of Ecuador. The height of the bush does not exceed 30 cm. Shoots are straight, unbranched. They are abundantly covered with hairs of a snow-white shade. The leaves are narrow, slightly elongated. The lower part is pale, and the upper is rich green with lines. Flowers reach 2-3 cm long. The outside is painted in lavender and the inside is yellow with brown dots. This variety blooms in autumn.

Foxglove coleria

Foxglove coleriaColeria has a large bush, the height of which can reach 80 cm. Young shoots are erect, but every year they slightly tilt to the bottom. Leaves are opposite. They are painted in a pale green hue. The length of the plate of this color can reach 12 cm, and the width – 5 cm.

The flowers of the plant are in the form of a bell. Its outer side is white with lilac stripes. As for the inside, it is pale green interspersed with a purple hue..

Woolen koleria

Woolen koleriaThe homeland of this species is Mexico. The maximum height of the bush is 50 cm. The stem is quite thick and massive. The leaves are large, covered with stripes along the veins. All parts of the plant that are above the ground are pubescent.

The most popular varieties of Corellia in the world

coleria queen victoriaOne of the most sought-after and unique varieties is Queen Victoria. This flower is distinguished by its extraordinary tenderness and beautiful pink shades. The neck is white. Leaves are plain, green. Young plates are straight, and adults are slightly inclined downward.

Corelia Red RyderCorelia Red Ryder is no less famous. The bells of this variety are dark red. The neck is also whitish with small dots.

Breeding varieties:

  1. Ampallang. The flowers are large, pink in color. All petals are completely covered with purple dots. Deciduous plates are longish with pronounced veins that have a brown tone. This variety is compact and easy to care for..koleria Ampallang
  2. Vivian. This look is often called An’s Facial Tattoo Lius. The bush is also small and elegant. Flowers are medium in size. They all have a deep pink hue. The edges of the petals are decorated with a border with very small dots. Leaves are dark green, small.koleria Vivian
  3. Beethoven. Flowers are bright red with an orange tint. The petals are painted with dark dots. As for the leaves, they are bright green with a reddish edging..koleria Beethoven
  4. Brimstone. It is a very rare variety that delights everyone with its orange flowers with reddish brown dots. The leaves are dark. They feel like velvet.koleria Brimstone
  5. Sunny. This is the most extraordinary selection variety, which is distinguished by bright yellow flowers. Each petal has dots and small stripes of a red hue. The leaves are also not similar to those of other varieties. On the Sunny Coleria, they are covered with small teeth. The bush is small, and if you tie it up correctly, you get a beautiful bunch with many bright flowers.koleria Sunny

Srg s Persian carpet grade

Srg s Persian carpet gradeThis variety of coleria was created relatively recently, in 2013. The name is translated as “Persian carpet”. The flowers of such a corelia are velvety and have a bright color. The neck is yellow, and the rest of the bud is crimson-red. The folds of the petals are decorated with burgundy polka dots. And the edging, which has a crimson color, makes them original. There are several bright spots in the halo that shimmer in direct sunlight..

The leaves are also with small teeth and a reddish border. If you follow all the rules of care, then the bush will be lush and compact, which is very important for indoor plants..

Knowing the features of all the most popular types of koleria, you can choose the variant of the plant that is most suitable for the chosen interior. Thus, any room will sparkle with the brightest colors and be filled with incredible aromas..

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