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Choosing the best varieties of castor bean for your garden

varieties of castor bean in the country Castor oil plant is an ornamental evergreen perennial plant that belongs to the Euphorbia family. Many summer residents and flower growers use it as a decoration for front gardens, flower beds and a yard. It looks like a palm tree – just as large with spreading branches and carved leaves. decorative foliage of castor oil plant But still, before planting it, it is worth studying the varieties of castor oil plants. It should be borne in mind that this plant has different varieties that have a toxic effect on health. To protect yourself and your loved ones, it is better to find out in detail the features of this decorative flower.

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Botanical description

Castor oil plant is a sprawling, fast-growing shrub that reaches a height of 2 to 10 meters. Under natural conditions, it can grow for 2-5 years, during which it constantly pleases with its large size and decorative foliage. In temperate climates, castor bean is grown as an annual plant.

castor beanCastor oil plant has the following characteristic features:

  1. During the season, the flower grows 3 meters in height, and sometimes even higher.
  2. In the process of growth, it forms strong branched shoots, which look like hollow tubes with a ribbed surface.
  3. The shoots of the flower can be covered with a skin with a pinkish, green or purple tint. Additionally, there may be a bloom with a bluish color.
  4. The plant has large petioled foliage that grows in succession. On average, the length of one petiole reaches 20-60 cm.
  5. The leaf has a deeply cut finger-like shape and has 5-7 lobes.
  6. The width of the leaf plates reaches 30-80 cm.

castor bean bloomFlowering begins in the summer. At this time, dense brushes open, on which inconspicuous small flowers appear. Each inflorescence contains female and male buds with a white and cream shade.

A lush bunch is formed from the numerous stamens, which gives the inflorescence splendor. Female flowers have three separate stigmas, which can be crimson, yellow and red..

ripening of fruitsAfter flowering takes place, the maturation of globular seed pods occurs. They have a coating of thin skin and sharp thorns. The average diameter of the fruit is 3 cm.Its inner part is divided into 3 sections, each has large seeds with a spotted structure, they look like beans.

Stunted species

undersized castor oil plantWhen considering the varieties of castor oil plants, you should pay attention to the undersized varieties. They are ideal for growing in a garden or vegetable garden. They are also often used in the field of landscape design to decorate flower beds..

A low-growing castor oil plant, varieties of which are suitable for planting in local climates, will be a great addition to your front garden or yard. It does not grow very tall and blends well with other flowers. But it is better to first consider the popular types of plants..

New Zealand Purple

castor oil plant new zealand purplThe castor oil plant of this variety has beautiful external characteristics. It has large carved leaves with a dark purple color and a massive burgundy stem. On the site, the flower looks bright, decorative and unusual. With it, the site will become original, stylish.

Despite the fact that the height of the New Zealand Purpl castor plant is not large, the plant stands out from a large number of flowers. It is often planted near gazebos or fountains..


castor bean carmensitaThe Carmencita flower variety is vibrant and unusual. The main positive quality is the unique color that distinguishes the plant from many other flowers..

The main qualities of the Castor oil variety Carmensita include:

  • the plant has beautiful foliage with carved shapes. It has a reddish-burgundy color;
  • the stems have a red tint;
  • during the flowering period, inflorescences appear with a pink-green color;
  • the size of the height of an adult plant is one and a half meters.

Cambodian castor oil plant

Cambodian castor oil plantThe Cambodian castor oil plant is often grown naturally. It is planted in a vegetable garden, flower beds, flower beds. The plant grows not very tall, maximum 120 cm. In adult flowers, the trunk turns black. The leaf plates are dark green in color, they are dissected to the base.


castor oil plantThe castor oil variety Kazachka was bred by domestic breeders. Among the most important features of the plant are the following:

  1. An adult flower can grow up to 2 meters.
  2. The stem is brownish-red in color.
  3. Its leaf plates are dark purple interspersed with white. Over time, they acquire a dark green color with central veins with a red tint..
  4. When flowering, the plant produces small flowers. Their color is blood-red.
  5. Together with the flowers, small purple-colored seed pods appear. They are stored until the seeds are fully ripe, they are used for reproduction..


Castor oil Gibson

gibson's castor beanGibson’s castor oil is a beautiful flower that can be grown in the front garden, in the vegetable garden, in the garden. Under natural conditions, it grows for no more than a year..

The main features of this variety include:

  • an adult plant grows to a height of 150 cm;
  • leaf plates are dark green in color with central burgundy veins;
  • over time, a metallic sheen appears on the surface of the leaves;
  • the leaves have beautiful carved shapes, and the metallic sheen gives them brightness and makes them look like stars.

Popular varieties

castor bean in the gardenPopular varieties of castor bean can be seen on the Internet from a photo. They have a beautiful appearance, which allows you to make the site bright and original. Many of them are considered poisonous, summer residents, gardeners and florists actively plant this plant.

All poison is contained in seeds and juice. If you do not contact him closely, you can easily avoid poisoning..


bourbon castor beanCastor oil plant Bourbon is a type of garden palms. Its unique feature is that its height can be up to 3 meters. The main qualities of the plant include:

  • it resembles a tree due to the presence of a powerful trunk;
  • the trunk has a dense structure with a red tint;
  • the trunk is 15 cm in diameter;
  • the castor bean of the Bourbon variety has large sheet plates with a carved shape;
  • the plates have a shiny surface, they are painted in a dark green shade.

Northern palm

castor bean northern palmCastor bean northern palm is a woody species. The height of an adult plant reaches two meters. It is used to decorate plots and front gardens.

The unique features of the northern palm variety castor bean include:

  1. The plant has unusual palmate leaves. Their diameter can be up to 30 cm.
  2. At the time of flowering, inconspicuous small flowers appear.
  3. Flowers form buds with a dense structure and racemose shape. They can reach a length of almost 30 cm..

Zanzibar Green

castor bean zanzibar greenCastor oil plant Zanzibar Green is an ornamental flower, it is part of the Malvaceae family. In height, it usually grows up to 250 cm.It grows quickly enough.

Castor oil plant zanzibar has large leaves with a bright green color. At the time of flowering, flowers are formed, which form dense inflorescences with a racemose shape. They are red.

Castor oil plant hot heart

castor oil plant hot heartCastor oil plant Hot heart is a very beautiful plant with a bright color. This plant is the most poisonous, for this reason it is not recommended to grow it in the country, in the garden, in the garden. The main poison is found in seeds and thorns, which fly out over long distances..

Red castor oil plant

red castor oil plantOrnamental castor oil plant is a unique plant that is designed to decorate a plot or flower garden. It has beautifully carved foliage that can be painted in different shades – from dark green to bright red. It is very tall and has a powerful trunk, therefore, from the side it resembles a tree or an ornamental palm tree. There are many types and varieties of castor bean, which can differ in several criteria – the shape and color of the foliage, the height, density, diameter and color of the trunk..

Decorative castor oil plant for the garden – video

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